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    Unconditional love versus unconditional giving?

    in Spirituality

    Topic discussion on:    Unconditional love versus unconditional giving?

    Last 30min we will take callers for a one question only mini reading.  These are for Entertainment Purposes Only.  Must be 18+ to participate.






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    Expressions of Love through the Akasha - Unconditional Love

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    With the New Moon comes the potential for New Beginnings.   Join Yana Mileva and Rebecca Gretz on the New Moon of each month to share in the Wisdom, Compassion and Love of the Akashic Records

    Today we learn about Unconditional Love..from the Akashic Record Keepers perspective.

    Yana Mileva is the voice for the Akashic Records on this Share.  She has been working with the Akashic Records for over 3 years and says that they have transformed her life.  Yana is an Energy coach and she is able to enhance her sessions by connecting in with the Akashic Records to give uniquely personal readings.  You can find out more about Yana and schedule your personal session here.

    “In the Akashic Records there is the memory of what has been, there is the knowledge of what is and there is the awareness of what might come.”

    Join us each Month on the New Moon to connect with the Akashic Records and their Expression of Love

    Today's episode is live, if you are listening in live, please feel free to call into the Studio Line (347- 826-7349) and connect directly with Rebecca, Yana and the Akashic Record Keepers

    Our next share will be on December 21, 2014... New Moon AND Winter Solstice, does it get any better than that?

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    Live in a State of Unconditional Love with Mikaya Heart

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    Mikaya Heart started writing in the nineties, producing The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, which is a thorough and informative examination of the phenomenon of orgasm in women. Next came With the Sun In My Eyes, the true story of a woman from the West Coast who does remarkable work as a shamanic practitioner and psychic healer. Then My Sweet Wild Dance, which is Mikaya’s personal journey from anger to joy. Most recent is Life, Lies, and Sex: a User’s Guide to Being in a Body, which is an examination of the true nature of reality.

    Because of her radical wisdom, her authenticity, and her transparent integrity, Mikaya is regarded as a spiritual mentor by many. Her work is about empowering the individual, and her most common tool is taking people on shamanic journeys which facilitate flow of Universal energy through the body, enable people to get in touch with their guides and their own personal inner wisdom, and help to access that huge percentage of reality that is unseen. Mikaya’s ultimate aim is to teach people how to operate from a place of trust instead of fear; how to live in a state of unconditional love, no matter what their choices are on a practical level.

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    Untangling Series: Unconditional Love Knot

    in Spirituality

     Unconditional Love is one of our dearest and most sought after goals to attain in our ability to love self and others. It's recognized as an extrordinarily high level attainment. 

    Articles, shows, talks groups & personal ponderings tune-in to our heart's longing for unconditional love and what it supposedly means. It's an ideal so coveted, its longing never dies! It is our rememberance of Who I AM, yet we don't quite have that clarity.

    Knots are confusions that need TRUTH of an Absolute nature to untangle the relative mess that has become entangled in duality thinking, the epitome of ego mind's territory to master. Notice duality is the mastery, not Oneness of Christos-Spirit?

    We're desirous to learn & emulate Unconditional Love, but we're reluctant to make our ego transparent to do so. We'd rather find a way to do it with our ego mind, & this leads to all sorts of weirdness in the love category. 

    Unconditional Love is the cutting edge of where mind can't go. So it goes into what it can do and that is to define, label, & surmise as best it can imagine within its context of separation orientation. 

    Ego mind idealizes Creator qualities on pedestals & strives to meet these qualites, but as long at it's your ego doing it, you'll not be allowing your able Christos-Spirit to do what it does naturally without any effort.  

    Our show speaks to the perennial confusion of the ages - thinking we can make postive ego perfectly emulate our Christos-Spirit we'd rather not set free. TRUTH points the way. We need to choose the way without interjecting our own brand of deviating to 'make it better' or more palatable. 

    This show promises to be exciting for TRUTH seekers tired of a confusions & dancing around the edges; time to enter the Heart of Hearts where your Unconditional Love simply is your grace of being.

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    Conversations with Trent - "Unconditional Love"

    in Radio

    The essence of agape love is self-sacrifice, we as humans make it difficult.

    Tune in to the Conversations with Trent show today at 6PM (CST) 7PM (EST) as we discuss "Unconditional Love"

    Tammy Gaitor of Butterfly Evolution will be joining the conversation to add her voice to this thought - provoking topic. 


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    Harold W Becker, PBS Special "Unconditional Love- A Guide to Personal Freedom

    in Motivation

    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine and PERREAULT Global Digital magazine; Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), EFT, Deep Yoga Teacher Training 200 (2014-2015) at Piedmont Yoga, Consultant, and  Community Advocate.

    Our Guest: Harold W. Becker has dedicated his life to living and sharing the practical application of unconditional love. Since 1990, his consulting company, Internal Insights, has had its focus to “empower people through self awareness and unconditional love.”  In 2000 he founded the globally recognized non-profit, The Love Foundation, Inc., with the intent to “inspire people to love unconditionally.”  He blends incredible insight and intuition with humor, compassion and kindness for a strong inspirational and motivational vision in all of his endeavors which also include business, writing, speaking and personal guidance.

