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    My First Podcast – Uh Oh

    in News

    I don't want to provide too much description now because I know after my podcasting class I will be revising a great deal. However, I blog at blog.hunterword.com and publish a new site as part of my teaching requirements at Hunter College, City University of New York, the WORD at hunterword.com 

    I am a volunteer with New York Healthy Workplace Advocates who are behind the healthy workplace bill in Albany to make workplace and academic bullying illegal and started a Moveon.org petition – here – supporting the NY Healthy Workplace Bill. I also network with activists supporting healthy workplace bills in other states, especially Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

    The petition is supported by the CUNY University Faculty Senate and the Professional Staff Congress which represents fultime faculty and some staff at City University of New York.






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    uh uh uh freestyle debut

    in Podcasting

    debuting freestyles and doing some live talk whatever i want

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    New Music Inferno Presents Royal Rumble Roundtable!!!

    in Music

    Join J.R. as he is joined by Jeff Berman(Divided Heaven), Nick Zoppo aka Zicky Dice(Heart To Heart), John James Ryan aka J.J.R(Tour Manager & Musician), Sean Smith(Uh Huh Baby Yeah) & Nick Diener(The Swellers to discuss the WWE Royal Rumble 2016 which will be taking place on Jan. 24th live on the WWE Network and select cable outlets on PPV...

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    America's National Insecurity, Trump Mystery, And Predictive Analytics

    in Politics

    Dr Sebastian Gorka-Threat experts talks national security, Obama style, and what threats lie ahead for America.  Dr Gorka is an internationally recognized authority on issues of national security, irregular warfare, terrorism and democratization.

    Julianne Thompson-The establishment, media and pundits can't figure Trump out...what is he up to? The former Co-Chairman of the Atlanta Tea Party and former Press Secretary of the Georgia Republican Party explains.

    Eric Siegel-Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie or Die as explained by the author and former Columbia University professor.

    Larry Pratt-Liberalism Still Stands For...The Death Of Common Sense: what does Equal Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act actually mean? The Executive Director of Gun Owners of America explains.

    Jennifer Burke-Uh Oh, Was Marco Rubio Guilty In The Ben Carson Dropout Rumors? Burke is a Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief.

    Tom Borelli-EPA's Climate Change Agenda Superseded Flint Water Crisis.  Dr Borelli is a contributor with Conservative Review and is an authority on energy policy and crony capitalism.

    Bob Waliszewski-Focus on the Family’s Director of Media and Culture, And director of Focus’ Plugged In department talks about the movies, “The Choice” and “Hail Cesar.”

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    The Matt Duffin Show - Super Sports Fuss

    in Radio

    We shall flip through a few social and basic brain injury Coping Skills, as I cope with the end of Payton Manning's carrer.  We will discuss much, but after 10:30, unless you can talk Saddi into picking up the mic.  A couple of speakers will stop by, and a couple of rock and roll songs if need be.  I said, 10:30.  Usually we on TMDS are very curteous and accept VERY early calls, which eliminates my preparation, and that's cool.  I'd rather talk Live! with someone than, uh, "teach"'.


    We will rock, we will ralk.  Probably laugh, go ahead and "get my goose" for being 'late'.  Or, is that when you turned us on anyway.  And, TMDS is a Support Group, yes World Wide (Super Bowl is like our 'Football' championship or Cricket title).  Check it out, there are some really neat commercials, no matter what country you are from.


    Bring the leftover chips, and BYOB (as always) let's rock!  And, as a lifelong Colts fan, man this hurts but 'Go Bronco's;'  Nary a concussion fella's...

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    Liberty Unbridled with Ken Moellman

    in Politics

    We have a full show to tonight, LIVE at 7PM Eastern Time:   The Iowa Caucuses are coming! The Iowa Caucuses are coming! Where those who are betting on the election have put their money. Also, Ted Cruz's lat-minute desperation piece. Bernie Sanders is still a goof. Hillary Clinton may go to jail. Planned Parenthood stops abortions in Louisville - for now. KDP elects a new chair. Nationally, an elected Republican shoots herself and dies, the Admiral in charge of intelligence is banned from seeing intelligence, the IRS erased ANOTHER hard drive, and Japan institutes negative interest rates - uh oh.

    Listen online, or by phone by dialing 858-683-1326.  Once you're in the queue, be sure to press the 1 key on your phone when you hear Ken talking, if you want to speak. (It works like an On/Off switch.)

    Ken Moellman gives the run-down on the state of Liberty in Kentucky.  Tune in weekly as Ken Moellman addresses major issues, in Kentucky and the nation, and promotes solutions based in liberty.  Ken Moellman is a political activist who has been a spokesperson, campaign manager, candidate, and party leader. He is now the owner of the polling firm Northern Kentucky Opinions.

