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    TWTWTW-That was the week that was (politically speaking)-with a hint of religion

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    Another Friday night and the end of quite a week. The Donald picked an argument wuth Roger Ailes and had some choice words for Megan Kelley. Without The Donald on stage, who will the other candidates direct their displeasure against???  Will they rant and rail against Cruz or Christie???  Will our veterans reap the benefit of Trump's absence???  Will Trump still dictate what is discussed on stage even though he will not be there???  Andof course, how does God enter into the equation???  Call us with your thoughts at 516-336-8510...and bring your coffee.

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    Remember that 60s show? That Was The Week That Was? Well seems like it's apropos for the post Dependence Day  Sellabration.
    We can talk about that House Obamatax vote yesterday. Or that caper to steal the west's blue gold. Maybe that reference to that 10 Miles Square piece of real estate that keeps on growing and keeps on taking? You all can be the guests of TVFM. So come join us and may just one of you just might be our 1000 th caller.

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    That Was The Week That Was

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    Pinch me...do we still have a Union? Ten days of no government. How can we survive any more of this? And all that BS about the Veteran Memorials barriers? No VA benefits? What a poor excuse for a Commander in Chief!!!!! Should he be impeached? Should we show the GOPers to the door?
    How you all doing in your neck of the Federal Woods?  Is there any other earth shattering events happening that you can report? I came across a few. So let's chew the rug. God knows there's enough of it!
    Also at the start of the 9:00 hour, we'll have another Tom Burnett Report  regarding the MT Childhood Hunger Summit held in Bozeman September 23-24.
    So please, come join us.  1 646 564 9915

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    Westchester On the Level

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    A salute to That Was the Week That Was on Friday, April 12th, (TWTWTW-Friday), finds us in review of the local events of the week in anticipation of Assemblymember Shelley Mayer’s arrival at the bottom of the first hour, at about 10:30 a.m. At 11 o’clock, Laurie Puhn-Feinstein, speaking for Junior League of Central Westchester (JLCW), an organization of women from Scarsdale, White Plains, Greenburgh, and Eastchester, who develop projects that address the needs of their community, is joined by James Sutton, executive director of the Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy to advise us of their joint Sunday, April 14, Bronx River Cleanup project they have dubbed "Pitch in for the Parks". We return to issues revolving about TWTWTW-Friday the end of the Puhn-Feinstein and Sutton segment.
    Share your perspective by calling the program at 347-205-9201 during the "live" broadcast time slot. 
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