    Harold’s success and powerful understanding about life is evident in his collective published work including, Internal Power: Seven Doorways To Self Discovery, (White Fire 2008/New World Library 1993), Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being (White Fire 2007) Unconditional Love Is... Appreciating Aspects of Life, (White Fire 2010) Inspiring Unconditional Love – Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2010), Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 – More Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2011) and a PBS special entitled, Unconditional Love - A Guide to Personal Freedom (1997, DVD 2007) along with numerous articles and short stories. 


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    Unconditional Love

    in Relationships

    Promotional show for our upcoming 6 week course: Unconditional Love: Experiencing Heaven on Earth Oct.21 - Dec.2nd - Monday nights at 7 - 10pm Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL) Edmonton, AB For more info or to register go to: www.6weeklovecourse.eventbrite.com

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    Joe Bradford The Man Behind The Film Unconditional On Giving Love And Community

    in Health

    In today's episode I had the privilage to interview Papa Joe Bradford, he was the inspiration behind the movie unconditional (Which I highly recommend watching) and he runs a non-profit, he's the CEO and founder of a non-profit organization called Elijahsheart.com.  In this interview we discuss his how computer hacking got him in trouble, big trouble, it landed him in prison.  After prison things changed though, he met an amazing woman and became an extremely positive and inspirational role model in his community doing charitable work and working with children.

    This guy is a true inspiration to me and it was an honor to speak with him, I highly recommend watching the movie and allowing it to inspire you as well.

    Enjoy the chat!

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    - David Benjamin


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    Philosophy versus Reality: What are the Real Benefits of Unconditional Love?

    in Self Help

    September 18, 2014 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: Philosophy versus Reality: What are the Real Benefits of Unconditional Love?

    Denise DeSio hails from Brooklyn, New York, where she was educated by wayward nuns who placed more importance on grammar than catechism. Immodestly known as Ms. Know-it-all, she has been providing cranky, tell-it-like-it-is advice in a conversation column for over eight years. However, most of Denise’s literary work is creative non-fiction with a healthy dose of humor. In December of 2012 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and spent the better part of 2013 battling the disease. Rose’s Will is her debut novel, which has been welcomed to the literary world with much acclaim for its brutal honesty, wit, compassion and philosophical insights regarding unconditional love.

    Have you ever felt the desire to manifest more love in your life? Like many of us, you probably have experienced moments after which you’ve said to yourself, I wish I had been a more loving person. Why did I think and act like that? As I am sure you can tell, I’m not talking about romantic love.  I’m talking about our inner philosophy of love — how we feel about it, why we want to give and get more of it, and how it helps us grow our love of our self. This is sometimes called, unconditional love. Some say that this philosophy or approach to loving could be a framework that guides us to making more positive choices and sound decisions. It may also lead to better outcomes in all aspects of our everyday life. What are the benefits of giving love unconditionally?

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    The LORD's Unconditional Love, Mighty Prophet Dr. David Owuor

    in Christianity

    THE day of Rapture is that special day that has been set aside by GOD ALMIGHTY as the fearful moment of reckoning when the LORD Jesus will return from heaven to literally take his holy church from this earth into the glorious Kingdom of heaven. It is a secret event that will happen in a flash, and in the twinkling of an eye, as no man can fathom. It is a day that will come like a thief in the middle of the night, without any notice or announcement whatsoever. Upon the realization of that day, the gates of heaven will swing open, followed by the loud command, and the Voice of the archangel, and then the mighty trumpet call of God. That is when the LORD Jesus will finally appear in the clouds, and the dead in Christ who are currently asleep in the dust of the earth will awake.

    These holy dead Christians will resurrect and be the first to rise up in the air, to meet the LORD in the clouds. It is only after then, that
    those Christians who will still be alive at the time of rapture, yet having lived godly lives in complete holiness at the time, will be lifted up to catch up with the rest in the air, to meet The LORD in the sky.

    Vision of Rapture
    It is extremely astounding that way back in the year 2004, The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY of heaven had already began to engage with me on this weighty matter of the glorious coming of the Messiah, and the preparations required of it. It was on that memorable May
    17th day of the year 2004, that the LORD decided to speak with me about the coming of the Messiah.

    More and always free at  www.repentandpreparetheway.org and jesusislordradio.info, USA on facebook at RepentUSA

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    Dr. Connie Numbers discusses Unconditional Love and how to find it

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of Kickin’ It Up A Notch, I'll discuss what is unconditional love? Is it possible to feel it while we're human? Does it really exist? And how can we find it? Do we have to wait to get it from others or can we give it to ourselves? All good questions we'll explore and leading to more ways to make your life more exciting, fulfilling, and joyful. It’s about taking your life to a new level of understanding and transforming by learning how to overcome your fears and living more authentically. My show is about learning how you can consciously create and take charge of your life and make the changes needed to feel you are in control of your destiny. Kickin’ It Up A Notch is all about feeling better about yourself, feeling better about those you love and don’t love, and connecting with the deepest part of yourself, your soul.

    There are millions of people who long to feel more connected and happier in their life. They just don’t know how to go about doing it. Maybe you are one of those people or perhaps you are someone who wants to feel like you have a purpose in life but don’t know what it is yet. Or maybe you’re a person who keeps asking, “Is this all there is?” and wants to know more, not only about your human existence, but also about your eternal existence as a soul.

    I'll be discussing Unconditional Love, Soul Growth, the Law of Attraction, methods of Personal Transformation and the power we have as Vibrational Beings to become Purposeful Creators.

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