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    Uh, What Goes Here Again?

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    It really is hard to come up with different segment names. Maybe I need to look into that, haha.

    Today, you get more music to dance. Yay! Are you ready to exercise? Are you pumped yet? Let's do this!

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    Interview with Eddie Barnz to promote his "Uh Uh On" Single

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    Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA,  Eddie Barnz is considered one of the city’s most popular rising stars. He has taken the struggle of growing up in his projects and transformed his struggles into a lyrical landscape. Eddie Barnz’s sound and style is completely different from any other rappers’ style that is currently in the industry right now. In this day and age it is refreshing to hear a rapper with a different style.

    Eddie Barnz has a versatile style of rapping, blending punch lines, and witness and real lyrics together. Barnz started taking music seriously in 2007 in which he did songs with Major Figga star Ab Liva who is now with Pusha T from the clips, BET Comic View Comedian Denny Live, Recording Artist Choppa City Boyz who's with ex Hot Boys member B.G and a list of other well established Artist.

    After building a heavy local following in Pittsburgh by releasing his new single "Uh Uh On" which is a chopped up sample of Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh the show which gained him more than 10,000 views on YouTube and a lot of support from DJs everywhere. Influenced heavily by the golden era of hip hop, he is a fan of legends like Nas, Biggie, Jada kiss and other MC's. Eddie Barnz is on the rise to stardom and co-signs from Jadakiss producer Vinnie Idol.

    Uh Uh On Video
    Eddie Barnz YouTube Channel

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    The City Shakeup, Echosmith, David Rosales, Sinner Sinners & Uh-Huh Baby Yeah!!!

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    The City Shakeup - Australian Based Punk Rock band...New EP "Fought Control" out soon...Check out their new single "The Writings On The Wall" off of "Fought Control"...See them all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour..Hear their music & so much more @ www.facebook.com/thecityshakeup

    Echosmith - Alternative/Rock band from Los Angeles,CA...New acoustic EP "Acoustic Dreams" out now, also available is their full length album "Talking Dreams"...Performed last week on Conan and headed out for their 2nd run on Vans Warped Tour 2014...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/echosmith

    David Rosales- Country-Folk-Blues Singer/Songwriter from California...New EP "Along The Way" available on June 17th..Hear his single "To Young To Know Better" from the EP right now...Check out his music,tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/davidrosalesmusic

    Sinner Sinners - LA based Rock band...New Album "XI" available now & new video for "Darkness Forever" out now...See them live this Friday @ The Satellite in LA...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/sinnersinners

    Uh-Huh Baby Yeah! - Rock/Pop band from Louisville,KY...New Album out soon..Check out their latest release "Trash Talk" which came out last April...See them this summer on the Vans Warped Tour...Check out their music, videos & more @ www.facebook.com/uhhuhbabyyea

  • "Trapped In The Closet" - Free Yourself Friday

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. "J" as she explores the subject "Trapped In The Closet".  Leadership Gone Wild....uh oh! 

    It is time for our nation to return to Prayer.  Tune in at 347-945-7725

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    Uh, What Language Are You Speaking

    in Self Help

    Does it seem that communications between men and women are worst than ever. Have you found that trying to get your point across to your mate only leave you frustrated. Do you feel everything you say is taken out of context and you are misunderstood.

    Join gifted intuitive Arlene Kahet and Rev Harvey L. Bailey as they discuss communications issues between the sexes and look at how they communicate differently

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    Singer/Dancer Legynd

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    Legynd ([lej-uh nd]), born October 28, 1983, Charles Marcus Anthony Jones Jr., In Hollywood, Ca. Legynd later moved to Atlanta , Ga., where he now resides. He is currently working on his Debut Album entitled “L.O.L” Life of Legynd; under R.I.M.M. Global Media Record Label...Legynd was raised in a God fearing home by his loving grandmother Katherine Stewart. She instilled high morals and values in Legynd, which he vows to carry for the rest of his life. Legynd always had a passion for music and the performing arts. At the young age of 5 years old, he began to demonstrate his talents. He started modeling with “Yasha Models of Atlanta", for shows such as "The Annual March of Dimes for Healthier Babies” Fashion Show Extravaganza. He also performed at various fundraisers such as, The Department of Family and Children Services, BellSouth Junior Achievement, Northlake Mall Atlanta Georgia, (special event programs), and many more highly profiled shows.  Legynd was persistence in his quest to emulate every move and every beat of his idol, “Michael Jackson”. 



