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    TTQ Promo with Guest Speaker John Mason Hodges

    in Education

    Please join us on February 6th as Matt Bianco interviews John Mason Hodges. Hodges will be speaking at our upcoming Toward the Quadrivium event in March. In this show, we hope to learn more about the quadrivium and specifically, to learn more about the importance of music and music education. 
    John Mason Hodges is a conductor, lecturer, composer, and writer. He conducted orchestras and choruses since finishing graduate studies in music at Indiana University in 1983. He also has 14 years experience conducting, composing, and arranging music for churches. He has lectured in this country and in Europe on the subjects of aesthetics, education, and music, and writes occasional articles for various publications on the arts. He held the position of Associate Professor of the Arts and Culture at Crichton College where he taught classes in worldview, history of the arts and reader’s theater; directed theater productions; and was founding director of the Institute for the Arts and Cultural Apologetics. Most recently he has founded and directs the Center for Western Studies, a year-long tutorial program that teaches college-aged students a Christian worldview and the history of Western ideas. He lives in Memphis with Day, his wife of 28 years, and their son Mason who is graduating college this spring.
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    Toward The Quadrivium with Leigh Bortins

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    Join Leigh@Lunch this week as Leigh talks about the Quadrivium and Classical Conversations' upcoming TTQ event in March!
    In the past 15 years, Classical Conversations has worked hard to understand the skills associated with the Trivium (grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric). However, the Trivium is only the beginning of a classical education. After students master the Trivium, they should progress to the Quadrivium, the pursuit of science, mathematics, and music. Beginning in 2011, Classical Conversations has launched an annual one-day conference to help parents and educators examine the Quadrivium.
    Please join us this year in Atlanta (Marietta), GA on March 16 for this exciting event! Speakers will be discussing harmonics, or music, and its role in the Quadrivium.
    We hope this show proves helpful in explaining the Quadrivium and its role in education.
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    Leigh Interviews James D. Nickel

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    The Toward the Quadrivium event is fast approaching!
    This week on Leigh!@Lunch, Leigh will interview James D. Nickel, one of the speakers at the 2012 Toward the Quadrivium event. Please visit the link above to learn more about the TTQ event and register now!
    James D. Nickel holds degrees in mathematics (B.A., Fresno State University), theology (B.Th. and B.Miss. Bethany College of Missions), and education (M.A., Valley Christian University). He is the author of Mathematics: Is God Silent? (Ross House, [1990] 2001) and Lift Up Your Eyes on High: Understanding the Stars (Christian Liberty Press, 1999).
    Professor Nickel has worked in the fields of mathematics and computer science in a wide variety of contexts, including for the US Navy as a mathematical analyst designing code to analyze radar flight data of the F-14A Tomcat and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile. He is currently a full-time consultant and teaches a wide variety of mathematics courses as a member of the math faculty of The Potter's School. 
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