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    Activating Compassion Radio - Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Claire Candy Hough - Angel Practitioner, Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher, International Radio Show Host, Writer and Author, Claire Candy Hough helps raise the consciousness of individuals. She established her business, ‘Angel Healing House’ in 2003, after her angelic Walk-In experience. Claire Candy helps her clients transform their lives physically and emotionally through Reiki. She marries spiritual knowledge with practical ways that people can live.  She established a spiritual community in Queensland, Australia. Claire Candy holds presentations, workshops, and seminars in addition to her healing work. She is known for her extraordinary ability to channel messages from the angelic realm.  Through her business Angel Healing House, Candy is a published author, of the inspirational, channeled book, ‘Angels of Faith'; and her guided angel meditation CD, 'Letting Go of Concerns and Living in the NOW!"  Claire Candy created and hosts her weekly international Angel Healing House Radio program.  Candy was chosen to be a featured Healing Practitioner for a documentary TV series called, “The Children of the Rainbow.  We will be looking at her work in Twin Flames and Soul Mates.  You can learn more about Claire Candy's work at:  www.angelhealinghouse.com


    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    Soul Groups, Soul Friends, Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

    Join Deb and Samantha for this exciting discussion about our soul groups.  Are our friends, co-workers, partners, neighbors, parents and siblings part of our soul group?  What is a twin flame?  Are we destined to find our soul mate in this lifetime?  Tune in for these answers and more.

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    Twin Flames and Soul Mates-Purging Emotional Baggage

    in Spirituality

    Bring on the issues, patterns and belief systems. How does one deal with them? What happens and what takes place? This is a self help show for healing relationships particularly with twin flames and soul mates Join the Gold Ray Twin Flames

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    Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    in Lifestyle

    Information that has been gathered about Twin Flames and Soul Mates.

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    Relationships - Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

    Twin Flames and Soul Mates. The subject is vast and often misunderstood.
    Does every person have a twin flame?  Is your Twin Flame here on Earth now? Does a twin flame or soul mate relationship always work? How do I find my Twin Flame or Soul Mate? During this show, Daniella will be focusing on the subject of relationships with twin flames and soul mates.  If you have that yearning desire to be deeply connected to your beloved, then don't miss this show. 

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    Wise Taurean talks about Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Wise Taurean

    this episode talks about love, twin flames, soul mates, reuniting, reconnecting :)



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    Divine Twin Flames or Soul mates journey... Is there a such thing ?

    in Entertainment

    Divine Twin Flames or Soul mates journey... Is there a such thing ?

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    Twin Flames and Soul Mates that Do Not Come Together

    in Spirituality

    What happens to individuals when the relationships do not manifest on a continual basis on a physical level. This concept comes up a lot when the challenges of staying together are more than a person can endure. Is there life after connecting in a soul mate or twin flame relationship.

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    Questions and Answers about Twin Flames and Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

     Hello !  I am Aingeal Rose  !  My husband, AHONU and I are Twin Flames. We were re-united in 2006, and have been together ever since.  Ahonu comes from Ireland and I am from America. Our coming together was definitely guided by Spirit and we had numerous obstacles to overcome before we were able to settle in to the life we now live together.
    Being a reader of the Akashic Records, I have been able to answer many questions for clients who are wanting to know if they have met their Twin Flame or a Soul Mate. Some meetings end up as unions and some do not.  Some are easy and some are frought with obstacles.
    You are invited to call in with your questions about Twin Flames or Soul Mates and I and my beloved, Ahonu will be here ready to give you any information we can !  We look forward to it !
    Aingeal Rose has been reading TAROT and the Akashic Records for over 30 years. She runs Group Akashic Records sessions internationally on Universal and Spiritual topics as well as reading privately for clients worldwide. She is the author of 'Tarot for Beginners' and has lectured with her husband, Ahonu, on the subject of Twin Flames and Soulmates. aingealrose.com
    Ahonu is a highly gifted Spiritual Artist. He does readings through art for clients all over the world and is currently spreading his success to include the Spirit of Love Project world-wide. http://spiritoflove.ahonu.com/

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    Spirit Twins, Twin Flames and Soul Mates - Creating the New Reality

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon and Jim Eaglewolf - Spirit Twins - Sunday, 3/9 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time as we talk about relationships in a spiritual sense and how we need to use them to create the New Earth.

    Did you think these three relationships were the same? They are not. Do you think you know how they differ? How they can work together as a soul family? Jim and Sharon will share the insights they have gotten about the true nature of these three relationships and how they can work together in a circle of healing and creating. Why care? As we spiritually engage the changes around us many have come to see the spiritual relationships and connections between people as a critical element in manifesting the energy needed to heal ourselves, evolve and create the New World we are being shown is needed.

    We are choosing topics for the Healing Mirror Holders radio show that allow for discussion with the listeners around subjects that are sometimes controversial; but that we feel need to be aired. We hope to have people who follow diverse spiritual paths join us on air. All thoughts and opinions will be presented for discussion and debate.

    Don't forget to bring powerful mirrors and bright flashlights. No time to hide in the corners.

    Join us! We will see you soon.

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    Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Open Discussion

    in Spirituality

    Do you believe in "twin Flames"? Do you believe in "Soul Mates"?
    Call in with your own personal story or definition of what you feel they are.
    This is an open discussion show.