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    tylenol and autism connection

    in Health

    I'm talking about an overview about a webinar I saw with Dr Shaw about the connection with autism and tylenol. Did you see it? Call in with your thoughts. Did you take tylenol before or after vaccines? Did you take it before or after a toxin exposure. His theory is saying that tylenol sets up the predisposition to be unable to detox. Very interesting stuff.

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    Wife Inheritance: The Perils of the African Culture on Ugandan Widows

    in Culture

    Chime In discusses socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues central to Africa and brainstorms on probable solutions.

    Chime In visits with 2 amazing women working to change the future of Widows in Uganda.

    Ruth Mwagalwa, joins us from Uganda. She is the author of Orphan to Overcomer. Joy Osueke, an amazing women who has been to Uganda on mission trips. These women help Ugandan widows fight the oppression of poverty, illiteracy and cultural stigmas and much much more.

    Would adopting a law modeled after the United States Uniform Probate Code?

    How you can help?

    We encourage listeners from all over the world to Chime In by:

    On Air: +1-347-637-3670

    Facebook: ChimeIn

    Google+: Chime In

    Remember, YOU have the power to effect change!

    You can contact Joy of Care Ministry of Care at: MinistryofCare1@Yahoo.com

    You can donate tylenol, ibuprophen, etc to help these needs.


    You can reach Pastor Ruth Magalwa at: RuthMwagalwa@Yahoo.com

    I'm sure she will appreciate you assistance in any way.

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    Tom Malterre: Is Real Food Making You Sick?

    in Health

    Tom Malterre, author of The Elimination Diet, stops by to reveal how you can discover the Foods that are Making You Sick and Tired. Topics include:

    * How chemical exposures can make you develop food reactivities almost overnight!

    * A crucial digestive hormone no one is talking about but, when suppressed, may be at the root of gallbladder disease, toxicity, and food reactivities. SUPER IMPORTANT.

    * Why hand sanitizers are a no-no, and a natural alternative that does just as good a job.

    * A plant-derived compound that dampens inflammation and reduces pain just as effectively as Tylenol.

    * Exactly WHY eggs and dairy trigger mucus in some people.

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.




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    Sports Palooza Radio Welcomes John Feinstein and Diana Nyad!

    in Sports

    Great guests on today's show!

    John Feinstein began his career at the Washington Post, where he worked as both a political and sports reporter. He has also written for Sports Illustrated, National Sports Daily, Golf Digest, and contributes a column for AOL Sports. Mr. Feinstein currently hosts his own radio show “The John Feinstein Show,” weekdays on CBS Sports Radio. He's the author of Foul Trouble, and numerous sports series including Last Shot: Mystery at the Final Four, Vanishing Act: Mystery at the U.S. Open, Cover-up: Mystery at the Super Bowl, The Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series, The Rivalry: Mystery at the Army-Navy Game, and Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympics. His books for young readers offer a winning combination of sports, action, and intrigue, with Last Shot receiving the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best young adult mystery of the year. Today he talks about his newest book, "The Walk On". 

    Diana Nyad made a splash in 2013 when she became the first person at age 64 to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage. Ask who gave her the strength and motivation to accomplish such an amazing feat, she would say that training helped, but more so, the support of her good friend Bonnie. Realizing that everyone has a “Bonnie,” Nyad has teamed with Extra Strength TYLENOL® for ‘Stories of Strength’ tylenolstoriesofstrength.com and for every story shared, a donation will be made to DoSomething.org to inspire young adults to pursue their dreams and create social change. 

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    Tylenol Escalates Autism ~ Melanie's Marvelous Measles

    in News

    Sallie O. Elkordy, Host

    Guests, Robert Scott Bell and Stephanie Messenger

  • 01:01

    The Know Your Rights Hour

    in Health

    Join Doctor-Attorney-Author Mayer Eisenstein and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips as they discuss whether or not families should openly discuss their alternative vaccine views; a New York court case about whether it is unconstitutional for a school to exclude unvaccinated children with religious exemptions during a local outbreak; a 1987 New York federal case in which the court ruled that one needn't be a member of an organized religions to qualify for a vaccine religious exemption; when being a vegan may qualify as a protected religious belief; whether or not a Rastafarian may qualify for a vaccine religious exemption; whether you should name your religion in a statement of religious beliefs opposed to immunizations; the difference between the theological and legal aspects of a vaccine religious exemption; whether or not it's dangerous to have a home birth; why British pharmaceutical players recently argued for Vitamin D supplements to be licensed and available by prescription only; severval possible ways that vaccines may cause autism, including due to tylenol given to children immediately after being vaccinated; why medicated people may be spreading illnesses; and more!

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    The Meaning Behind Your Cravings

    in Self Help

    Cravings are thought to be solely a physical experience.  The majority of us have spent our lives ignoring the internal cues coming from our bodies; even from childhood we're taught a headache meant we needed a Tylenol, nothing more! The truth is, cravings provide us a colorful picture to what we may be experiencing spiritually, emotionally, and of course physically. 

