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  • 01:51

    Truther Talk Episode 47: Truth and Courage!!

    in Politics

    In Truther Talk Episode 47: Truth and Courage.. April and Virstyne talk to the one and only, Bob Tuskin.   Bob is an activist and radio host, that has a radio career spanning back to age 15.  The eternal student of economics, science and the arts.  An organic gardener, he seeks a higher form of wisdom and works hard to ensure a better place for his children’s children. This enlightening interview gets into current events, Syria, HIV testing fraud, Vaccination fraud, 9/11, the Truth Movement and the awakening process itself.. What does it take to be awake? Bob's fearless form of activism confronting public figures like Penn and Teller, Rudy Giuliani and more are one of his unique characteristics that is explored in this not to be missed interview.
    To find Bob, his work and radio show, go to: http://www.bobtuskin.com/
    Until next time...
    Peace, truth & love,
    TrutherTalk http://truthertalk.com/

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    Truther Talk Episode 56: The Return of the Conspiracy Realist!

    in Current Events

    In Truther Talk Episode 56: The Return of the Conspiracy Realist, April and Virstyne bring back resident funny man and friend, the Conspiracy Realist, Liam Scheff.

    Liam joins the gals to talk about everything from his ground breaking book, 'Official Stories', Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, "globalist whore" Angelina Jolie, the energy crisis, Fukishima and more.. 

    Liam is an author, artist, investigative journalist, radio talk show host and public speaker.  He is co-host of the Robert Scott Bell Show on Natural News Radio: 


    And host of The Energy Show with Liam Scheff which can be found at:


    His books, articles, artwork and more can be found at:  


    Until next time..

    Peace, truth & love,

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    TT Episode 46: Evolving or Devolving Through Technology!

    in Technology

    In Truther Talk Episode, 46: Evolving or Devolving Through Technology, April and Virstyne entertain the pros and cons of modern technology. 
    In the first segment while April is away, Virstyne invites frequent guest, Mr. Conspiracy Realist, Liam Scheff to talk peak oil.  Liam's essays, articles, art and books can be found at his website: http://liamscheff.com/.  To listen to Liam's new radio show on Truth Frequency, check the The Energy Show at: http://truthfrequencyradio.com/energyshow/.  
    In the next segment Virstyne welcomes, Jordan Eske to talk computers, facebook and the internet as being both a blessing and a curse.  Jordan runs a website and blog which can be found at: http://localmarket.us/.
    April returns from her night job as the New World Order fighting kitty to help Virstyne close out the show.
    Until next time...
    Peace, truth & love,

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    Truther Talk Episode 52: Valentina the Ghost Hunter!

    in Education

    In Truther Talk Episode 52: Valentina the Ghost Hunter, April and Virstyne ring in the Halloween spirit with a real life ghost hunter.  
    Valentina Marie Lomborg joins the conversation to discuss her own experience with the paranormal starting at the age of 13 after encountering a poltergeist.  Later a traumatic brain injury at the age of 23, would heighten her psychic abilities and her journey into the paranormal would increase.
    Today Valentina works in Los Angeles using her special abilities and background in forensics to conduct investigations into the paranormal.  She is a frequent writer for 'Haunted' magazine and can be located at the following website:
    Until next time....
    Happy Halloween,
    With peace, truth & love,

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    TT Episode 48: HEMP!! The Conspiracy Theory or Reality!

    in Education

    In Truther Talk Episode 48, HEMP!! The Conspiracy Theory or Reality! April and Virstyne invite back their favorite correspondent Sara Sotomayor to introduce this show where the importance of industrial HEMP, Medical Cannabis and more are discussed.  Find more about Sara at: 
    The question arises, is it a Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Reality that there has been an active effort by the US Federal government to withhold the importance of this valuable herb? 
    Activists Jeanette Perez and Patrick Moore join the conversation to answer these questions and discuss their latest initiative to get California up to speed with the rest of the country and finally legalize the life saving plant for good.  To join the fight and learn more about their efforts, check out:
    You can also find Patrick, his work on holistic healing and health freedom at: 
    Until next time.. get involved and as always...
    With Peace, truth & love,
    Truther Talk

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    Exclusive interview with Dr. Rima Laibow!

    in Health

    Encore of TT, Ep 22, The Elite's Dirty Little Secret.  In the first segment an excerpt from Forum for the Future, Planned-Opolis cities, is followed by a brief analysis from fellow truth seekers, The Truther Girls.    Second segment is greeted by the one and only Dr. Rima Laibow.  Lending her knowledge on vaccines, GMOs, Bill Gates, Agent Orange, Codex Alimentarius and the true power of the people.     Find Dr. Rima: drrimatruthreports.com.   Peace, truth & love, TrutherTalk truthertalk.com  

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    TT Episode 39: NSA, Suicidings, False Flags... Oh my...

