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    Why Marijuana Legislation Is Winning in U.S. Congress and Skullduggery in Upland

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    A candid look at the surprising gains marijuana law reform has made in the U.S. Congress plus an insider’s look as Upland medical marijuana patients refuse to let the city get away with skullduggery are found on the latest installment of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.


    Veterans getting medical marijuana recommendations, preventing the DEA from interfering in a state’s medical marijuana laws and protecting states with marijuana legalization laws have all made major progress in the U.S. Congress.


    Dan Riffle, Director of Federal Policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, will discuss these newest and astonishing developments, tracing their history, explaining what they will do, why progress is being made and the unexpected switch by some Representatives and Senators from opposing marijuana law reform to supporting it.


    When Upland residents submitted an initiative petition with enough signatures to require a special election on allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to operate, the Upland City Council refused to hold a special election and put it off until 2016. Although the refusal by the city to hold a special election is tied up in court, the backers of the initiative are not going to wait for the slower-than-molasses court challenges to decide the issue.


    They have filed a new initiative that will overcome the problems that are being challenged in court. Craig Beresh, one of the initiative proponents, will explain how the Upland City Council was able to derail the original initiative and how the new initiative differs from the old one and why this time they are very confident of success.


    News, views, humor and more are the features of every Internet podcast of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense and you can hear it right now.

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    Race to the U.S. Congress and for the Georgia Secretary of State

    in Politics

    Join us this week on "Tamara For Georgia" as we discuss legislation and hear interviews from Georgia Legislators who have already prefiled bills in the 2015 Legislative Session.  This week we will also get the inside scoop on David Vogel's race for the U.S. Congress, District 9 and Doreen Carter's race for the Georgia Secretary of State.  Hear their take on the 2014 elections and what impact it will have on the 2015 legislative session...

    Be sure to listen to "Tamara For Georgia" every Tuesday, 8pm est - 10pm est, to get your legislative updates!  Just click "Listen" at www.PoliticsBeauty.org!

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    U.S. Congress: America failing to stop citizens from joining ISIS (SCW #744)

    in Current Events

    1. A bipartisan congressional task force concluded in a report released on Tuesday that the U.S. is losing the battle to stop Americans from traveling abroad to enlist in ISIS.

    2. A U.S. official with knowledge of the latest intelligence said Russian airstrikes in Syria could happen at any time. 

    3. Muslim extremists burned down three churches in Tanzania last week and issued threats to the area's Christians.

    4. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday derided Russia's call for the creation of an international antiterrorism coalition, saying the Russians inspire terrorism on their own doorstep and back bellicose puppet governments. 

    5. The Israeli military says it has carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip after a rocket was launched from the Palestinian territory toward Israel. 

    You can read these stories in more detail and get more prophecy-related news at SecondComingHerald.com.

    The prophetic passage of Scripture that we are looking at today is Psalm 41:9 which reads: "Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me."

    Our second coming quote for today is from J.C. Ryle. He said, "Uncertainty about the date of the Lord's return is calculated to keep believers in an attitude of constant expectation and to preserve them from despondency."

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    LEADS (Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad Act): Saving US Innovation

    in Internet

    Legal privacy protections for email and other cloud-stored data are weak—and could get weaker. Fundamentally, this is a legal and policy issue—not a technical matter--yet it has dire business implications. 

    In a September 2015 U.S. Court of Appeals hearing, Microsoft challenged the U.S.’s request for private data held in Ireland because the U.S. government asserted its right and that of other nations to access data beyond national borders.

    The growing threat of privacy and confidentiality intrusions not only erodes trust in technology, but as people lose confidence in their right to privacy it will also impact small and medium businesses who provide cloud computing solutions to clients. Further, as other nations begin to build their own cloud solutions because ours cannot be trusted to protect their citizens' privacy, American companies operating at the global scale will suffer catastrophic results.

    The Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad Act—or LEADS—will help restore trust in tech by ensuring that digital communications and data receive the same privacy protections as paper letters and documents. It will: (1) Require a court-approved search warrant similar to laws governing access to physical documents; (2) Establish fair rules for government to access data stored abroad—protecting Americans’ privacy and setting a model for other nations; and (3) Strengthen international cooperation—through Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties with other nations.

    Join a discussion about what you can do NOW to save U.S. innovation, and why time is of the essence.

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    The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress

    in Politics Conservative

    Trevor Loudon’s newly released book “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” is like no other book written on American politics.

    The book is designed to expose, in layman’s terms, the comprehensive communist, socialist and extreme progressive infiltration of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

    “The Enemies Within” profiles fourteen Senators and more than fifty Representatives and their ties to Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, and The Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations.

    Ever wondered why the US Congress has moved further and further left over your lifetime, even while much of the electorate has become more and more conservative? Why government regulation and taxes have exponentially increased, even though most Americans still oppose Big Government?

    “The Enemies Within” is designed to show American voters exactly how modern communism works and how it impacts on your life, every single day. Just how do the communists win big on things like Obamacare and immigration “reform,” which go completely against the wishes of the American people?

    “The Enemies Within” names names and takes no prisoners.