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    F**k Waffle House!!

    in Sports

    Tonight ...

    -Recent snowstorm in Jersey is discussed

    --Run training continues ... Even in a snowstorm!!

    --Race / training update

    -Chris Christie is a fat cu*t!

    -Ready for the Super Bowl!!

    --Jealous Hater Syndrome

    -WWE talk:

    --Royal Rumble 2016 review/analysis

    --Jon Bon Jericho

    --Indian Elmo is at it again

    -Uh oh ... Waffle House is in the crosshairs again!

    --41 Reasons ... Get the f**k outta here!

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    Arrow 4x10 - Blood Debts Review

    in Film

    WARNING: SPOILERS/NSFW - Buckle in, folks! We're gonna talk about Genesis! Corn! And what any of that has to do with Arrow and Damien Darhk.

    Why isn't Oliver hanging out with Felicity at the hospital? She's having so many surgeries... And what happens when Laurel learns that her dad is dipping Donna Smoak?  And there's Speedy... uh... doing stuff.  And Diggle needs to learn to interrogate his brother with playing cards!  And there's Anarky and island shenanigans, too!  Let's all have fun talking about Arrow, folks!

    DC on SCREEN # 091 - Arrow 4x10 Blood Debts Review

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Wrestling With Dementia...

    in Radio

    Ladies and Gentlemen.  Let's...get ready...too...RUUUUMMBLE!  We are coming full-grip from The  DownTown Milton Studio corner against abuse recieved as a minor, and ''not spoken of'''.  Concussions recieved, but ''was just sleeping hard'' kind of life.  And where it goes from there, the discovery's along the way and prosumed finish line..

    Hillbillly Jim,Smith of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and wife Shelia join me tonight in an in-depth look into dementia, its struggles an fight.  They've educated themselves quite well in the disease that has a STRONG chance in replacing the health and life issues of a TBI.  Our future, if you will.  Mr. Smith jjoins us to discuss the trials and treatments of having over 100 major consussions during his times, and the probablle CTE that ahs evolved.  

    Mr Hillbilly, er, uh, Mr. Smith will share his story, his times, his discovery of head trauma long after the times, along with his studies an efforts concerning dementia.  .  And what, prey tell, is to be done about youth athletics now?  I say let the kids play, stop changing rules to discover what can't be resolved.  Like all youth sports, education, experience in life skills and committment is a huge bonus.  (424)  243-9540...

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    Interview with Eddie Barnz to promote his "Uh Uh On" Single

    in Entertainment

    Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA,  Eddie Barnz is considered one of the city’s most popular rising stars. He has taken the struggle of growing up in his projects and transformed his struggles into a lyrical landscape. Eddie Barnz’s sound and style is completely different from any other rappers’ style that is currently in the industry right now. In this day and age it is refreshing to hear a rapper with a different style.

    Eddie Barnz has a versatile style of rapping, blending punch lines, and witness and real lyrics together. Barnz started taking music seriously in 2007 in which he did songs with Major Figga star Ab Liva who is now with Pusha T from the clips, BET Comic View Comedian Denny Live, Recording Artist Choppa City Boyz who's with ex Hot Boys member B.G and a list of other well established Artist.

    After building a heavy local following in Pittsburgh by releasing his new single "Uh Uh On" which is a chopped up sample of Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh the show which gained him more than 10,000 views on YouTube and a lot of support from DJs everywhere. Influenced heavily by the golden era of hip hop, he is a fan of legends like Nas, Biggie, Jada kiss and other MC's. Eddie Barnz is on the rise to stardom and co-signs from Jadakiss producer Vinnie Idol.

    Uh Uh On Video
    Eddie Barnz YouTube Channel

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    Deep Questions and Shallow Answers

    in Comedy

    Do you have a lot of questions about life? Does the universe counfound you? Are girls or boys confusing? Don't worry. Matt-Man and Jayman are here to answer all of your questions. Whether it's a deep question about the world or people or life or anything you're wondering about, we've got your answers. All your fears and concerns will be soothed by this week's episode of IWS Radio.

    Maybe you have some burning personal questions about Matt or Jay? Something you've been dying to ask, but were afraid to. Well, here's your chance. Step up to the chat room, phone, private message or email and hit us with your best shot. We can take it. We will answer your question as honestly and fairly as we think it deserves ... er ... uh ... as we possibly can.

    There will also be a very special Canada Report with our very own Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf ansering some VERY interesting questions from all over the world. Other members of the IWS Players will also be here to either ask or answers questions to the best of their very limited abilities too.

    This is gonna be a very informative and action-packed show. You KNOW you don't wanna miss this one. All this and YOUR CALLS @ 661.244.9852! Join the fun!