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    The Shakedown Sports Talk Show (Draft Thursday)

    in Sports

    Giants fans join the Shakedown Crew as we discuss topics in the sports world. To join the conversation call (929) 477-2686 or leave comments and questions on twitter with #dashakedown.

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    Bunkhouse Stampede Radio

    in Wrestling

    Gavin from The Casual Heroes kicks off a live late night show with a history lesson, discussion on AJ Styles, wild conjecture about WWE's flagship event, and dusts off the careers of some midcard stars of days gone by that don't get much attention these days. Phones will be open and there's an hour and a half to kill. Tuck your jeans into your cowboy boots and put on the cutoff t-shirt and join the fun!

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    Dalton Oliver, QB, Kentucky Wesleyan 2016 NFL Draft Prospect - College2Pro.com

    in Football

    #7 Dalton Oliver

    Position: Quarterback
    Height: 6-3
    Weight: 190
    Class: Senior
    Hometown: Central City, KY
    High School: Muhlenberg County


    Tuck away at Kentucky Wesleyan is a very bright and productive 2016 NFL Draft Prospect named Dalton Oliver. The quarterback played his final season, amassing 3,108 passing yards for 31 touchdowns and an average over 310 passing yards per game.

    His previous season he set a school record with 3,510 his junior season and played in 11 games, compared to the 10 his senior season.

    Go one-on-one with Dalton Oliver who discusses Kentucky Wesleyan football and his thoughts on a career playing professionally when his collegiate time ends.

    Oliver will share his strengths and ability to our audience of listeners around the globe who crave the unique setting made available by College2Pro.com who strive to enhance the progress of any college athlete with hops of one day playing professional football. 

    College2Pro.com bringing the hardcore NFL enthusiasts the absolute most detailed interviewed and analysis of NFL Draft Prospects. 

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Dalton Oliver on the C2P podcast powered by football lovers everywhere. 

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    Sax Therapy!!! Smooth Jazz & Inspiration!!!

    in Music

    Well, what can I say when I really just wanna play music. This is a short show featuring some of my early songs, I'm very new to recording and I'm really excited about the possibilities! Don't let what you can't do stop what you can do!!! This is what I can do! So far! I also play a couple of songs from bassist Terry Tuck. I really love his music, so check him out. Terry is on Facebook, check him out and support our music as we strive to make your ears smile! Your prescription for smooth! Sax Therapy for your Mind, Body & Soul!

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    UGP Special Reading Twas The Night Before Christmas

    in Politics Conservative

    UGP Special Reading Twas The Night Before Christmas 

    Santa will also be on Periscope live reading the book at 9pm Christmas eve just in time to tuck in the little ones for their dreams of sugar canes... does anyone still dream of those?

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    Greg DeMarco Show - 2015 Year End Edition

    in Wrestling

    Join Greg DeMarco, not Patrck O'Dowd, Breena Ashley, Tony Acero, Steve Cook and independent wrestling analyst Heather Jeannine as they look back at 2015 in a unique and entertianing way, as well as look ahead to 2016.

    Plus, Greg welcomes the man who he believes will be 2016's biggest breakout star, "The Tollman" Kevin Kross. Tuck your chin and listen in as Greg talks about Kevin's meteoric move to prominence on the independent ranks and explores what's next for wrestling's fastest rising star. Show favorite Allie Parker also stops by to talk about her own memorable 2015.

    About The Greg DeMarco Show:

    Originally built as an extension of their daily banter, the Greg and Patrick have become two of the most respected wrestling analysts on the internet. Heather Jeannine and Breena Ashley add their own unique take on the wrestling world weekly as well.

    On top one of wrestling radio’s best guest lists, the show also features appearances by The DeMarcettes, the women’s wrestling’s hottest upcoming talent. former WWE/NXT Diva Su Yung, Heather Lynn, “The Perfect Ten” Scarlett Bordeaux, Joanna Rose, Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna, Lucy Mendez, Barbi Hayden, Veda Scott, Terra Calaway, Allie Parker, Cherry Bomb, Jessie Belle, Leah Von Dutch, Nikki St. John, The Blossom Twins (Hannah & Holly), Wrestling’s Cosplay Goddess & NXT’s “Blue Pants” Leva Bates, third generation star Tessa Blanchard, former TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix and former WWE/NXT Diva Buggy Nova entertain fans on a regular basis during The Greg DeMarco Show!

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics

    Happy Friday!

    This evening we will take exploref the nexuas between immigration and terrorism.  With all of the focus that has been applied to the failures of the U.S./Mexican border, finally politicians and journalists have apparently “discovered” that where immigration is concerned, there are many more vulnerabilities to be considered than only our porous southern border.

    On December 7th FrontPage Magazine published my article, “Fighting The War On Terror Here, There and Everywhere: The San Bernardino jihad attack and the battle inside our borders.”

