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    Epiphany's House Presents the return of Tshombe Sekou!

    in Poetry

    For many moons he has been a guiding light to those of us in the artistic community,and even those who are not..he is simply a marvelous human being..and so much more..Join me as I sit down and have some great conversation with the wonderfully gifted Tshombe Sekou..
    Artist / Poet / Philosopher
    I’ve opened a window, and have given you something of me…
    It begins as a boarder taking refuge from the world in fear of misunderstanding, but it later becomes understanding itself—poetry.
    —Tshombe Sekou
    It began as something strange, and it blossomed into something familiar; someone called it poetry and I began to strive to be a poet, and the appellation took form; therefore, I have become a literary and oral expressionist. Defining my style in correlation to my affinity for jazz and words has been a work in constant transformation, in efforts of creating new ideas and forms within my exercising of poetic form; I have infused a great deal of philosophical views and improvisational theory within the contents of my writings.
    Ever since perusers have been defining my writings worthy of being poetry; I have dedicated many years in exercising the idea of being a poet. In my quest for greater self-understanding I have become better at expressing myself, which is all I can really vouch for; in other words the therapy is working!
    In the process of development I have hosted a radio venue, released more than a half-dozen audio compositions of poetry and jazz, and appear in more than a dozen collaborative releases, both written and audio recordings.

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    Epiphany's House Welcomes Tshombe Sekou!

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    Beautiful ones..I am delighted to welcome my beloved mentor back on my last show of 2013!  I could not think of a better way to wrap of the year than to celebrate the artisty and humanity of the one known as Tshombe Sekou..It is no secret how much I love,respect and adore him...If you are not famaliar..allow me to introduce him to you...

    Tshombe Sekou,
    a literary and oral-poetry expressionist born in New Orleans, but raised in Israel from the age of
    seven; after joining the US Navy in 1994 (where he currently serves) he became a self-taught
    musician/producer in his efforts of fully exploring the creative capacity. Tshombe Sekou began
    publishing his writing in the summer of 2005, where shortly after he founded the poetry group
    Poetic Voices with founding partners LovelyBrown Female, Mandika Flo, and Amina1389; this
    led to the much appreciated and well known radio broadcast known commonly as the
    S.T.O.R.M. (Spoken Truth Online Radio & Media), and later the critically acclaimed Freedom
    Verse Café. Since departing the radio life, Tshombe has been instrumental in facilitating the
    creative artworks of several poets around the world, has been involved in multiple collaborative
    projects globally; and has published several bodies of audio compositions of poetry and jazz.
    To discover more of Tshombe Sekou’s works visit www.tshombeisms.com

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    vocality ~ 'a listening' with Tshombe Sekou

    in Poetry

    his new release, Thoughts of Sekou is here..and we are called to a beautiful pause..come listen
    we will be sharing the thoughts and conversation..please join us

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    OPWR Presents a night with the talented, honorable Tshombe Sekou. Listen in. Call in. Share a recite. Spoken Word Saturdays promises to be inspiring. Hosted by Ms Creoleness and Produced by Steve McGoy Scorpio Sessions. You want to arrive early for this one! His work. His Words. His Way. One Positive Way

    Phone: (347)857-4113


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    Free The Land . Tune into George Jackson University Radio Tonight, Wed . Feb. the 3rd ,2016 at 8:00 pm eastern standard time as Former Political Prisoner Sekou Kambui is on our educational platform . He is a brother that has been involved in 3 movements : CRM(Civil Rights Movement ); BLM (Black Liberation Movement); NAIM(New Afrikan Independence Movement ) . These 3 movements have influenced greatly the lives of many ancestors as well as current freedom fighters . Sekou Kambui was victimized via the system of racist white supremacy, which in turn sent him to prison . Before going to prison Brother Sekou was involved in SCLC,SNCC,BPP and RNA, not to mention local struggles in his home state of Alabama that is in the national territory of the PG . Join us as this brother discuss his history,case,current involvement in the struggle right now and even his writings . He wrote a pamphlet on the late comrade George Jackson . Get your notebook ready to enjoy this history and all those in Georgia/Alabama stay tuned to be made abreast of a local freedom fighter whom has fought for the people's liberation . The call in number to listen to the show is 347-826-7332 . TSIFL .

