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    "Super Typhoon Haiyan: Live from the Philippines"

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    Watch the video of this program and assist our Relief Efforts at:  www.BiblicalHealth.tv/Relief
    "There's no safety anywhere.  Only in God!!"  - Mai Cabaluna Trott This past Friday, Super Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines killing as many as 10,000. 300 miles across, with 195mph sustained winds and 235mph gusts, and pushing a 20ft storm surge, this "largest storm ever" came just weeks after a devastating 7.1 earthquake hit their nation! BHtv staffer Mai Cabaluna-Trott, a Filipino who lives in the Cebu City, safely made it through both catastrophic natural disasters, though her family was greatly affected. Mai joins us Live on today's program to talk about her personal experiences going through both terrifying events, the peace she had throughout because of her faith, AND how you can assist her as she ministers to those in desperate need in her country.
    Watch the video of this program and assist our Relief Efforts at:  www.BiblicalHealth.tv/Relief

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    Death and Destruction at the hand of Typhoon Haiyan

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    Typhoon Haiyan left a swath of death and destruction in its wake this past week when it made landfall in the Philippine Islands. Media reports and pictures coming out of the hardest hit areas near the city of Tacloban on Leyte Island are truely astonishing.  Once quaint fishing villages now stand completely razed, not a single structure remains standing. Join Ken and Beth as they review the reports of the relief effort and discuss what steps can be taken to prevent such catastrophic losses in the future.

    Call in an speak with the hosts at (347) 215-9971 or join us in our online chatroom.  We want to hear from you. 

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    Guided Meditation To Relieve Pain Suffering Caused By Philippine Typhoon Haiyan

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    We invite you along with all your connections to join the Founders of the world's largest weekly, LIVE, global Intention Call  as they lead a global intention call to bring energetic relief to all those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

    Know that when you particiate by listening to this show - ANYTIME -  you help relieve pain and suffering. Please share this show with those who wish to help bring energetic relief to all those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  

    Before you go, click this link to learn more about this weekly, live, free event.

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    Intro music: Hall of the Mountain King Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Outro music: Take a Chance Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Cr

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    Can the Pope Please Explain Why God Sent Typhoon Haiyan to Drown Believers?

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     Pat Robertson can explain it!   Too Soon to joke about the typhoon, but we will on Funny to the Moon
    Topic Flow  ~ It just a test like in the book of Job ~  When people say, "At least your child is in a better place", What could be nastier to say to a parent?  ~ 
     11am PST /  2pm EST  `That's 1100 - 1300PST ON 11/12/13 ~ Comedians Teina Manu, Travis Simmons and Funny to the Moon Too Soon Classroom Crew  - Call in to listen live 818 739-8913, Press "1" to join the conversation. Skype is available or click the link to listen, and the chatroom will be open.

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    America's Three Piece Suit Prophets on Prophecy Headline News

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    Today America's Three Piece Suit Prophets on Prophecy Headline News and with it, major news and events. Typhoon Hainan then and today it was Hagupit and it had the Philippines reeling.  As we find America's Three Piece Suit Prophets are doing well in their fine churches in America, while in Ethiopia, India, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea just to name a few places where Christians are not doing so well. But in all this, be sure; everyone will get their reward; including Christians; both the Tares and the Wheat!   Now finally China has become the Largest world economy, go figure; they have the largest population on earth that is, they use to until India surpassed them.  In Israel and the Gaza strip, West Bank, and the Temple mount the hatred of Jews goes on, with the Jews pushing back. However the rhetoric is full of hate coming out of the P.A. side of the religious war as local Muslim preachers swear "No mercy in the killing of Jews"! While America watches the continuing "stone of stumbling" in Jerusalem and Israel; America has her own troubles.


    The Week Ahead Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, and interviews, call in’s. A jam packed show live, at the moment, and with current headlines and biblical prophecy we see the current trends weekly.


