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    Fear Is Not the Problem - Love Is the Problem.

    in Entrepreneur

    Say what??? How could love be a problem?

    What's problematic is how little we do it, and how little we believe that it really makes a difference.

    Come learn how to start actually giving yourself the gift of self-love, and what that does for your life will turn everything on its head ... for the BETTER!

    I am transitioning into posting these talks on my website at www.TruVoiceCommunications.com/truemessage, so I invite you to come over there to hear the rest of this talk, and to become part of a community of those who want to connect, live authentically, and do that through self-love, honesty, fun, humor, sharing, openness. I am going to be providing conversation space in a private Facebook Group, so once you sign up with the Blog Talk on my site, you will be invited to join the Facebook Group.

    In the meanwhile, enjoy this episode of TruVoice, True Message!

    Love and Joy,

    Lori Kirstein

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    Judith A. Yates: True Crime Author, Journalist, & Criminologist

    in Current Events

    Judith A. Yates: True Crime Author, Journalist, & Criminologist

    Award-winning true crime author and criminologist Judith A. Yates has been employed in law enforcement for over 25 years. She is the author of

    When Nashville Bled: The untold stories of serial killer Paul Dennis Reid


     "The Devil You Know: The Crime They Said "Can't Happen Here"


    and a crime prevention workbook, "How to Recognize the Devil." Ms. Yates has lectured across the country on crime. She has attended law enforcement schools across the U.S.


    She has worked in loss prevention, the Sheriff's Department, the federal prison system at each capacity (minimum security to maximum), as a private investigator, and as a criminal justice professor/instructor. She is also a true crime freelance writer for several online publications.

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    the true word.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, monday nite watchmen report, with me and barney, so come in and find out were u r at in these end days, amen and God bless , see you there at the round table at 9:00 central time.

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    Gods true life line.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, sunday service  with barney from albuquerque new mexico. as he finishes off his segment about once saved always saved 14 part series. so dont miss out on the true word of God , amen and God bless all and happy holidays.

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    Walking Away From "the Seduction of Inadequacy”

    in Entrepreneur

    This now-famous phrase of new Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o's, "the seduction of inadequacy" is a powerful one. We do tend to move into commiseration and companionship with one another about our inadequacies far more than we do into the lasting relationship with our true strengths.

    On this first episode of "The TruVoice, True Message Show", I will be exploring the velvet trap we tend to fall into, as well as some inspiring and transformational attitudes and practices we can use to divorce that seductive, esteem-killing lover.

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    Done With Trying Too Hard!

    in Entrepreneur

    Do you know the frustration of feeling as though you have worked too hard for too long and haven't seen enough transformation?


    What if you are working too hard? What if you are missing a specific kind of balance that comes from allowing, or even --- gasp! ... from ease?

    Listen to "TruVoice, True Message" next Monday, March 31st at 8PM, to explore transformation through the balancing of the two wings of healing flight stirve-and-allow, give-and-receive, and how crucial - and successful - it is to stop doing everything about our healing so relentlessly "right".

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    Blacks taken as slaves are the TRUE BIBLICAL HEBREWS

    in The Bible

    I have been saying this for over 10 years!!  The world is finally admitting the hidden truths of the Holy Bible.  Stay up Jehovah's chosen people and live free in his grace!  Read Deut. 28:68 for more.

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    the true gos[al of God.

    in Christianity

    hello everyone and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, sunday service with brother barney from new mexico. as he contues his segment on once saved always saved. so dont for get to come in tonight. and hear the true word of God, amen and se u there @ 9:00 central time. amen and Godbless

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    the true gospal of God.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line minstrys. friday night @ 9:00 central time, with me nancy and sister judy, as we share the true word of Good and reveal the truth and nothing but the truth by Gods truth we will be set free amen so dont miss out on the word. amen and God bless, and we will see you there.

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    Can you love you - fat and all - just as you are? (Hint: Yes. You Can.)

    in Entrepreneur

    Tonight we are talking with Jeanne Courtney, MFT, San Francisco Bay Area Feminist Psychotherapist and proponent of size acceptance, and Health At Every Size.

    We women have a terrible time with shame, self-judgment, comparing ourselves to one another - all because of the emphasis we put on how our bodies look. We are "supported" in this delusion by all kinds of messages that keep us so in thrall to our imagined defects, we give precious little attention and energy to what is important: creating lives of purpose, joy, love and true identity as the embodiments of goddess energy that we truly are.

    Jeanne Courtney brings us new ways of:

    Understanding what "fat" doesn't mean in terms of health
    Seeing our misunderstandings in such a way that we can start to let ourselves off the hook
    Practicing self-love of the body just as it is.
    ...and much more.

    Her style is warm, humorous, inviting, and clear, and I know that you will love listening to this interview as much as I did conducting it. She is a treasure, and my dear friend, and I am thrilled to offer this interview to you. Please do share it, and bring others to this conversation.

    And remember to come to the show every Monday night at 8PM Pacific, and JOIN THE CHAT where you will find community and communication.

    Blessings and Joy!


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    Gods true life line ministrys, the true gospal.

    in Christianity

    hello everyone and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, monday night watchmen report, with me connie and brother barney as we bring the news from around the world so dont miss out come in and know were u are at in these end days amen . and God bless, see you there.