    in US Government

    In TrutherTalk Episode 39: NSA, Suicidings, False flags... Oh my... April and Virstyne bring back youtube sensation and investigative journalist extraordinaire, Brendan Hunt.   In the first segment April and Virstyne discuss internet censorship and the late Aaron Schwartz.  Was the untimely death of this truth activist another suiciding?   In the second segment while April is away, Virstyne talks to Brendan about his continued Sandy Hook investigation as he provides her with exclusive, never before heard information on his findings from his trip to the scene of the incident.     They also discuss his in depth investigation of the equally suspicious Boston Bombing.     Whistleblowers, the NSA, internet activism, false flags and surviving the Matrix are on the table in this uncensored, fireworks show.. not to be missed!   You can find Brendan's work at his website: http://www.brendanhunt.com/   Until next time..   Peace, truth & love,   TrutherTalk   http://truthertalk.com/

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    Truther Talk Episode 49: Jane of All Trades!

    in Health

    In Truther Talk Episode 49: Jane of All Trades! April and Virstyne talk with the multi-faceted Jessica Wiehle. Jessica is a Truther Talk friend and a natural holistic mom.  She runs her own business Hygieia apothocary, an online store that sells her own unique blends of essential oils for health, balance and wellness.  They are also an excellent source for natural bath and body and skincare products.  She is an organic gardner, Hot yoga instructor and extremely passionate about teaching others the art of self healing.   Her website can be found at http://www.hygieiaapothecary.com/.   Be sure to listen in for a 20 percent discount code at Jessica's store provided only to Truther Talk listeners. Until next time... Peace, truth & love,
    TrutherTalk http://truthertalk.com/

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    Truther Talk Episode 44: Back 2 School 2013!

    in Education

    In Truther Talk Episode 44: Back 2 School 2013! April and Virstyne talk vaccines... vaccine mandates, exemptions, dangers and individual rights.
    In the first segment they discuss the anti-health freedom, pro-big pharma bill California AB2109 with vaccine truth activist, Dawn Winkler.  Dawn gets into what the vaccine laws presently are in California and what it may look like in the future.
    For more information on this bill and Dawn's work with the NVIC / National Vaccine Information Center go to: 
    -NVIC: http://www.nvic.org/ and
    -Californian's Against AB2109:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/393039350720224/
    In the next segment die hard truth activist from NYC, Sallie Elkordy, takes a break from her busy activism schedule to discuss the latest in New York on the anti-parental rights, vaccine bill, A00497.
    Please join Sallie's campaign to ban all vaccines at:  http://billiontoddlermarchforsurvival.blogspot.com/
    Support her run for NYC Public Advocate on facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sallie-O-Elkordy-for-NYC-Public-Advocate/587347554614900
    And listen to her radio show at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/themaryandsallieshow
    Educate before you vaccinate.
    TrutherTalk: http://truthertalk.com/

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    Comedy & Tragedy Revisited!

    in Comedy

    Encore presentation of Truther Talk, Episode 9: Comedy & Tragedy, April Boden and Virstyne Henry continue to follow their bliss by welcoming exciting celebrity guests.
    Woody Allen, the famous filmmaker is not a guest on Truther Talk but his reptilian doppelganger, Wood-Yi Allen is.. April interviews this strange guest while Virstyne is off dealing with a facebook troll.
    At the half hour, the ladies welcome Irish actor Liam Neeson.. the repitilian doppelganger anyway.. as he talks about his new films Taken 2 and Hungry Hungry Hippos in Candyland...
    Investigative journalist, Liam Scheff, co-host of the Robert Scott Bell on Natural News Radio and author of Official Stories drops by late in the show to talk about his new youtube series Liam in Three and give his take on new film, Batman: the Dark Knight Rises.
    The show ends on a tragic note as the news of the Colorado massacre is discovered.  Violence in film, the Military Industrial Complex and the desentization of America are examined.
    To find out more about Liam Scheff and watch his new series on youtube, check out links below: http://www.youtube.com/user/liamscheff http://liamscheff.com/about/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/147756134X
    Peace, Truth & Love, Truther Talk

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    Truther Talk Episode 40 Boston Bombing, Peak Oil and You!

    in US Government

    In Truther Talk Episode 40, Boston Bombing, Peak Oil and You, April and Virstyne bring back the Conspiracy Realist, Investigative journalist and author, Liam Scheff.
    Always with a bit of spice and laughter, Liam discusses the official story of the Boston Bombing and how this false flag... that's right.. I said false flag... affects the geo-political climate, the peak oil crisis and maybe the entire planet as we know it.
    You can find Liam's books at amazon and read his essays at http://liamscheff.com/.
    Listen to him on the radio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liamscheff and http://radio.naturalnews.com/Archive-RobertScottBell.asp.
     Until next time..
    Peace, Truth and Love,
    Truther Talk