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    Nats Nightly: Nationals win 9th straight over Braves, 6-1 in Turner Field

    in Baseball

    The Washington Nationals scored four runs on Atlanta Braves' starter Shelby Miller in the first and cruised to a 6-1 win in the series opener in Turner Field. Jordan Zimmermann put together a dominant outings for the second time in a week against the Nats' NL East rivals. 

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    Nats Nightly: Nationals drop 3-1 decision to Braves in Turner Field.

    in Baseball

    The Washington Nationals sent a B-team lineup out for the series finale with the Atlanta Braves and dropped a 3-1 decision in Turner Field in the final regulard season game with their NL East rivals. 

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    Sports With Christopher Metcalfe Part 2

    in Sports

    By popular demand, sports fan & expert, Christopher Metcalfe will chop it up with Mike once again on the hottest sports topics. They're talking Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins, YOUR top 5 ALL-TIME NBA players, the upcoming NFL season, the current MLB season & the tragedy in Turner Field. YOU can also participate by calling (347) 826-9357!


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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast's One Year Anniversary Special w George Turner - 9/2

    in Paranormal

    With GREAT honor, it's time to present Bill Bachman's ONE YEAR anniversary in Internet Radio Broadcasting Special LIVE tonight with very special guest George Turner!

    Over the last year, Bill has had the opportunity to sit and talk to many people within the Paranormal, Pop-Culture and Film industries, it's been one hell of a ride! The staff at Incubi Incarnate Broadcast Network are truly grateful for all of the wonderful people we have had the chance to work with and are truly thankful! So tonight, we raise a glass to all of you and our wonderful listeners. Words can not express how much we appreciate all you have done!

    Always remember......."Keep A Nightlight On!"

    George is a paranormal investigator/researcher and conducts lectures/workshops on paranormal topics. George is also the founder of the Kentucky Mountain Paranormal Society.
    George's interest in the paranormal began in 2001 after a series of unexplained events that was truly unnerving. His investigations and research has lead him to many other people who shared their experiences and introduced him to myths, legends and theories in the field that we call the PARANORMAL.

    Be sure to join the interactive chat room on www.incubiincarnate.com/iiblistenlive!

    Don't forget to get your tickets to Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015 before they sell out on www.MWP2015.com!

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    metaphysis of the bible

    in Religion

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    Dissecting Labels: RBG, Conscious, Black Militant, The Black Woman Is God etc.

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the labels and slogans that are used in the Afrikan-centered community. We will discuss the pluses and minuses of those labels/slogas and dissect their effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Do some of those labels/slogans affect of negatively? Do some of those labels/slogans open up the door for things that goes against the movement? We will also discuss matriarchy vs patriarchy. Is the Black man God? Is the Black woman God? You may be shocked by our observations to those two questions. Join us in this discussion.

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    Bible study

    in Religion

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    in Entertainment

    Law enforcement in America is the only terrorist group black people care about. Through their brute violence toward the public they have created condition in which the people feel the only option to survive is to attack the predator that's killing their children. Is this why the pink elite is scared of the future? What happens when the tide turns? Who will protect pink emparialism when there is no more plantation just a field of angry ex slaves? There is no tomorrow for the wicked.

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    Multidimensional Perceptions & Healings with Kerrie O'Connor

    in Spirituality

    Internationally known, Master Visionary Clairvoyant, Kerrie O’Connor, has the extraordinary ability to “Read” your unique energy field, and like a tuning fork, help you raise your vibrational level so that you can finally attract your heart’s desires. With the help of her Guides and yours, the Angels, Ascended Masters and departed loved ones, Kerrie can tap directly into your soul to allow you to realize and achieve your purpose and passions in life. With loving compassion, Kerrie will work with you to identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances that have kept you limited, and can assist you in letting go of fear and negative thought patterns(both conscious and unconscious) so you can truly live your most joyous and fulfilling life.

    Kerrie’s heart is dedicated to helping humanity Re-member and Re-awaken to their Divine Heritage and Empowerment, in these Miraculous times. To this end, Kerrie has made her services available to all. She offers free readings on her call-in radio shows (check weekly radio shows in left margin) and has several free energetic attunements available for your use on this website. We welcome and appreciate your Donations, to help fund the technology and services required for this work to continue to reach out on a global scale. It is Kerrie’s deepest wish that people everywhere will benefit.

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    EP#3 The Independent Women: is this label appealing or a hindrance to men

    in Entertainment

    Buggsy’s hot topic of the night, is the label “independent Women” appealing or a Hindrance to men?

    Tuesday Night host Buggsy will explore the Good as well as the bad sides that comes with the Label “Independent Women”

    Buggsy will field calls from listeners to get their views. Opinions and experience’s, dealing with the “independent women”

    Buggsy will also deliver the "WORD ON THE STREET" a segment which keeps the listerners upto date with the latest in entertainment, news sports, & fashion worldwide, and "HOT OR NAH" a segment which debuts new music and the callers determine whether or not the song is HOT OR NAH

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    Oh You Didn't Know Radio

    in Wrestling

    On tonights episode of Oh You Didn't Know Radio, we review ROH Field of Honor and the new increased relationship the promotion has with New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Also on line for discussion, is NXT's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament. We will also discuss NXT's newest talent acquisition Apollo Crews as well as the cameo appearances of Johnny Gargano and Tommasso Ciampa. The TNA/GFW Invasion began last night.  What does it mean and how will it affect both companies? We will also discuss the return of Dudley Boyz.  Last but not least, Does Sting deserve to be WWE Champion?


    All of this and much more! Join Toph & Nate from Inside Wrestling as we shoot the breeze for one hour.