    Claudette Chenevert also known as "The Stepmom Coach" helps the instant mom create space for herself in her ready-made family while maintaining her sense of identity and sanity in the crazy world of stepfamilies. For more on how to transition from Surviving to THRIVING, one STEP at a time, go to http://www.stepmomcoach.com. 

    Connie Rogers is a 12 yr. Certified Integrated Holistic Health Coach, 

    Expert in toxins that can disrupt our skin, metabolic and endocrine health. Founder & owner of www.Bitesizepieces.net. She is a 37 years Certified Cosmetologist/Esthetician-Skin Health Teacher, Published Author &Wellness Writer, Radio show host, Owner of Reverseage Wellness Essential Oils.   https://www.facebook.com/ReverseageWellnessSpa


    Veronica Taylor is a certified professional coach, founder of Life Leaders Coaching, and Lead Facilitator of Powerful You! Women's Network - SF. She supports women entrepreneurs and small business owners through her 3-step coaching process: Discover, Grow, and Sustain in order to ensure long-term professional and personal success.

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    Small Changes Big Shifts with Dr. Michelle Robin: Food Choices to Battle Pain

    in Health

    Joining Dr. Michelle Robin on Small Changes Big Shifts is Kimberly Kay Mongeau, D.O., DABPMR. Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Eastern Kansas Health Care Systems. Daily she educates patients on gut health and how their food choices impact pain, mood, energy and chronic disease. She discusses how to make smoothies, grocery shop, how to take their supplements for optimal absorption, using spices as natural anti-inflammatories avoiding the known cardiovascular risks associated with NSAIDs and the risk of liver damage associated with the overuse of Tylenol.

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    BEWARE of the Dangers of Pain Killer Drugs - Beverly Nadler

    in Health

    Health Guru, Beverly Nadler, talks about "The Dangers and Disastrous Effects of Prescription and Non Prescription Pain Killers."  
         "The use of opioids -- a group of drugs that includes heroin and prescription painkillers -- is having a devastating impact on public health and safety in communities across the nation.” Director of U.S. Office of National Drug Control
    Do you take Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet or other opioid drugs? They can lead to drug addiction. Since heroin has the same effect in the body as prescription pain killers, an addicted person may become a heroin addict because heroin is cheaper than the drugs. The Director of U.S. Office of National Drug Control believes prescription pain-killers are in large part responsible for the resurgence of heroin. In addition, non prescription pain killers, especially those containing Acetaminophen, cause very serious side-effects, including liver damage, and can also be addictive. Listen to Beverly to learn what you can do to relieve YOUR pain, without taking dangerous, addictive pain killers.

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    Dr Matthew Lieberman: How our social selves drive life satisfaction, self-esteem

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science.

    Dr. Matthew Lieberman's new book is "Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect," and it's filled with fascinating findings on how surprisingly driven we are by our nature as social beings. 

    For example, there's a finding by his wife and research partner, Naomi Eisenberger and her colleagues that taking acetaminophen (think Tylenol) actually diminished the pain of being socially excluded. Lieberman explains, "Our sensitivity to social rejection is so central to our well-being that our brains" react to social wounds (and ways to heal from them) much like they do physical ones. 

    An important underlying point in his book is that self-esteem is not just "from within." It's deeply affected by whether we're liked or esteemed -- or bullied -- by others (which research finds even affects our IQ).

    We'll be discussing many such interesting and unexpected findings on tonight's show, and discussing ways we can each capitalize on what Lieberman has learned from the research.

    Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sunday, 7-8 p.m. Pacific Time, 10-11 p.m. Eastern Time, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

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    Why Gamify? Getting the Most Out of Your Employees

    in Business

    Why Gamify? Getting the Most Out of Your Employees

    With Special Guest John Findlay, Founder of Launchfire which builds gamified promotions and training programs.

    In this episode of Gamification Talk Radio, you can expect to learn more about how gamification helps combat the challenges of modern corporate trainers. We'll show you what kind of results gamified training can draw, and discuss the future of corporate training.

    Monica and John will discuss:

    How to design gamified training programs so they're not just another quiz game
    The future of gamification in training
    Real life examples of the results he and his company have you been able to get using gamification tactics to fill shopping carts, pack restaurants, sell stuff and teach people

    And best of all… they make it fun to do all this stuff!

    About John Findlay:

    John is a serial entrepreneur.

    His background is in corporate training – training management and leadership – and like many of us was concerned with the level of dry, boring training that was being delivered.

    Launchfire was founded in 1999, about a decade before gamification was a buzzword. Over time, their clients pushed their focus from advergames to gamified promotions and training, where they've found great success.

    Launchfire has done gamified promotions for brands like Ford, Kia, Cracker Barrel, Sobey's and KFC; and developed gamified training programs for companies like Tylenol, Telus and Dell.

    Connect with John at jfindlay@launchfire.com



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