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    Ep33: VooDoo Queen Management I

    in Indie Music

    Ep33: VooDoo Queen Management I

    We have met former and current bands under the VQM umbrella but now we meet the VooDoo Queen herself!

    Tune in for a review of they current and coming projects and catch 2 songs from 2 of her bands.

    The Crypt will be rocking again!!

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    Uncle Shawnie's Playground #13

    in Entertainment

    Uncle Shawnie is an 80’s man in a modern world……He is an Entertainer a performer, a Doctor, a lawyer, and an Indian chief…… He’s a regular blue collar guy!


    He’s Arrogant, Outspoken, Boisterous, and Opinionated and Passionate……


    Most Importantly, He likes to talk……..about anything and everything!


    He’s so very NOT P.C.!


    He likes to think and talk without thinking…….


    He says EXACTLY what’s on his mind…..


    Wanna Play?


    Well welcome to the Playground….. A caller driven show about NOTHING! You decide! What do you want to talk about?




    Music, Sports, World Events, Beer, Bands, Something on Social media got your goat?


    Sweet……Let’s Talk!! Oh we’ll get a guest or two stopping by I’m sure….. But C’mon and Talk to ME!!


    UNCLE SHAWNIE’S PLAYGROUND is going to force you to think…..then laugh till it hurts!!

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    5. Billy Sherwood - Oneirology

    in Indie Music

    A look at the current solo music by prog rock multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Billy Sherwood. Billy is known for his work as a member of Yes, which has included the spin-off groups Conspiracy, CIRCA and Yoso with members of Yes, plus work with the bands Lodgic with jazz guitarist Jimmy Haun, World Trade with drummer Jay Schellen. He keeps increasingly busy with countless sessions including performance, production and engineering, that has included a span of artists from Zakk Wylde to William Shatner.


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    Fascists vs Americans, who's who in the zoo? Baphomet goats vs God's sheep.

    in Current Events

    We are, every one of us, in the valleys of decision, but many people let others make decisions for them, and this generation is ruled by false shepherds, wicked parents, treasonous rulers, and the spiritually blind. Has God shown to you the paths of righteousness and life? Have people in your family and church been confirming what God is telling you, or are most people in your life blind, deceived, unconcerned and spiritually blind? When God destroyed the world with the deluge most people did not believe it would end. They worked, married, raised children, and lived their normal and presumptive lives, until the day the flood came, and took them all away. But many people have made decisions that separate them from the human family, they've chosen to act as agents of terror and force, because their inner soul is filled with lust and terror. These are the demonized fascists that rail against the bands and chords of moral constraint, and they are the rebels that serve the first rebel, the devil.

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    Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    in Rock Music

    With Super Bowl 5o this week, I wanted to dedicate the show to talking as much Football as possible. I will have a few "experts" on the show to break down the big game and add their analysis of Super Sunday. 

    While we usually have a spotlight on local bands I have decided to spotlight a local football legend. Frank Geffre the architect behind the South Beach Panthers, one of the best sandlot football teams from our era. Frank was the catalysts behind the start upof this team and not only the backbone on the field but the general off f it. I will have Frank on to discuss this era of sandlot football and why it will never be duplicated.

    I will also ask the entire staff to call in and their picks for the game and maybe we will pick some of those promo bets that are so famous now. 

    We will also start our celebration of February by doing "Black Sabbath History Month". Starting this Thursday and each Thursday in this month we will do a bit of black sabbath History in honor of the Retiring band. 

    We have have our next segment of "What does Jeff think?" where we ask Jeff Tolwinski to respond to a question from one of our listeners.  

    Lots of Stuff to do and talk about and we only have 180 monutes to do it.

    See you thursday at 6:30 pm est on blogtalkradio.com




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    in Spirituality

    Acts 16:25-26 (KJV)

    25 And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.

    26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed.

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    NTF Welcomes Apocalyptic Lovers

    in Rock Music

    In addition to our normal schenanigans (Rock/metal news and history, The Book of Rock, Dumbass of the Week, and Scary Justin's Horror Movie Trivia) we have a great band from Ohio.