    Instagram: Legynd

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    Double Trouble Tonight on Naked Girls Radio

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    Uh oh both Sandra London and I are broadcasting live this evening! You can catch both of our shows afterward over at NakedGirlsRadio.com in our Fans of NGR group http://nakedgirlsradio.com/groups/profile/4 where you can find listings and descriptions of all of the radio broadcasts that we have done on BlogTalk Radio. I had promised a show for today so you had better believe the first thing I am going to do when I get finished with mine is go and check out hers! Her show starts a half hour before mine this evening so you can actually head over to listen to her for now and I will be with you in a little while. You can always catch my archive after the show also!

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    RotoRadio Episode 5

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    Welcome to the fifth episode of RotoRadio brought to you by DailyRoto.com. Mike Leone fills in for Tony Cincotta. Uh oh.

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    Epiphany's House welcomes Rhonda Thomas!!!!!!

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    Listen...she is just enchanting...so good I had to invite her back...uh huh..I sure did...Join us this sunday for some tea and soul sangin...



    Rhonda Thomas was a featured soloist and background vocalist

    for Isaac Hayes for 11 years before his untimely passing. Rhonda

    served in that capacity while remaining extremely focused on

    elevating her solo musical career. Issac Hayes wholeheartedly

    supported Rhonda’s desire to spread her wings musically. He

    commented, “Her voice has a wide range. She has the quality,

    vocal timbre and vibrato of Denise Williams when she goes high.

    There are a lot of vocal sounds in this young woman. Jazz-wise

    she can scat too!” Additionally, in Isaac Hayes’ review of “Breathe

    New Life” he further expressed, “WOW, a human voice singing

    songs of substance... Hats off to production, musicianship,

    arrangement, vocals and don’t miss the lyrics, it’s a breath of

    fresh air.”

    A resident of Atlanta, GA who performs nationally and

    internationally, Rhonda’s natural talent, professional drive, and

    amazing charisma have landed her in the presence of greatness

    many times and has opened numerous doors for her. She has

    performed or shared the stage with Luther Vandross, Roberta

    Flack, Roy Ayers, Frank McComb, Dwele, Eric Roberson,

    N’dambi and Sam Moore (of the legendary duo Sam and Dave)

    just to name a few. With her enchanting voice, Rhonda has

    stamped her name on the hearts of all that have witnessed her

    singing live.

    She wears her influences like an elegant gown draped with

    the improvisational skill and vocal acrobatics of Sarah Vaughn

    and Al Jarreau, and the depth and emotional effectiveness of

    Phyllis Hyman and Chaka

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    Is There Power In Da Booty? Has The Derriere Become The "Bottom" Line In Beauty?

    in Romance

    Let's talk bottoms!

    Womanly bottoms.

    And the power be-hind... uh, er... 'da booty!'

    Good Friday Night!!

    Time to get LIVE AFTER DARK!  Tonight's round table discussion will center around the round-ness, plumpness and lusciousness of the female buttocks. 

    Does size does matter?

    Or is it simply a trend that will eventually end?... 

    [And yet, some have been waiting, and waiting for sagging to fade away as promised. ]

    There was a time...

    When the 'big rear" ... brought fear. Yet these days, it seems as if the larger the BIG BUTT is ...now is seen as if it equals wealth.

    THICK or Jiggly?

    And where do the "handsfull" bootys fit in?

    Join in on the discussion.  Sitting in studio tonight with Betty Lewis & Diamond Ryan is "Damn Darryl!"

    Let's Get LIVE!!!

    After Dark!

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    Brian Barczyk hittin' the road for AnimalBytesTV

    in Pets

    The worldwide Reptile Community has its share of colorful personalities. Some are content enjoying their beautiful animals and interacting with the rest of us at Herp shows and other Herp related events; still others have a strong online presence, perhaps with a great website and solid participation on the various Herp-related forums here on the web. Some find a nice balance doing both... and then there are those who really bring their game every time they step on the field, even when that field is everywhere they go. The folks that don't just show up to play, but really try to affect positive change for the benefit of everyone that's ever uh... pardon the pun... picked up a ball. Enter Brian Barczyk of: BHB, SnakeBytesTV, and AnimalBytesTV. Brian can't seem to get enough of the creatures of this planet, and is passionate about bringing his passion to others. Join CK as he helps Mr. Barczyk spread the word about the next whirlwind adventure on his jam-packed calendar, and find out how Brian plans to take us all along for the ride.

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