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    TURN UP THURSDAY>>>>>>>>CAN I TALK MY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    turn up and im a talk my shit!!!!!! and i am!!!!!!!!!!


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    The Turn Up Episode 26

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    Well we've been gone too long and that is no bueno...So tomorrow we come back with a vengeance for a pre-Turkey day show. So while your making that Mac & cheese, cutting up them greens and getting your drink on listen in @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP @ 930pm 
    So call in and join the party @ 914-803-4939 

    Tommorows topic is still in the works but as always we will bring the TRUTH that only Vincent & Camelia can bring....so listen in

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    The Turn Up Episode 24

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    Come join Vincent & Camelia tonight on The Turn Up tonight @ 9:30 as we go in on trending topics and much more.  

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    The Turn Up Episode 36

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    Well we're back baby! Come join us for a very special episode on Sunday June 29th at 9pm. We will have Ali Kat and Studio 202 production on hand for a live taping of the show. That's right people we gonna be on TV. 
    We will be discussing the increasing blurred lines in society, not the Robin Thicke song but what seems to be the trending asexual push in society. We will also discuss homosexuality, is it nature or nurture. Are we born gay or are we taught to be gay by society. 
    So be sure to tune in @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP or call in @ 914-803-4939 to listen, ask a question or leave a comment. We ask in advance to keep the questions and comments respectful. This will be a constructive conversation not a show to bash anyone! 
    So we hope you join us

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    The Turn UP episode 23

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    Tonight on the Turn Up we discuss relationships    Do you remember how you met your significant other? What did you do to get them then? and, would you do it differently now? Come listen, call in, and share your stories with us on The Turn Up.    As usual we bring our brand of honesty and humor to the show. We will also discuss current events, "things that blew our minds", "take a trip down the rabbit hole" and send out the "Bat signal" for those forgotten celebrities.   Tonight at 9:30pm @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP call in at 914-803-4939

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    The Turn UP episode 18

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    Tonight on the Turn Up we will tackle the subject of FORGIVENESS and what it means to us and a society as a whole.  As usual Vincent and Camelia will bring there common sense approach along with there humor you have all grown to appreciate and love     Do you forgive?.. How do YOU forgive?... So many of us enter into various relationships ((professional, intimate, romantic) without setting clear boundaries as to our expectations or limitations within the relationship. Are you a person who sets boundaries, or are you a person who waits for the relationship to fail in some way,  play the blame game and behave like a victim. Do you forgive in theory or are you an active forgiver?..You express your hurt or disappointment,  You set clear boundaries, and start anew.... Or do you express your hurt disappointment, set new boundaries, and reserve the right to bring up past indiscretions at will?   So come and join us at are usual time of 10pm blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP  call in with comments and/or questions at 914-803-4939  

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    The Turn UP episode 17

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      The beauty of having your own show on blogtalkradio.com is that you can schedule an episode anytime you want. So tonight cause we can we will bring a special edition of the Turn Up. Last week we left y'all hanging without your weekly live fix. We want to thank everyone who listened in to that archived show last week and who continue to support us as we try and bring interesting talk radio. Tonight we will focus on the topic of instant gratification as it pertains to today's youth. Kids today can only be described as the ultra microwave generation in the way they do everything. They don't want it now but right now and will compromise the moral lessons as parents and adults we try to teach them. From sexting to the actual act of sex they show a total disregard to what is right or wrong, they just want INSTANT GRATIFICATION. So come on people what do you have to do tonight besides listen to us at 8:30 pm and once again get a dose of common sense talk that only Vincent and Camelia bring. Oh yeah you can always catch the Love & Hip Hop reunion on the re-run, so don't front on US. We are suppose to just do an hour but you know how we do blogtalkradio.com/theturnup call in @ 914 -803-4939  

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    The Turn UP episode 13

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      After a long wait George Zimmerman finally gets his day in court for the murder of Trayvon Martin. From the very beginning this incident has been racially charged. Zimmerman has staunchly denied that he racially profiled Trayvon when he saw him walking through his neighborhood that fateful night. Interviews of witnesses of the incident and character witnesses have painted a different picture of both parties involved in the situation. Tonight on the turn Up we will use this above case as the back drop to discussing a bigger issue which is racism and prejudice between Black and Latins in America. Why is this an overwhelming issue today? Why do some Latinos have the need to identify with there oppressors? Why do Black people in this country assume most Latin people think there white? And of course we will talk about current events and yes Paula Deans racist ass to!  So tune in @ 10pm tonight @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP  Call in @ 914-803-4939 for comments and questions  

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    The Turn UP episode 12

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      Tonight on the Turn Up we will discuss the language of LOVE. How we are "taught" to love, how you "give" love and how you "feel" loved. What is your love language? How were you taught by your family and friends to love others and most importantly love yourself? What are some of the things that the people in your life can do both big and small to show you love? Come and join Vince & Camelia as we tackle the above  questions by lending our common sense approach to life, love and relationships Call in at 914-803-4939 and comment or ask a question about tonights topic. The chatroom will also be popping so log on and comment so we can give feedback  So tune in tonight at 10pm @ blogtalkradio.com/theturnUP  

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    The Turn Up Episode 35

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    This week's Turn Up Is about FEAR which was inspired by this post, so please join Camelia and I as we give the listeners the TRUTH

    This entire system which includes our government, education system, organized religion & the all encompassing media is all based on FEAR. Fear creates stress which creates disease and dis-ease. When you are dis-ease or uneasy you look for any and everything to escape that feeling, hence this countries dependency on illegal and legal drugs. This system would be able to survive 5 minutes if it weren't for FEAR. I casually watched ABC news the other day and the shit sounded like the end of Revelations...death, destruction, fire and that was just the weather. I wonder in my lifetime will I be lucky to see society grow up or will it all have to just burst into flames before that. The economic system would crumble without FEAR. Think about it for a second when your scared and uneasy you want to be comforted and what better way to feel better than a lil "retail therapy" or a lil "food therapy" which intern feeds this economy. Fear is bigger than everything it's the reason behind out military and ever increasing police state. This shit is mind boggling to me like a never ending cycle of ery

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    Authoress Carolyn B. Pre- Turn up Bash

    in Hip Hop Music

    Come hang out with the Queens, as we start celebrating your Co-Host B-day.  We Turnin up & Showin out.  You definitely don't want to miss this party.  Playing all the music that you want to hear.  Come show some love to your Co-Host as we Turn out the playhouse, and get her birthday kicked off right.