    Legendary Producer Michael Wagener just completed the mixing & mastering of the band’s upcoming EP Redemption Vol I. Over Thanksgiving weekend, members of the band converged at Michael Wagener’s Wireworld Studio in Nashville, Tennessee to mix the first of what will be a ten EP collection by the band.

    The band is very enthusiastic that this collaboration could be what finally gets them over the wretched music-business hump.

    Apocalyptic Lovers proudly seek the audience of the once huge Arena Rock bands that have been the staple of Mr. Wagener’s producing, engineering, and mixing career. His credits are a mile long, including Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crue, Metallica, Megadeth, Skid Row, Poison, Dokken and Alice Cooper to name a few.

    When the band formed years ago, most of the members of the Apocalyptic Lovers were originally from Ohio. The five members now populate greater cities in OH, PA, RI & VA. The band members each took a weekend away from their homes in August of '15 to converge with the rest of their band mates at Mindrocket Studios in West Middlesex, PA. 

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    How Do Record Companies Turn A Profit Today?

    in Music

    With the ease of  access of downloading songs online, viewing videos on demand via YouTube and music sharing on social networks, one can only imagine the music business is at a real crossroad. Yesterdays techniques for recovering cost no longer applies, record companies must move to more innovative methods in how to market to this ever-evolving Business.


    Independent labels as well as the Majors are taking careful measures  in where they place their money and what artists or bands they sign. Many of them are embracing the 360 Record contact Deal. Tonight we will explore the tactics in which the industry is taken to to turn a profit in today’s music business


    Tonight 02/02/2016

    To Participate call: 213-559-2995

    Showtimes:  8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst 24/7 access


    Upload your Mp3 www.hiphopnational.com

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    Talkee Radio is about music and much more!! Tell your friends and family!

    in Rock Music

    Live bands hopefully coming soon in the near future. No it's not your normally normal ones you hear on the radio. It's far better!! This is where it all starts!. From my talk show to your homes!! Then whoever you tell. That's up to you. At the above screen. You see 215-383-3920 tell your friends they can call in or just have them listen in at http://blogtalkradio.com/TalkeeRadio. I will be waiting for your calls!! And if you would like to keep in contact with me. I have an email account. talkeeradio@gmail.com. Website is waiting to be announced. Plus other websites for popular lines to call. No I am not talking about the google lines. I am talking about real people with real opinions that are truthful.

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    The 90 Degree Show 2016 Honda BOTB

    in Music

    Welcome to the 2016 Honda Battle of the Bands. The Final eight bands that will compete for the title this year are:

    Alcorn State

    Alabama A&M

    Bethune Cookman

    Lincoln University

    Jackson State

    Tennessee State

    South Carolina State

    Prairie View A&M

    We also talk about Voices of the Band or announcers for the halftime show. Is what they are doing helping or hurting the halftime performance? Also we get all the details from the sky phi box experience to entice you for 2017. Herbert Seward calls in to talk about the battle and Manuel Powell our scholarship recepient tells us what it was like to perform at the Super Bowl of Battles. Tonight we welcome the great Christy Walker and the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters. You are welcome to call in and tell us what battle you saw this week at (718) 664-6025. You can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast or follow our blog at blog4.themarchingpodcast.com


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    Accelerant Youth Conference. Gatlinbrug, TNN.

    in Christianity

    Acceoerant Youth Conference, originally Fire and Ice, has been providing Spirit filled worship services to the youth of these generations for some nine-teen years. Beginning in the Mountians of West Virginia and moved to Gatlinburg Teneesse. Worship through song by Christian Praise Bands known Nationally and Speakers from Universitys as well as exciting Leaders in the ministrys of Youth provide a guiding hand in the scripture with scriptural wisdom and understanding relating to todays events effecting youth.Under the direction of President of Addelerant Greg Amos with the assistance of a well qualified team of leadership, Accelerant Fire has continued to provide the fulfillment ofn the requirments set forth by our Loed and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Information for Accelerant Fire may be obtained by contacting Acceteramt Fire, com. Lodging info may be obtained by contacting the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce in Gatlinburg Tenessee.