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    "My Fathers Suprise Guest Appearance On Greg Speaks Live"

    in Entertainment

    What are you expecting in 2016?  Join Host Gregory D. Anderson Jr of Greg Speaks Live and grab some nuggets of wisdom from his father and featured guest Charles Stewart of Washington D.C., an entrepreneur and community leader sharing secrets on obtaining your goals.  When you hear my father speak you will clearly witness where my communication skills derive from.....it's in my DNA.....#GregSpeaksLive

    Sponsored by: Team Jacah, Texas Anger Managers       Visit www.NationsLearningCenter.org

    Call 641-715-3900 Enter  184784# to hear GSL Automated Playback Blog Line.

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    Join us tonight as we walk you through a recap of the historical 2015 SUMMIT OF THE MOORS that just transpired this past weekend in Jacksonville, Florida. 

    We will be joined by attendees Red Pill, KT the Arch Degree, Taj Tarik Bey, Diallo Sekou and other special invited guests. 

    Tune in tonight at 10PM for a recap of some key info that originated from this powerful pairing of minds. 

    Bring a pad & pen, CLASS IS IN SESSION!!

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    GJU Radio 1 Year Anniversary

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    George Jackson University December, 2015

    Dear Comrades,

    On behalf of GJU (George Jackson University), we would like to express warm felt gratitude by thanking you for your contributions and participation in GJU programs. We greatly appreciate your time and efforts.  Your participation is what makes GJU a valuable and resourceful institution. We strive to always be an institution that is a servant to the people and our communities.

    As GJU continues to expand and grow to meet the increasing demands of the people, we are mindful that we will continue to need your support. As we strategize for 2016, your input, participation, and solidarity in upcoming events and programs would be monumental to our continued success. 

    We are happy to announce December 17, 2015 as the 1 year anniversary of George Jackson University radio program. Our broadcast is usually held on Wednesday, but due to the anniversary marker, we will be moving the radio program to this Thursday (Dec 17, 2015), starting at 8pm/EST. We invite you to join us as we move forward into another year of institutional building and the struggle for liberation.   Please lets also use this time to highlight the work and advancements that you have done in your local regions and around the world, each and every one of you. 


    Sundiata J, GJU- Course Curriculum Developer

    Kilaika B.  Executive Director of GJU-Financial Administration Department

    George Jackson University  

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    I Am A Revolutionary,Be Sekou, Be Jalil! Who Want to be Free for REAL?

    in Current Events

    Join George Jackson University Radio 12/9/2015, Wednesday Night at 8:00 pm eastern standard time as we interview former political prisoner,original Black Panther Party member,conscious citizen of New Afrika, Freedom Fighter, brother of the people's struggle, and combatant of the Vita Wa Watu (The Peoples War): Our Comrade,Brother,Warrior,Soldier,Scholar, and Father Sekou Odinga . Sekou will share with us his account of his history, life, struggle as a political prisoner /prisoner of war, his adjustments to the streets after over 30 years of constant incarceration.  We will discuss how he stills remain strong and continues living this revolutionary struggle not only educating himself , but mentoring and educating many globally as a sought out speaker and lecturer . Prepare to be educated on various levels from this warrior, scholar, and elder of the Black Liberation Movement and New Afrikan Independence Movement. The call in number to listen to the show is 347-826-7332. Sekou Odinga

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    Talking about Status, Nationality, Standing and Community

    in Education

    Summit of the Moors National Broadcast # 5
    Call in # 310-982-4184
    Special guest Bro Diallo Sekou Abur El and Company
    Dont miss this powerful show
    What is your Nationality?
    What about your status ?

    What standing do you have with the Courts?

    When will the Moors get Community?
    1.Moors Equity Group
    2.Summit of the Moors
    3.The Sankofa Initative
    4.Urban Geoponics
    5.Keys to Empowerment
    6.Moors Urban Farms
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    Breathologist Ayo Handy will be discussing Holiday Stress Syndrome

    in Spirituality

    Breathe easy with Mama Ayo at The Goddess Suite

    Tune in 9pm (Eastern) for Thoroughbody Thursday show, sip a cup of Goddess Blend Tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!  Ayo will be discussing Tools to Deal with Holiday Stress Syndrome, by using The Gift of BREATH!!

    Call in 516-453-9075.  http://tobtr.com/8089705

    AYO HANDY-KENDI, THE BREATH SEKOU has over 40+ years of experience as a Wholistic Practitioner, Breathologist, Stress Manager, Life Coach/Counselor, Speaker/Storyteller who inspiries countless numbers in their growth and development. As CEO of PositivEnergyWorks™,  she is also renown as the founder of Optimum Life Breathology™, Trancendence Breathwork and the founder of Black Love Day. Host of "The Sage-ing Baby Boomers Show!!" Connect with Ayo offline at 202-667-2577