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    Twitch Fun

    in Lifestyle

    This would be the make-up time for yesterday. Instead of a book read, I decided to use a broadcast of my favorite YouTubers. :) Markiplier and his best friends. 

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    The Twitch

    in Music

    We play The Rock Sounds of THE TWITCH!!!

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    Amazon to Acquire Twitch

    in News

    Amazon said it will acquire Twitch; Fairchild Semiconductor reducing its workforce by 15%; Uber expands to Tel Aviv; back-to-school shopping means a resurgence of tablet sales and Tivo has a new DVR. WSJ's Mathew Passy on those stories and more.

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    Game Changers Radio Show #150 | YouTube Acquires Twitch

    in Video Games

    Join Shopmaster and MadScientist06 as they host another exciting episode of Game Changers Radio. In Show #150 the guys will discuss, debate, and chat about YouTube Acquiring Twitch for $1 Billion and what that means for gamers on Twitch and those making Videos on YouTube.  They’ll also talk about UFC that releases June 17th and talk about their excitement for that and wether they are looking forward to playing with Bruce Lee.  Shop will break down his assessment of the Houston Texans in Madden 15 and explain how you can win a Free copy.

    You’ll hear all of that and more on the next Game Changers Radio which will be airing live Tuesday May 20th @ 9:00pm est.

    The Question of the Night is something we do every show and gives you a chance to chime in with your answers. You can call in during the show at (760) 454-1156.  Join the debate and call in!


    QOTN:  What are your thoughts of YouTube buying out Twitch?



    1. YouTube buys Twitch

    - What does this mean for Gamers on both?

    - Is this the end of Twitch?


    2. UFC – June 17th

    - Bruce Lee in UFC


    3. Madden Ultimate Team Invitational

    - Winners and Losers

    - Could this be the beginning of more things like this from EA


    4. Madden 15 Player Ratings and Team Projections – Houston Texans

    - Win Madden 15

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    Amazon to Buy Video Site Twitch

    in News

    Amazon.com has agreed to acquire Twitch for more than $1 billion, according to two people briefed on the matter. Tom Ortuso has that story and more.

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    The HD View with Kristen Powers "Twitch" Documentary

    in Health

    Tonight our incredible special guest is none other than the famous and super powerful Kristen Powers, creator of “Twitch” the documentary about her journey with Huntington’s disease, the possibility that she has inherited the same fate as her mother and the struggle about whether or not to test.

    Kristen is junior at Stanford University, created her first documentary, Twitch, following her genetic testing for Huntington’s disease (HD). Kristen hopes that this film will spark international conversations about genetic testing, the implications of making the choice to test, as well as remove the stigma surrounding neurological diseases. She raised over $45,000 using crowd-funding platforms to fund the creation of this film, and is currently circuiting the film on a global tour. She has appeared in major news outlets like USA Today and previously spoke at TEDxTeen.





  • Episode 15: We're Back!

    in Sports

    After a long layoff, we are back to bring you Power-T Talk. The guy discuss their hiatus but tell you to be excited for Season Two of Power-T Talk. The guys talk about the long awaited Nike change, if it actually matter, and what the guys are looking forward to the most about it. They also bring up Mike DeBord and what he brings. Is he actually running the offense or he is brought in as a figurehead? Zack loves Josh Richardson's langing spot in the NBA Draft but doesn't like the Rick Barnes hire. Daniel figures out why. Quick Twitch, everyone's favorite segment, is back! Also, a little NBA Draft talk, some MLB talk, and college football talk as the guys get caught up on the summer in sports. 

