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    Another New Year...Another Failed Resolution! Next TWT!

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    "Another New Year...Another Failed Resolution!"

    "Is Your Subconscious Fear Causing You To Fail, Even Before You Try?"

    "It happens this time every year.  We set Resolutions, yet very few actually see them through.  Will this be yet another year where you make and then break your Resolutions? The truth is, if you make a New Year's Resolution again this year, you're setting yourself up for failure.  It's not because you are a failure, it's simply because you're not addressing the real problem... fear! 

    Many of us have an inner critic; that little voice inside us that won’t go away. This inner critic tells us we aren’t good enough, we can’t do it, we will fail. What results is a paralyzing fear of failing so strong it   prevents us from even trying. We sabotage the happiness in our lives and never reach our full potential.

    Thomas Gagliano, MSW

    Life Mentor, Author & Speaker

    (732) 266-4952

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    The Serenity Show's Rita Badaloni Hodges on the next TWT

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    Rita Badaloni Hodges, She is a Mother of two very intelligent, well educated young men. A Featured Radio Talk Show Host of The Serenity Show on Blog Talk Radio, A Motivational Speaker, as well she is educated in the field of Psychology and an advocate for recovery. Rita is owner of Serenity's Cab Service, with a goal that is all about helping others in changing attitudes, behaviors and actions through the motivation of seeing others through the demises of life, always followed by a healthier way of living.

    I am excited and honored that I will be apart of "Talks with Tom" radio show ans being able to talk about our young ones and the involvement of parents and where they need to play a part. God will surly speak through us and produce a vital show for all the right audience to hear.

    The Serenity Show



    We are all products of the messages we receive in our lives; messages from peers, media, and friends. None of these messages are as powerful as those we receive from our caregivers in childhood.  Our childhood messages impact the intimacy we have or don’t have, our parenting skills, even the careers we choose. We become imprisoned in these roles, guided by inner voices created in childhood.  Together lets silence those intrusive inner voices.


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    Catherine Weiss from the Morning Walks with the Present Mother next TWT

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    Thomas Gagliano website

    Author of the forthcoming book, THE PRESENT MOTHER: How to Deepen Your Connection with the Present Moment, with Yourself, and with Your Child; Endorsed by the founders of Attachment Parenting International; Foreword by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, licensed clinical psychologist and NY Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent, the book Oprah Winfrey has hailed as one of the most profound books on parenting she has ever read. Where The Conscious Parents encourages us to be present with our children, THE PRESENT MOTHER shows us the most direct, effective way how. Founded and directs the forthcoming Present Mothers CommunityTM, the only social network in the world for mothers actively practicing presence, questioning their limiting beliefs, and doing the program outlined in THE PRESENT MOTHER. To accelerate their practice, The Present Mothers Community provides weekly international group coaching calls called Morning Walks With The Present Mothers Community, facilitated by Catherine Weiss.

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    My M.I.N.D. is made up

    in Lifestyle

    Do you struggle with the thoughts that play over and over in your head? Are you tired of living in the past and want to move forward? Author Desiree Lee will stop by Time with Tinnie to discuss her mission to empower others to think before they do by using her powerful story and taking time to help me tell you what M.I.N.D. means. Here on Time with Tinnie our mission is to reveal, heal, and move forward. Tune in tomorrow by logging on or dialing (917)932-1738. 




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    Breath of Life Counseling Services LLC founder Ed Fernandez next TWT

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    Breath of life Counseling Services LLC was founded in central New Jersey in January 2010 in response to the growing need for highly-qualified support for adolescents and adults in the areas of substance abuse, addiction recovery and family therapy. It has also been an ambition to try and serve an underserved Latino population in this community. We are committed to offering excellent care in individual, family and group counseling. We are in our fifth year of serving clients with DWI's and anger management issues. We have recently become DWI/IDRC affiliates with the Middlesex County Department of Human Services and have been serving Somerset County for past three years. We serve those drivers that have encountered DWI's under the New Jersey state driving laws. The growing population of Domestic Violence has also been an area of commitment for our organization. 

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    Are you S.U.R.E. you are ready for the next level?

    in Education

    There are times in our lives where we are eager to get to the next level. Tonight I am joined by Jennifer Thompson and Sheree Parker to dig deep into the meaning of S.U.R.E.

    On Time with Tinnie, our mission is to reveal, heal, and move forward. It is our goal to inspire our listerners to grow and become the person that God created them to be by sharing the experiences of others to serve as motivation.


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    Light upon Light

    in Religion

    Path to Jannah needs to be explored if one wants to avoid eternal punishment, turture, and sorrow. Light upon Light is the Guide we need - The Everlasting Light of the The Most High - Allah (TWT). Join us as we march towards success, victory, salvation and all the goodness of this world and the Next, in sha Allah. This is the new name for AlQaanitat Show. Pls, embrace it.

    Tonight we continue to pray for Nigeria in the face of threats from enemies of progress. Yaa Allah, help us, in You we put our Trust. Aameen.

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    Noir Unicorn w/ Crys Watson Cuffing Season Continued

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Crys Watson 

    Cuffing Season 

    Last show on TWT 

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    30JK PLUS -- "AALIYAH" -- "Rudeness... SO NOT COOL!"

    in Entertainment

    Join me as your main man, JASON KELLY, brings back Mr. MICKEY MOTOWN (of the ZAPP & ROGER FB Page) as we talk about the Lifetime movie "AALIYAH: The Princess of R&B". Also we will be talkin' about a GOP aide and her bogus-azz comments about President Obama's beautiful daughters. Who is it, you say? You gotta tune in and find out! You are ORDERED not to miss this show!!! Spread the word... this gon' be HOT STUFF, straight up; betta' know it!

    And in case you forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX... COME ON!!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!!!
    347-857-2310; www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE -- FB/IG/TWT: JKFX4LIFE -- follow me; I'll follow you back... you already know that!
    HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP!!!! ;)

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    Removing The Bandages w/Sylinda D Topic: Tumultuous Marriage

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Sylinda D

    The title of the show is:  Tumultuous Marriage

    Topic: Spotlighting author Trinette Collier on her new book Woman On Fire, the ups and downs of a bad marriage and surviving divorce.

    Trinette Collier is an educator, entrepreneur and author from Los Angeles, Ca.   She currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. She received her BA in early childhood from Morris Brown College in Atlanta Georgia. Her new book Woman On Fire is her testimony of how God changed her life after going through a tumultuous marriage and divorce and how she has gone through the fire and came out shining like new brass while overcoming depression, feelings of defeat, being barren, divorced and shamed.

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    Relationship Central w/ Dr and Lady Newells Topic: Narcissim

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Dr & Lady Newells 


    November 6th, 2014

    Is it extremely hard to understand your mate? Is there emotional manipulation and even physical abuse involved? Extreme jealousy, mood swings, mind games and put-downs are just a few symptoms of narcissism. Are you living and working with strangers? Listen in and learn how to identify a narcissist. You may be one yourself! 


    #narcissism #control #relationshipcentral #newellsknowledge #dating #marriage

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