    Show Key Tags: Prophecy News, headline news, Middle East news, America news, Hagupit, Christian persecution, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Palestinian refugees, China, USA, Largest world economy, Palestinian Preacher, Slaughter jews, no mercy, Race war, Ferguson style,


    Go to www.warn-usa.com or www.warn-radio.com or www.wingswatchman.org or www.garden.warn-radio.com for more headlines, top lead stories, Radio shows, and articles.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Tonight Evangelist Anita Fuentes will join Pastor Paul Begley for a powerful "Holy Ghost" annointed broadcast discussing bible prophecy and end time apocalyptic signs of the last days. Also Earthquakes, Dead Birds, Fish, Cows and other mass aniamal deaths continuing the "Hosea Prophecy". Also Typhoon Hagupit hits the Philippines with destruction. Also Israel has just hit Syria near Damascus on S-300 missiles from Iran being transfered to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Also United States President Obama tried a military rescue for the 2 hostages in Yeman, but it failed as 13 people dead including the hostages. Also dead banker number 53 just happened in Belgian as the New World Order continues to control the banking industry and world currency. Also the Pentagon says 6 Guantanamo Bay detainees transfered to Uruguay. Also is Planet X or Nubiru going to come near the earth on March 26, 2016 or Passover? Could this cause the breaking of the 6th seal? These events and much more along with bible prophecy and the Powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    NASA spokesmen NBC Jay Barbree announces that the launch of ORION is to save mankind to create colonies on Mars and the Moon and to save Mankind from the destruction of the earth. Also a Massive and Powerful Erratic Typhoon Hagupit headed for the Philippines. Also a new antibiotic resistant "Superbug" is killing thousands of babies in India. Also more than 1,400 people are being actively monitored for Ebola in United States according to a report. Also a "Massive 600,000 gallons oil spill" has happened in Israel putting 80 people in the Hospital. Also Rick Perry says "If Washington won't secure the border, then Texas will. Also a man in Florida kills his wife, neighbor, and Pastor and is still armed and dangerous. Also Russia's President Putin says "Crimea is Russia's Temple Mount". Also Bill Gates is developing a "Remote-Control" contraceptive RFID implant that can be controlled by your Doctor. These events and much more along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    I Am American Typhoon Lou & Susan Toms

    in Politics Conservative

    This show is dedicated to: US Navy Coxswain Samuel B. Roberts killed during the Battle of Guadalcanal, September 27, 1942.

    Defending the Republic with Annie "The Radio Chick" and Dan, of Pundit Press Radio is an ongoing discussion of recent events, issues and the upcoming elections.

    Special Guests: 

    "Typhoon" Lou Marin is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of I Am American.org and FairTax Patriots as well as the Co-founder of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force.   His recent success as a political activist is attributed to a wide spectrum of experiences from that of a highly decorated United States Navy Chief Petty Officer and Gulf War 22 year veteran to that of a world-class magician.  He also served as Florida’s Co-State Director for Herman Cain’s 2012 Presidential campaign and is a grassroots expert, motivator and huge Article V Advocate leading the charge for the Balanced Budget Amendment for America.   http://IAmAmerican.org

    Susan Toms, Originally from Boiling Springs, PA, Ms. Toms is a graduate of Messiah College and author of a children’s book called That’s My Boy.  She has written numerous songs, the most recent being “I’m Free” and “When You Look At Me.”  Formerly a teacher, she is now devoting her time to writing and taking care of her “boy,” William, who is now 18 and a senior in high school.  https://www.facebook.com/susan.toms.12

    It's a battle of Conservative values and principles in defense of our Republic!

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    OCTOBER 2014 WEEKS #2 -&- #3 REVIEWED: (Part 3: Blood Moon #2)

