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    Splashing Into Summer with Eric Meech, Lifeguard and ULTRA Athlete

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    Eric Meech has completed the Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon twice, 2011 and 2013, while serving the San Diego Community as a lifeguard for over 25 years. No one knows the beaches and bays of San Diego better than Eric who is a graduate of La Jolla High School, and National University, San Diego with a BS degree in Criminal Justice.  He ran his first half marathon at age 13. Listen in and meet a real hero and athlete who you might see running around the beaches and neighborhoods of San Diego.

    Eric was recently featured on the UTSanDiego.com for his accomplishment as an ULTRA Marathoner.


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    Running ULTRA Marathons Start With One Step

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    Trasie Phan and Elizabeth Kocek, ULTRA Marathon runner, have a candid conversation about how running long distances started for them.  Trasie was introduced to ULTRA Marathons in 2009 as a volunteer at the Pacific Crest Trail 50 Mile Run and met Elizabeth in fall of 2011 at a run Trasie organized for San Diego Running Meetup.  Trasie invited Elizabeth on a trip to the Grand Canyon in May of 2012 and that is how Elizabeth’s ULTRA Marathon journey started.


    Listen and learn how these two friends met through their love of running, have run thousands of miles together as well as supporting one another and have discovered a community of people who are amazing.  It all starts one step at a time.


    You can learn more about Elizabeth Kocek by reading her blog, liza-potranca.blogspot.com

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    Engineering, Rockets and ULTRA Marathons with Carl Tedesco

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    Carl Tedesco was introduced to ULTRA marathons in 2007.  As he continued his engineering career with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University and working as a professor at San Diego State University, one of his students helped to inspire him to run more.  Since then he has run numerous ULTRA marathons and completed five 100 mile races, San Diego 100 miles twice, Javalina Jundred, Chimera 100M, and Zion 100M. He continues to inspire students at San Diego State University to pursue careers in engineering as an advisor for the Rocket Club.

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    Meet Mrs. Kit Kakadelas Brazier, Mother of 9, Teacher, Ultra Marathon Runner

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    In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are having a conversation with Kit Kakadelas Brazier

    Learn how Kit continued to run while she was pregnant and raising children for so many years. Her children range in ages 11 years apart with the last two being twins.  She started her running career at UCLA running the 440 and cross country.  Her teammates included world class athletes like Julie Brown, who ran the marathon in 1984 Olympics for the USA.  While a mom and school teacher, she continued running 1-2 marathons a year until 1 1/2 years ago when she turned 60 and started her second running life, running ultra marathons.  Recently she turned to running two marathons or longer distance a month.  She is very proud to be part of an elite group of runners called Marathon Maniacs (www.marathonmaniacs.com) where she achieved gold level by running 4 marathons in 47 days.

    Her husband of over 35 years is very supportive of her running passion and accompanies her as her personal chauffer at every race.  She teaches kindergarten in the Encinitas School District and is known as the Running Teacher.  She keeps her students very active by running 1 mile 2-3 times a week.  She often gets special requests by parents to have their kids in her class.  

    Some races you may have seen her at recently are, Jackpot 12 hr, St George Marathon, Calico, Surf City Marathon, Hoover Dam Marathon, Labor of Love Marathon, Sean O’Brien Marathon, Operation Jack, Leona Divide 50K, and she was recognized by the LA Marathon for marathon mom with the most kids.

    She has submitted her request to Guinness Book of World Records for The Mom with the most kids and ran the most marathons.

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    Publisher, CEO, President...Ultra Agent...Kathryn A. Llamas

    in Real Estate

    From the time I found and connected with Kathryn online I knew she was the ultimate Ultra Agent. Join us and get a glimpse inside the mind of this dynamic real estate professional, as we discuss her online magazine REO Agent Magazine http://reoagentmagazine.com/, how she got started in real estate, what her dreams are for the future and a host of other riveting topics.

