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    What Apps Make Us Happy?

    in Entertainment

    Looking for some new apps to get addicted to? College Girl Weekly is here to give you the low down on Caroline's favorites from her phone and tell you why! join in and tell us which apps are your favorites!

    Song of the week:

    Leeward Side by Josh Pyke




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    email: college.gil.weekly@gmail.com

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    Secret to Developing and Marketing Winning Mobile Apps with Incipia

    in Technology

    Standing out against over millions of other apps is tough and they say the devil is in the details.  Effective apps begin with a specific goal and a clear vision as well as cohesive and functional app design.

    Please join Melissa Birnie on Jan 22nd @3:00-3:30 P.M when friends since the 1st grade, Gabe Kwakyi and Gregory Klein, Co-Founders of Incipia join as our guests. With a mobile app and marketing company headquartered in Detroit Michigan, Incipia's owners share their experiences as a start-up and their passion for technology as they strive to build a portfolio of high-quality mobile products that provide utility and enjoyment to people in their lives and businesses.  



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    Radio [itvt]: "The Essence of Excellence: How to Create Awesome TV Apps"

    in Television

    "The Essence of Excellence: How to Create Awesome TV Apps" at TVOT NYC 2015

    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2015 (December 3rd) session, "The Essence of Excellence: How to Create Awesome TV Apps." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "Making sure the quality of the app matches the quality of the content is one of the most important things a content provider can do to ensure service success. Getting it right is not easy. With so many platforms, operating systems, devices and screen sizes, it's easy for a content provider to get overwhelmed by the challenge. In this session a panel of TV app developers and content providers with successful TV apps discuss what it takes to be great. They will examine what is needed to make a TV app shine, and some of the pitfalls to avoid that can drag it down." Panelists included:

    Colin Dixon, Principal, nScreenMedia (Moderator)
    Helge Hoibraaten, CEO, Vimond
    Martijn van Horssen, CEO, 24i
    Matthew Nelson, Head of Marketing, You.i TV
    Clark Pierce, SVP of TV Everywhere, Fox Sports
    Martin Sebelius, COO, Accedo


    Stay tuned for TVOT SF 2016 June 7-8th!  


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    Marketing Best with Entrepro Apps

    in Business News

    Entrepreo believes that everyone has a dream for an ideal life they want to be living. Everyone has something they wish to accomplish ans somebody they wish to become. We welcome you to become a part with us to inspire the world.Success is waiting for you to become the person you need to become to acheive your goals. Entrepro is here yo guide you to your highest levels of acheivements. Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Diane Winbush is the host of this radio broadcast. To learn more about us, just go to www.nationalextraordinaryprofessionalwomen.com or give us a call to become a member at 727-498-2480.

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    How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Cloris Kylie welcomes 2-times Inc. 500 winner, entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author Tim Fargo to “Magnificent Time.”  Tim shows you how to use Twitter for business growth, and shares his experience creating and growing TweetJukebox, a Twitter management system that is exponentially expanding thanks to the marketing strategies he has implemented.

    If you want to become inspired to succeed in business, you must listen to this interview!

    About Tim:

    A 2-time Inc. 500 winner, Tim Fargo is the author of Alphabet Success and Claimants and Lies and Videotape. He co-founded Omega Insurance Service, which became the second biggest insurance fraud investigative company in the United States. Most recently, he founded TweetJukebox, a Twitter content management system that allows users to spend less time scheduling and more time creating, curating and interacting. He is a citizen of 3 countries and a resident of 4 continents!

    Learn about TweetJukeBox HERE: http://www.tweetjukebox.com/


    Download Cloris’s free eBook with 8 proven ways to expand your client base here


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    in Comedy

    Once again these TWITTER hood rats are back at it...... they are way obsessed with me and Karen

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    100 high school kids Sexting -Hidden apps

    in Entertainment

    At Least 100 Students Involved in Sexting Scandal at Colorado High School.

    At least 100 students at a high school in Cañon City, Colorado, exchanged nude photos of each other on their smartphones, PEOPLE confirms.

    Officials only plan to press charges if “absolutely necessary,” Fremont County District Attorney Tom LeDoux said, adding that it’s possible no charges are filed at all.

    But it could take a month to sort offenders from victims, Cañon City Police Capt. Jim Cox said: “We’re not out to hang every kid. We don’t want the victims to think they did something wrong, but we do want to know what happened.”

    The students involved, some of whom are as young as 13, used “vault apps” to share the photos with each other, authorities said. One such app looks like a regular calculator app, but when a user types in a code, it takes them to a hidden page where they can store photos, videos and other personal information. We explore Apps that you have no idea they are on your kids phone.

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    The Down Low - Apps that helps you keep your secrets

    in Entertainment

    Join Sierra Devi and Alana Evans every Friday night 11pm est on Dollhouse Radio for The Down Low - Everything you need to know about infidelity and being the other woman 

    Plume App and other ways to hide what your up to.

    Plume is an app that hides others from see what your texting and to whom your texting it's not the only one there are others and also other apps that keep your secret life secret. How do you feel about this? Would you use it? Let's chat.

    Join the conversation live at 11pm est call 646-595-4038 and press1 or log in to the chatroom to chat with us live.

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    Renegade Roundtable: Calls, News & Prowhite Twitter

    in Politics

    Tonight Set The Nemesis is hosting the Renegade Roundtable. The plan is to take live callers and have some of the prowhite twitter army call in to get the latest update the epic battle Pro-whites fight on twitter and how our numbers are growing exponentionally!! Also Set will be ranting on topics from Miley "the degenerate princess" Cyrus to Joshua Bonehill-Paine getting 3 years for social media tweets.

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    Give Thanks To All The Sistuh's On FB, YT & Twitter That Are Doing It

    in Education

    Greetings 9Mind sacred Sistuh's of Light, luv & TRUTH, peace, protection, prosperity and most of all wisdom be upon we all and those we love. Tonight we will be going over some twitter and FB post. Not a long show unless y'all want it to be ok.  Let's get it innn....



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    Auto Makers and Dashboard Apps: A Losing Battle?

    in News

    Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto could be in 80% of new cars sold by 2022. Are auto makers fighting a losing battle for dashboard apps? WSJ's Mike Ramsey has more.