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    Overcoming Insecurity, Gaining Confidence & Discovering Passion - Bradley Rapier

    in Entrepreneur

    GROOVALOOS founder @brapier offered his email to listeners interested in #dance career opportunities. Listen to my interview as we discuss:  - pushing past insecurity,  - defining success,  - how the dance industry really works, - and, finding your passion. 
    BIO: An international performer who connects people to the rich and powerful heritage of dance. 
    As founder of award winning group, The Groovaloos, Rapier has directly infuenced the history of dance on stage, film and television with his refreshing mix of storytelling, powerful spoken word poetry, and jaw-dropping displays of physical ability. The GROOVALOOs have been touted as “The Cirque du Soleil of the Street.” 
    As creativedirector and choreographer he has staged special guest appearances for Dancing WithThe Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and grand championship performances on NBC's international competition series Superstars of Dance, produced by Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller.
    He produced & directed An Unprecedented Night of Dance at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, one of the largest live dance events in Los Angeles featuring Wayne Brady, tWitch, Anjelah Johnson, Af?on Crockett, The JabbaWockeez,Groovaloos, BeatFreaks, The LXD, and iLuminate. 
    He is a life coach and mentor who teaches urban dance, history and culture at The University of Southern California. 
    bradleyrapier.com groovaloos.com

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    Talking Paintball With David REAPER Justin

    in Sports

    This Thursday is our Bacon and Ballers show. We are live from famous celebrity chef Amy Jurist?'s kitchen. She will be creating amazing Bacon entrees for you to salivate over while I sample them. LOL. Check out her page at Amy's Culinary Adventures?. We will also be talking about the upcoming Military Assault Gear M.A.G. event at Hollywood Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park? June 14th hosted by Gabriel Casillas?. Actor Mee Kor? will be calling in to say hello and Phil Abraham-Twitch? will be giving us an update about his upcoming event. So, if you like to talk about Paintball and you love to eat Bacon or listen to me eat it, call in and hang with us. 5-7pm PST BlogTalkRadio.com/ShootUsoon  ShootUsoon with David Reaper Justin?  The number for the show is 646 787-8384 or you can use Skype and the call is free. If you are going to use Skype it's audio not video and can only be used from a computer not a phone or tablet.

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    DX12 Will Do Jack Shit For The XB1 / Will Batman: Arkham Knight Expose This Gen

    in Entertainment


    MotoGP 15 to Use Extra CPU Core on Xbox One, Results in Big Performance Improvements

    Lots of 360 games I'd like to bring to XB1

    Xbox One Slim Microsoft's Secret Weapon For E3 2015

    INTERVIEW WITH DEVELOPER David Jiménez FROM 2Awesome Studio

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    Please watch: "THE DIVISION Delayed WTF I See Some Dry Days A Head!!!!" 
    ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npakFsLtq_w

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    Reading of "Rulers of Evil" F. Tupper Saussy by Jörg Glismann

    in History

    This is a VERY important read, because of the visit of Jesuit Francis visit on September 23, 2015.   For updates and to follow please check back at: Click here

    WHETHER OR NOT it’s appropriate for a literary agent to write his client’s Foreword, I don’t know. If I’m breaking the rules here, well, this is a rule-breaking book.  Example. During last spring’s Bookexpo in Los Angeles, I agently introduced my client, Tupper Saussy, to one of New York’s most unshockable publishing executives.  As Tupper articulately summarized Rulers of Evil for him, I personally witnessed the brow of this fearless executive develop a twitch.  I saw him actually gulp. With my own ears I heard him say, “This is a little too extreme for us.” 

    The twitch developed as Tupper was saying “the Roman Catholic Church really does run the world, including the United States government, and this is openly declared in monuments and emblems and insignia as well as official documents...” By the time Tupper calmly reached his payoff – “ And this is good, because it’s divinely ordained” – the exec was staring into space.

    All right, Rulers of Evil is extreme. (Does that frighten you?) It was researched and written during a decade of flight that probably saved the author’s life from vindictive federal authorities.  I wanted to represent this book from the moment I read the first draft back in 1993 , completely unaware that its author could claim the classic Miracle On Main Street as his own. (Tupper Saussy’s identity was not revealed to me until his capture in 1997 . He can keep a secret.)