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    WHERE ARE THE TRUE CHRISTIANS: are we fighting or are we sleeping?

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    Muslims Go On Christian-Killing Spree ... Christians wind up being killed. ... As we remain completely silent while genocide of Christians is going on...

    President Barack Obama is itching to go to war in Syria over the deaths of Muslim "rebels," many of whom are members of al-Qaida and their supporters.

    Yet, there is a virtual genocide going on in Syria and other parts of the Muslim world against Christians, with churches targeted by bombs and missiles or simply burnt to the ground.

    Christians have been beaten, raped and murdered in the most gruesome ways, including the dismembering of a young girl while she was still alive.

    Christians are dying at the hands of Muslims wherever Islam has the upper hand, and the last two administrations have done nothing but aggravate the situation.  Consider, also, while Obama brings into this (once) Christian nation as many Islamists as he can, Christians are being slaughtered under the noses of U.N. “Peace Keepers” in many places in Africa and in every country affected by the Muslim Spring where U.S. policy has been to back the Islamists over dictators who were much more friendly to Christian citizens.


    Message from Christian’s youth to his ?#‎Eminence Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah

     His Eminence Sayyed, we are a group of Christians youth... we are fed up seeing our people, our religion are being killed, our archbishops being kidnapped, our girls being raped and the Cross instilled in their mouths by the hands of these barbarians, the ?#‎Salafis and ?#‎Takfiris who are not related to Islam in anything. The smell of death is smelting from everywhere. They are bringing destruction to our Middle East and all this is happening under the eyes of United Nations and the Christian of Europe

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    Low voter participation: Have we found other alternatives to voting?

    in Current Events

    Join us today 5:30 CST as we raise the subject:

    Low voter participation: Have we found other alternatives to voting?

    If people are not voting does that reflect voter’s satisfaction or loss of confidence in the political process?

    To have your thoughts views and opinions heard 718-508-9533 Press #1 to have your say

    or click below to listen…..


    Interesting articles:







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    common concerns of we natives in todays wourld

    in Family

    talks about where we stand on the keystone xl  and the rapid city south dakota deal and many common every day life things that effect us as a whole

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    Service: A Path to Happiness and Love

    in Relationships

    Thank you for joining us on Happiness Index, as we continue to deepen the conversation about service, our conversation today will focus on Service: A Path to Happiness and Love.  As we end the month of February and enter the month of March, we celebrate the coming of Spring and the varied opportunities to serve. Be engaging in service we unleash our love essence and immerse in happiness.  We believe that love is the essence of who we are and is evidence of the overcoming resilient spirit of human beings.  If you want happiness, love and service is the path. You want a better community, then give of yourself.  One of the better-known benefits of serving is the impact on the community and the person who is being of service. People who volunteer are the glue that holds a community together.  The beautiful thing about service is that the person who gives of him or herself receives the benefit of giving.  Giving and receiving are the same.  As we continue this topic of Service, we will be happy, because we will serve as we encourage you to serve.  The benefits of service:  1. Service connects you to others 2. It helps you to make new friends and contacts 3.  You gain new skills 4.  Be happy find someone and somewhere to serve.  Join us in this very important conversation to share your wisdom, please call (347) 539-5818. 


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    Keeping it Real with Beth & Darin - The Weekend Edition

    in Parents

    We're mixing it up with our podcast and decided to broadcast live tonight!  So if you're home and want to listen in, or if you want to call, please feel free.   We're talking food, recipes, weather, entertainment and much more.

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    Learn the cost

    in Spirituality

    grace n peace i am so excited to be hear with u guys this afternoon we have a segment thats going to bless ya socksoff so join us tonight @7;30sharp for a exciting time in the word amen 347-826-7007

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    Pastor Regina Johnson, Re-Fresh!

    in Podcasting

    Pastor Johnson is bring her ministry, her vision, and passion to the airways with NHISG Sports Media Network. She is coming from Conroe, Texas and we are excited to have her aboard. 

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    Straight Outta Camden Radio Show 2.4, Start @ 7pm

    in Radio

    Today we will be talking about: Bromancing? Why do men show more attention to there boys than to there woman? Last topic we going be talking about is "Should people have there own privacy in a relationship??Question of the day is "Name a few places you can find a good woman/man to date? So tune in and call @ 347-989-8082

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    Steve Black Podcast-13th Region Boys and Girls Preview Show.

    in Sports

    By Sunday (3/1), the final pairings for the upcoming 13th Region Basketball Tournaments will be set.  On this special Podcast, I will ask my special guests to give us their thoughts and predictions for both the boys and girls tourneys that will begin Monday (3/2) at the Arena in Corbin, KY.

    Since Da Man won't let me back on the radio (just kidding), I am bringing back the Award Winning Podcast (what award you ask,....The Award of Human Exisitence....lol).  But for real tho, We are back and hopefully better than ever!!  Join me, Jon North and John Gatto as we discuss everything in the 13th Region (Boys and Girls), High School, College, Pro....whatever we want.....even PRO WRESTLING!!!!!!  We will have several special guests from around the region who will give us the knowledge on everything they know.

    I may even take your phone calls.....646.716.7622.

    Join us won't you.

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    Goin 'N with Lisa Dixon

    in Christianity

    Tune in this Sunday at 7:00 pm (6:00 pm Cst) With my guest Johnny Sherrod CEO of Mind Qwezt Tv and Kenneth "Knowledge Born" McClary Self Development Expert and Author of The Abundance Mentality.

    Join us as we take a journey with these two inspirational men. Their story is life changing. Call in to listen live or ask questions 347-857-3073.

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    Why Youth Mentorship is very Important

    in Youth

    As I talk with Jewel Mack out of Charlotte, NC about some of the issues we see concerning our children today, she shares with me the importance of adult involvement with our youth. Jewel along with an acquaintance has decided to take it upon themselves to mentor some of the teenage girls within the Charlotte area. This, I'm sure is only one pebble in the bucket and we need to see more adult interest and involvement with our children in order for them to become the young lady and young man they should growing into adulthood. Join the movement today and let's get our youth involved in things that really matter such as, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Programs.

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