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    Mike Tyson Mysteries Episodes 3-5 Review!

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    Those Guys discuss Mike Tyson Mysteries episodes 3-5, and More...

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    Greatest Fights #11: Holyfield-Tyson-96; Kelly-Gainer-96; Chiquita-Carbajal-93

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    Recorded on: 12/24/2011

    Humberto Chiquita González vs Michael Carbajal I: http://youtu.be/VQnyKC5cvCE

    Kevin Kelly vs Derrick Gainer (1996): http://youtu.be/l3GCj4QZST0

    Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson (1996): http://youtu.be/2iM3PYl46AU

  • Greatest Fights #11: Holyfield-Tyson-96; Kelly-Gainer-96; Chiquita-Carbajal-93

    in Sports

    Recorded on: 12/24/2011

    Humberto Chiquita González vs Michael Carbajal I: http://youtu.be/VQnyKC5cvCE

    Kevin Kelly vs Derrick Gainer (1996): http://youtu.be/l3GCj4QZST0

    Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson (1996): http://youtu.be/2iM3PYl46AU

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    #IndyPowerRankingsLIVE w/ Matt Tremont & Tyson Dux

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    Matthew Grant & Travis Desmond lock up for the usual Tuesday night #IPRLive show with 2 special guests. In hour 1, Tyson Dux joins us to talk about plenty including his upcoming AIW Absolute Title match at Hell on Earth 10, his match with Sebastian Suave at SMASH Wrestling's Challenge Accepted, the WWE tryout he took part in & much more. In hour 2, Matt Tremont makes his long awaited debut on the #IPRLive! Matt joins us to talk about plenty including the Ultraviolent Food Fight tag team match at CODXVI, his upcoming singles match with Silver Ant at Beyond Wrestling's Alive & Kicking & much more!

    @TysonDux @TremontCZW @IndyPowerRankin @WeeklyWPodcast

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    Teacher Slut, Bill Cosby, Mike Tyson, I AM NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN

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    Parents of teenage football player sue school for $3million after substitute teacher 'performed sex act on him after pep rally'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2814204/Parents-teenage-football-player-sue-school-3million-substitute-teacher-performed-sex-act-pep-rally.html#ixzz3Hg6GZdKm
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    Queen Latifah cancels interview with Bill Cosby just days after woman comes forward saying the TV legend 'drugged and raped her'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2814707/Queen-Latifah-cancels-interview-Bill-Cosby-just-days-woman-comes-forward-saying-TV-legend-drugged-raped-her.html#ixzz3Hg6hOweX
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    Mike Tyson reveals he was sexually abused as a child when he was snatched off the street by a stranger in Brooklyn

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2814981/He-snatched-street-Mike-Tyson-reveals-sexually-abused-child-stranger-Brooklyn.html#ixzz3Hg7MR3SB
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    Teacher who called students the 'N-word' and 'slaves' when they objected to term African-American is fired after outrage

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2813911/Teacher-fired-calling-two-students-N-word-objected-term-African-American.html#ixzz3Hg7nz3Ln
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    Hall of Famer Willie Roaf Ravens DeAngelo Tyson

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    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it. Expected to be joined by Baltimore Ravens DE DeAngelo Tyson, who will discuss the Ravens big win over Buccaneers. Also, Hall of Famer Willie Roaf will stiop by to discuss all things NFL. Also, talking MLB playoffs and Kansas City Royals. NBA, should the season be shortened? NFL, Are the Cowboys for real?

    Call 646-727-3070 to join the fun

    Follow on Twitter @goforitgant


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    Iron Mike Tyson vs Canada

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    Mike Tyson goes off on a canadian interviewer on live TV calling him a piece of shit. Was Mike Tyson wrong doing this knowing it was live TV? Mike Tyson 

    9-11 So Many thoughts about what happen.. Has this date changed your life forever? Come in the studio lets talk,what were you doing when this happen and do you still live in fear? .Guest Call In (646) 595-3032  More headlines. Have you forgotten  Robin Givens interview  with Barbara Walters about Tyson

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    Matty P's Radio Happy Hour brings to you the perhaps the biggest guest in show history.  He is arguably the greatest boxer of all time and now Adult Swim will present him in cartoon form with the new show "Mike Tyson Mysteries."  We are proud to bring you an exclusive interview with MIKE TYSON!

    We are also excited to announce or second guest is the most beautiful and talented women's professional wrestler of all time. She is a WWE Hall of Famer and is the founder of the highly successful  Stratusphere yoga. We bring you TRISH STRATUS! 

    And our third guest is an icon in the music industry, as she helped pave the way for females in rock and roll.  We bring you LITA FORD!

    All this and so much more!

    Got questions for our guests? Then call in 323 792 2992. 

    Too shy to call in? Then email your questions mattypradiohappyhour@yahoo.com.

    Stay up to date with all show info at mattypradiohappyhour.com


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    My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship Network with Evangelist Montell Fields

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    Tyson's Bio: The Life and Times Of Mr Tyson C. Since the 4th grade, Tyson has been playing and experimenting with music. He is known in his area of Greensboro, NC for playing the Alto Saxophone. 

    From elementary to middle school he continued to play in a school band. During his middle school year, he experienced reading more sheet music. 

    During his high school year, musically he was shaped in a way that would make him an all- around musician he is today. 

    By the end of his junior year, he had performed in the concert band, marching band, and jazz band with the Alto and Baritone Saxophone. 

    After high school, he went on to college to work towards a degree in recording engineering

    Tyson C has also ventured different genre in a genre. For example, he played with a Latin Jazz based group by the name of West In Mambo(Out Of Winston Salem

    Music to him is like a relationship. Sometimes you just need space away from it and miss it enough to keep doing it. There was a time in his life where he honestly believes that he wanted to give it up for good. 

    These days while performing, he liked to add some uniqueness during the performances. F

    In regardless to interacting with people, Tyson likes to interact with people. He gets a “kick outta seeing people make it in life”

    Tyson’s future projects include making a few albums, making a music video, writing playwright, and hosting events. 

    Ultimately, Tyson C. wants to reach the world and masses with the many gifts and talents that God has bestowed inside of him. He steps towards that dream includes using the networking vehicles like Youtube, Soundcloud, Linked In, and radio/ television interviews. 

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    Tyson Rininger - Aviation Photographer: What sets you Apart in Your Business?

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    Tyson V. Rininger began exploring aviation photography in 1989 at the NAS Point Mugu Airshow. Lacking the knowledge of marketing and creativity, he chose the business name, TVR Photography. As an unestablished fifteen year-old photographer, Tyson worked at local camera stores for the next 13 years while building a portfolio and networking with publications and image houses along with assisting more established photographers for a better understanding of the field.

    In 2001 Tyson became a full-time photographer working with George Hall & Check-6, as well as Zenith Press’ Air Superiority line of calendars and eventually two books, “Red Flag: Air Combat for the 21st Century” and “F-15 Eagle at War”. He went on to work for numerous publications including Air & Space Smithsonian, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Combat Aircraft, PrivateAir, PilotMag and many others.

    In 2009, his career became focused on all aspects of air shows when he spent a year as a wing walker with American Barnstormers. Over the next couple of years he captured an image that would become the icon of the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation and became the first and only civilian photographer to provide the USN Blue Angels with their annual lithograph.  www.tvrphotography.com

    Listen in to find out how you can win your own T-Shirt of our 3rd annual "Aviation Month" banner.

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    SoapMania Welcomes NWA Atlanta Wrestler Tyson Dean

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    NWA Atlanta star Tyson Dean is live on SoapMania

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