    On December 6th I was interviewed by Tuck Carlson on Fox & Friends to discuss, “Why was it so easy for Tashfeen Malik to enter the US?” Retired senior special agent for INS talks need for stronger vetting on 'Fox & Friends'

    On Thursday, December 10th I was interviewed by Ed Berliner on Newsmax-TV:  The Hard Line | Michael W. Cutler - Have federal agents focus more on homegrown terror:  Retired senior special agent with the INS joins The Hard Line to discuss the many failures of our immigration system since the 1980s and how that has left us open to possible terrorists entering the country. Cutler wants to move agents from other details, possibly from the war on drugs and have them focus more on homegrown terror.

    All Americans must contact their elected representatives to demand that they act our best interests.

    Democracy is not a spectator sport!

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    Google Reveals Search Quality Guidelines

    in Marketing

    Last week, Google dropped a bomb on us. They released the full version of their Search Quality Guidelines. This 160-page PDF contains all the guidelines Google’s evaluators use to assess the quality of Google’s search results. Why did Google release their search quality guidelines? They say it’s because of the recent mobile explosion these past few years. More users than ever are on-the-go and need answers now. Don’t you think that it will pay off for your website to ignore these guidelines?

    Here’s a new bit of info to tuck into your Google hat – RANK BRAIN – Google is using a machine learning technology that helps deliver the search results – Is this the true beginning of SKYNET?

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    PutYourMoney Where Your Mind Is-Interview with Rich Wilkins Business consultant

    in Entertainment


     Rich is an entrepreneur and consultant to small businesses, mid-size companies and fortune 500 corporations. A graduate of The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College, Executive Program of Strategic Management, he is uniquely qualified and certified to show you how to protect and grow your business to achieve results, improve the process of decision making, adapt to change while creating a healthy vision for the future. 

    Rich is the sole proprietor of “Rich Speaks Now” which boasts an enviable national track record of success working with such companies, organizations and government agencies as: The Coca Cola Company, Center for Disease Control, Kleen Tex Industries Inc., Atlanta Housing Authority, Federal Express Corporation, National Cash Register Company (NCR) Georgia Governor’s Mentor Protégé Program and Dartmouth College. 

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    Walk the Talk to Health & Well Being with Dr Glenna and Mildred Lynn

    in Self Help

    Episode #2: 10 Tips for Building Your Personal Community

    Would you like to build a strong, supportive personal community? Are you feeling isolated and struggling to find people who think like you? Are you having daily conversations that help you feel connected?  Wherever you are on the community building continuum, you’ll benefit from learning about ten qualities that all healthy communities share. 

    Join us as we explore healthy community building blocks such as: Safety and Trust, Openness, Respect, Responsiveness, Collaboration, Relevance, Challenge, Enjoyment, Esprit de Corps,and Empowerment. Movng forward, you'll be able to tuck these ten building blocks in your pocket and apply them to the communities that you are part of or the ones that you desire to build. Wonderful stuff!

    Many thanks to Miami University, Facility & Learning Community for publishing “Ten Necessary Qualities for Building Communities”, which was our source of inspiration for this episode.

    This 30-minute episode is #2 in a six episode series. We hope that you will join us for all six shows and share the knowledge, wisdom and positive energy with others!

    Hosts Dr Glenna Calder and Mildred Lynn McDonald are delighted to bring to you Walk the Talk to Health & Well-Being. Join them for honest, down-to-earth conversations on how to live a heart-centred life, suggestions on how to be in touch with you true self, and tips to strengthen and nourish your soul purpose by building a supportive community of kindred spirits. Get ready to challenge your six senses, shift your perspective, learn new tools ... and enjoy healing conversations peppered East coast humour and flair!

    Airs the 4th Thursday of the month at 4:30pm PST/8:30pm AST.

  • The Cost of Beauty: The Quest for Perfection

    in Medicine

    Let’s Face It, when most of us look in the mirror, we are not 100% happy with what we see. The human body is asymmetric so imperfections can be found and some are more apparent than others. As much as a person has the right to exercise to improve their physical look and health, the same applies with plastic surgery which can change a person’s entire outlook and well-being.

    According the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2014:

    The top five cosmetic procedures were: breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery and facelift
    Not in the topic five but of noticeable gains were male breast reduction, tummy tuck and dermabrasion
    Facial rejuvenation procedures experienced the most growth, as 2014 marked the highest number of botox injections to date: 6.7 million injections!
    Tumor removal is overwhelmingly the top reconstructive procedure performed every year with more than 4.4 million procedures in 2014

    So since everyone seems to be indulging one way or another, let’s talk about it! What is the true cost of perfection/beauty? Join Let’s Face w/Wil Strayhorn and Friends as we discuss the risks, dangers, costs, preventative measures and treatments available. We will talk to experts in the field as well as one patient that will discuss what happened when her plastic surgery procedures didn’t go as planned. Don’t missed this informative, thought provoking episode.