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    "The Real Estate Brand" Ultra Agent Jermy Gomez

    in Real Estate

    Orlando has a new innovative leader and out in front is Jeremy Gomez leading the pack for the Modern Orlando Movement.
    On this episode of Ultra Agents Radio, we feature Jeremy Gomez, Broker/Owner of G World Properties.
    Listen in as we discuss real estate, innovation, success and a host of other topics.

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    Make The Decision with Mandy Miller

    in Fitness

    Once an overweight law student at Northwestern, now Mandy Miller has a thriving law practice helping mentally disabled people. Mandy also has a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. She is turning 53 in July and is in the best shape of her life. She and her husband travels the world competing in Multi-day Stage Races, Endurance and ULTRA races. 

    A few races she has completed are 2009 Marathon de Sables 50M, 2011 Ultraman Canada, 2012 Grand to Grand ULTRA, July 2013 Stage race in Spain, 2014 Yukon Artic Ultra, 2014 Graveyard 100, 2014 Salton Sea 

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    Knucklebones Rude Awakening - MK ULTRA Pt.2

    in Radio

    Tonight on Knucklebones Rude Awakening I'll be disussing MK ULTRA. The CIA Mind Control Program. I'll be referrencing www.hourofthetime.com information on this subject. This follows up on last nights show about the recent news of potential victims Ke$ha and Amanda Bynes.


    Guest Call in # (516) 453-9128 to listen while show is live. Press 1 to speak with host.

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    The Mindset of an Ultra Endurance Champion

    in Sports

    Meet Travis Macy, a World Class Endurance Athlete and Leadman record holder and inspirational speaker who teaches The Ultra Mindset, deciding to “choose to give up choice”, a method of embracing fear to overcome great obstacles in competition and in life.

    Listen as Host Richard Diaz and Co-host Vanessa Runs; delve in to the mindset and principals that Macy uses to compete in the world’s most grueling Ultra Marathons and Adventure Races. He has won the event that makes the term “Ultra” seem inadequate; The Leadman, a combination trail running marathon, a 50 mile mountain bicycle race,  a 100 mile mountain bike race, a 10k run and a 100 mile trail run, all at over 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains!

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    Minimalist Designs in Ultra Modern Contemporary Interiors

    in Design

    Hello Family, and welcome back tonight!

    Happy Wednesday and we've got a great segment and topic of discussion in store for you tonight. We're exploring the elements of Minimalist Designs in Ultra Modern and Contemporary Interiors. So exciting, especially with summer very near and we want to feel light, airy, calm and serene! Minimalist Designs do just that because they give us the simplicity, and we can incorporate the use of our summer whites with bright and brilliant accents as well. We show various ways to incorporate them into your kitchen and office designs, and how to achieve the overall Minimalist Ultra Modern look, so stay tuned in with us tonight for this exciting segment.

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    Daycare Owner, Mother of 3 and Ultramarathon Champion Angela Shartel

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    In the past 9 years, Angela Shartel has gone from being 65 lbs over weight to winning 100 mile ultra marathons and setting records. Most recently winning first female at Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run http://www.vhtrc.org/mmt, May 2014.  She is a mother of 3 and has owned a daycare for 18 years.  

    Angela has learned that taking care of others means taking care of yourself.  She is an integral part of the ultra running community not only as an accomplished athlete but also the assistant director of the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run, held annually in June in the mountains east of San Diego. Although the race is challenging, it is known for the 100s of volunteers that generously donate their time to race preparation and operations.  

    Angela is an elite athlete, sponsored by:

    Altra, http://altrarunning.com Injinji, http://injinji.com Carbopro, http://carbopro.com Elliptigo, http://elliptigo.com

    "I believe that running is all about learning and implementing life’s lessons." Angela Shartel, Read more at: http://www.injinji.com/blog/the-missing-piece/#sthash.G2FIDsQV.dpuf


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