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    On this continuing series of episodes of the bi-weekly, special reports, we pick it back up with TOPIC #3: WHIRLWINDS and examine major TYPHOON STORMS hitting Japan, such as Phanfone & Vongfong, also considered the MOST POWERFUL TROPICAL STORM SINCE LAST YEARS TYPHOON HAIYAN that killed over 6000 people in the Philippines! We also talk about TOPIC #4: EARTHQUAKES with various 6-Pointers in China, Mexico, Easter Island. Then we chat about TOPIC #5: COSMIC SIGNS OF THE ENDTIMES with the rising of BLOOD MOON #2 of the 4-Phase Tetrad occuring in 2014-2015. Remember, if this is not the fulfilment of Joel Chapter 2 and Acts Chapter 2, of the Prophet Joel and the Apostle Peter, we will not see another Tetrad of Blood Moons, until 2032-33 AD, about 15 years from now! Will we have to wait 15 more years for the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST? Maybe, or maybe not... As we are in the month of Monsters climaxing with Halloween, the SUN TOOK ON THE APPEARANCE OF A PUMPKIN JACK-O-LATERN and we also have several FRANKENSTEIN FILE STORIES to talk about, if we can get to them on this episode! SO DONT MISS THIS ONE! STAY IN THE KNOW! GET INFORMED! Join us today on this live broadcast and catch another encore playing of our special CHRISTMAS VERSION OF COLLECTIVE SOULS SONG "HEAVEN LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE DOWN" at the top of the 2nd hour!!... 

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    OCTOBER 2014 WEEK #2 -&- #3 REVIEWED (Part 1 of 6)

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    Back again from our bi-weekly break and ready to get going with all this prophetic news from OCT WEEK #2 and #3. We start it all off with a special intro of COLLECTIVE SOUL's ROCK SONG called HEAVEN LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE DOWN and examine its amazing lyrics that sound so symbolic of classic CHRISTIAN DOCTRINES such as the RESURRECTION OF DEAD SAINTS and the RAPTURE OF LIVING SAINTS; references to WATER BAPTISM and HOLY GHOST BAPTISM; and other fascinating BIBLICAL REFERENCES IN THIS AMAZING SONG! YEAH!... Then we get into the MAJOR NEWS UPDATES from Week #2, such as TOPIC #1: DISEASES & PESTILENCES with the EPIDEMIC OF EBOLA; PAKISTAN POLIO CASES AT ALL TIME HIGH; ASTRONOMICAL AUTISM RATES; DEADLY GIANT HORNETS IN CHINA;  DEADLY SPIDERS IN MISSOURI HOME; ARIZONA MOSQUITOS; DENGUE FEVER RECORD CASES IN TAIWAN; etc... Then we check out TOPIC #2: SODOMS SEQUEL with CONSIDERING LEGAL INCEST IN GERMANY; LEGAL SAME SEX MARRIAGE STATES NOW @ 30; SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER INDORSES GAY REPUBLICAN CARL DEMAIO; OFFICE NOW EXTREMELY COMMON; etc... Then we check out TOPIC #3: WHIRLWIND updates with Typhoon Phanfone and Typhoon VongFong all hitting Japan, back-to-back! VONGFONG STRONGEST STORM EVER UPON THE EARTH, SINCE LAST YEARS TYPHOON HAIYAN! POSSIBLE CATE #6! .. Then we take a look at TOPIC #4: EARTHQUAKES with 6 POINTERS in Mexico, China and Easter Island!... Then at TOPIC #5: COSMIC SIGNS, we have the STORY OF THE 21st CENTURY with the 2nd BLOOD MOON of the 4-Part series of TETRAD RED MOONS lighting up the early morning skies! ALL THIS AND MORE ON THIS EYE-OPENING, 6-PART SERIES OF EPISODES, starting with PART 1: BLOOD MOON RISING II... GET IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED!... 

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    After Typhoon Vongfong hit Japan the radiation at Fukushima has risn to record levels according to officials at the TEPCO and it is out of control. Also Turkey has bombed the Kurds in Iraq near the Tukish border, but will not help the city of Kobane near the Turkish border under attack by ISIS. Also Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has told the leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement that the Palestinians in the West Bank should "Hound Israel" like the Hamas does in Gaza. Also Scientists at Columbia University have tested 133 Norway rats in the New York City subway and found 18 new virus never seen by scientist before. Also Israeli President Reuven Rivlin calls for "Forcible action against "Silent intifada going on in Jerusalem against Jews and the Temple Mount. Also Nigeria declared Ebola Virus Free. Also President Obama makes a rare campaign trail appearance and hundreds of people leave early during his speech. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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