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    UAV Roadmap with Col. Chris Carlile

    in Military

    Col. Chris Carlile, Director of the U.S. Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center for Excellence, discusses the next 25 years for UAV/UAS.

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    UAV/UAS Lifecycle Sustainment with Robert Hallinan

    in Military

    Robert Hallinan, a career military officer with over 30 years of military aviation related logistics and maintenance management experience discusses the logistics and sustainment issues likely to be faced given the increasing use and dependence the U.S. military has on UAV/UAS

  • 01:44

    David Pares, Warp Engines and UFOs

    in Paranormal

    David Pares is an adjunct professor at several colleges, including the University of Nebraska where he is the faculty advisor for their Mutual UFO Network student organization. He has degrees in geography and engineering science, and teaches classes in meteorology, physics, astronomy, geography, geology, statistics and physical science. Pares believes he has unlocked the key to warp technology, and that he and his team of engineers and graduate students have constructed a working warp engine that demonstrates this technology.

    Last time we talked with Pares he had tested the warp effect on lasers. However, now he has an engine, and is building a UAV that he hopes he will be able to propel with a warp engine. He has patents on the warp technology and has formed the company Space Warp Dynamics, LLC.

    For more about Pares' space warp project, visit paresspacewarpresearch.org.

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    UAV Training & Simulation - USAF & RAF discussion - Defence IQ

    in Military

    Wing Commander John Clarke of the 22 Training Group at Britain's Royal Air Force, and Robert Englehart, Deputy Chief of the US Air Force's AETC UAS Training Branch, join us to discuss their respective programmes for training non-rated aviators in the use of unmanned aircraft. Both outline the challenges and ambitions that this new initiative presents - including course structure, psychological profiling, and joint exercises - ahead of their involvement on the speaker panel of UAV Training and Simulation 2010, being held May 24-26 in London. Visit www.uavtrainingconf.com for more information.

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    Game of Drones

    in Technology

    We speak with Eli Delia and Marque Cornblatt about the Game of Drones Kickstarter.

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    in Technology

    We speak with Sinclair UAS Training and Certification Center Director Dr. Andrew Shepherd.

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    Drone Journalism

    in Technology

    Our guest is Matthew Schroyer founder of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists (PSDJ), located at www.DroneJournalism.org He was also a presenter at the 2013 Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition. 

  • 00:54

    Roadmaps and Test Sites

    in Technology

    Our guest is Douglas Marshall, UAS Regulation and Standards Development at NMSU. We’ll have a discussion about the latest Roadmap offerings from the FAA. We'll also touch on the pick 6 for the Test Site horse race.     

  • 01:03

    AUVSI 2013

    in Technology

    We will discuss impressions live from AUVSI's Unmanned Systems 2013

  • 02:01

    SEPTEMBER 2013 Week #3 in Review...(Part 1)

    in Current Events

    On this weekending episode of SEPTEMBER WEEK #3 IN REVIEW, we talk about MAKING OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST in the NEW PULSE FOR OLD PASSWORDS BIOMETRIC ID'S. We also talk about the new COLD DRONE ARMS RACE with China's latests UAV's. This is the ongoing study of HUMACHINES involving CYBORGS and ROBOTS. We then take a glimpse at FRANKEN FOODS WITH BOTTLED WATER and FRANKENSTEIN FACILITIES ABLE TO "REGROW NEW FINGERS" from amputated ones. We proceed onto the latest news on FUKUSHIMA FAILURES from Typhoon Man-Yi and a 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake that all hit Japan this week! From here we talk about BRAIN-EATING AMOEBA FOUND IN HOME SEWER SYSTEM; ROACH INFESTATION AT THE WHITE HOUSE; FIRE ANT ATTACK KILLS TEXAS TEENAGER; DRUG-RESISTANT GONORRHEA, E-COLI, and 11 other SUPERBUGS; US GOVERNMENT GEARING UP FOR POTENTIAL SUPERBUG EPIDEMICS; etc. Then we get the latest weekly updates on the HOSEA 4:1-3 Prophecy with its MASS DEATHS OF BIRDS, ANIMALS, AND SEA LIFE. We also talk about the strange 100 YEAR SLOWDOWN of the Suns Solar cycles. Also ALIEN LIFE FORM ORGANISMS discovered in the upper Stratosphere, during recent METEOR STORM. While on the Earths surface we have FLASH FLOODS in Colorado, and Mexico bringing RECORD DISASTER LEVELS. Mexico is hit by DOUBLE DISASTERS of 2 HURRICANES on each of the Nations Coasts! Another violent case of ROAD RAGE happens in America, the Car Maker state of Michigan! Also a Marine falls into a FRESH, NEW SINKHOLE 70FT DEEP and is KILLED ON DEER HUNTING TRIP. All this and more on todays episode of Understanding the Final Endtimes. GET IN THE KNOW and STAY INFORMED with your Host, Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe....  

  • 02:44

    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Prophecy Alert: Israel PM Netanyahu calls Palestian President Abbas and offers peace. An Indiana Boy swallowed by a sinkhole 11 feet for 3 hours was pulled from the sand alive. Also the  aftermath of the George Zimmerman Trial. Also a Christian man beheaded in Egypt. Also Typhoon Soulik hits Taiwan and China kills 2 and thousands are evacuated. Also truck hits a bus and tears it in to and kills 18. Also 8 dead in a train crash in Paris, France. Also 39 people killed insuicide attack in Iraq. Also  the train derailment in Canada has now found 35 bodies and 15 more missing. Also Israel UAV crashes near border with Egypt. Also Russia mobilizes 160,000 troops and much more current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.