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    Obama tells media don't panic & Libs get gittery + Congress on ISIS @6:30 EDT

    in Politics

    Listen to Congress College tonite talk about how Congress is reacting to ISIS while the President tells the media don't panic! Your host, Elizabeth Chryst, will puzzle thru the halls of Congress having been elected as the first woman to serve as the United States Senate Secretary for the Majorit for the GOP. Elizabeth uses her 26 yrs of Senate service to break down the code talk that comes out of DC. All shows are archived on GradeGov.com under the radio tab. Happy listening!

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    C.D. - ISIS, Syria and How far Am I My Brother's Keeper?

    in Islam

    As-Salaam-Alaikum (God's Peace be upon You)!

    This Saturday, November 21, 2015, Critical Discourse will cover the ever-unfolding events that have captured the attention, fear and yet, determination of the public, to maintain a sense of normalcy and charity.

    In wake of the attacks in Paris, the U.S. Congress voted to greatly restrict and regulate the influx of Syrian refugees. To the shock of many, enough democrats voted with republicans, to deny Barack Obama the veto power he'd promised to weld.

    With emotions still raw, the very fibesr of human compassion and drive for self-preservation are being tested.

    Are the governors, who vowed to pointedly refuse any additional entries of Syrian refugees into their states, guilty of hard-heartedness? 

    Why should an entire group be judged so harshly, based on the depraved acts of a few?

    Are those governors who have promised to allow the refugees, careless and naively optimistic that there are no plausible threats?

    What of the future relationship between American Muslims and the general public? Will Muslims be looked upon with greater suspicion?

    Given the range of reaction and comments from presidential candidates, how will these recent events (including Mali), affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election?

    Join us, to review these issues and more, right on your favorite talk-show (am I being a bit pretentious?) - Critical Discourse!


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    Millions of Americans started their Thanksgiving getaway Wednesday by taking to the roads and airport security lines, undaunted by terrorism fears as officials continue to stress there are no “credible” threats in the wake of the Paris terror attacks earlier this month.

    President Obama said at the White House there is no "specific and credible" intelligence indicating a plot against the U.S., while assuring anxious Americans, "While the threat of terrorism is a troubling reality of our age, we are both equipped to prevent attacks and we are resilient in the face of those who would try to do us harm."

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson echoed Obama's statement that there are no specific, credible treats to the homeland ahead of the 2015 holiday season.

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    Over 400 Billion Black Dollars Will Be Spent in The Next 5 wks. But Where?

    in Entrepreneur

    Black folks spend over 400 billion dollars in a 5 week period in the last part of the year.  That is a lot a black owned businesses start ups for every city in the U.S.!  We can't afford to always take to the streets when someone dies, instead we must take to the board rooms and strategise and organise!  Nothing you do emotionally will mean a damn to the global elites and whitesupremacy!  The only thing they fear is not being able to no longer steal our money and our women!




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    Freedom Quest - Red Alert: America's Porous Borders! Grey Man Joins us Tonight

    in Politics Conservative

     It is NOT just about the "Syrians"!!  It is a distraction the Libs and RINOs have created to hide that the REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT program that continues to be funded!  RR is BIG business, it is NOT for HUMANITY reasons!  Paris, Belgium, the U.S., and the world is under Attack!

    http://go.clarionproject.org/numbers/    Clarion Project is offering a free DVD about the Refugee's... go out and sign up!


    Stand UP America -- Take Our Country Back!!!

    Our Mission:  To promote the Judeo/Christian perspective, political commentary, patriotism, family, U.S. Constitution, respect for life and liberty, freedom of speech, freedom OF religion, right to bear arms, and respect for life.  To engage the public in discussions regarding threats to our way of life and our freedoms that were fought for by our Founding Fathers, our brave and courageous military, and by every day Patriots.

    EMAIL US AT:  mp91freedomquest@gmail.com

    PLEASE CHECK OUT:  http://theunitedwest.org/


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    Dave Peiser (CA-49) & Marshall Adame (NC-3) for U.S. Congress

    in Politics Progressive

    For this episode of The #SocialSpitballShow, we focus on the Do-Nothing Congress of the last few years.  The Congressional approval ratings have dipped into the "teens," in terms of approval numbers.  

    Two of the worst offenders of this 113th Congress are Darrell Issa (CA-49) & Walter B. Jones, Jr. (NC-3).  Our guests this evening are true representatives of the people who are ready to take the fight for the people to DC.

    Our first guest is new to the show, but not to the national spotlight.  Dave Peiser is the Democratic candidate running against incumbent Darrell Issa (R), who has held the seat since 2003.  Peiser is a true community man.  He has founded two businesses (Peiser Solutions & greenliness.com).  With one rooted in health care experiences and the other providing green product solutions, Dave Peiser is right in sync with the average California voter.  Peiser also serves on several non-profit boards and advocates for those that do not have their own voice.  Tune in to hear more about the man who will remove Darrell "Benghazi" Issa from office: http://www.peiserforcongress.com/

    Our second guest is quite familiar to the Social Spitball Show listener.  Marshall Adame is a fascinating, passionate family man, retired Marine and U.S. diplomat, as well as an active defender of the rights of veterans, workers, women and the environment of North Carolina.  Whenever Marshall speaks, you know he is speaking from the heart, as well as the mind.  A solid mix of intelligence & passion is exactly what NC's 3rd Congressional district needs.  Learn more about Marshall just before 8pm Eastern: http://www.marshall4congress.com/

    The people need these representatives.  The people need to hear their messages.  Spread the word and tune in starting at 7pm EDT

    Let's get the conversation going...