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    Wake up stories

    in Politics

    Call in and share your wake up story with us. Karen and Donnie will be on the air from 10-12pm EST sharing theirs with the Real Truthers out there. 

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    dry run

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    just a test

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    The Rise of the Police State

    in Politics

    On tonights show, we will cover the Police State. Who funds it, why aren't cops ever held accountable? Privitized Prisions, Check Points, Homeland Security and more. 

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    Truthers and Birthers

    in Politics Conservative

    This weekend is the big 9-12 March on Washington. We'll hear, live, from a protester in D.C. to learn what's going on. Also, we'll talk about birthers and truthers.

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    Turbulent Times 1/28/15 - episode 2

    in Current Events

    Brian and I are going to try again to do a show.  We're both novices at this so please bear with us. 

    We have some interesting updates on truthers revealing themselves as shills,

    Plus current events and general conversation.


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    Who Are They and What Are They Trying to Hide?

    in Health

    No matter how much They try to cover-up; brave Whistleblowers are stepping forward and telling Us, the Truth.  The recent election has begun to bring out the TRUTHERS about how we are being deliberately deceived.

    Join us as we explore the two books by James Risin, who is being threatened with an indefinite jail term because he will not reveal his WhistleBlowing Sources who revealed the Truth about the Bush and Obama cover-ups. 

    The lack of promised transparency, is causing a massive WakeUp call for the people who are becoming less afraid to speak-up.

    We hope that BioAcoustic Profiles that expose the Truth will lead the way to Freedom and Truth; the originating foundation of America.


    Sound Health site

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    Originally started during Summer 2013 with Thomas Witt, executive director, Equality Kansas the largest premier statewide organization for the LGBT communities.

    Program Summary: 17 Dec 2014

    Segment Summaries:  1st Hour - “This Way Out” the international gay and lesbian radio magazine. (30 min.) Fun with the Eagle, the hummer and the "Last Comic Standing"; three new books explore three disparate parts of the LGBT world; dozens of naked men are humiliated at a Cairo gay bathhouse crackdown, thousands protest E.U. sanctions over Gambia's anti-LGBT laws, English and Welsh "partners" finally get married, Seoul's mayor bows to human rights pressure, and the I.O.C. bans bias against the L-G-B but not the T.

    Then Amanda Marcotte’s outstanding “RH Reality Check” from the vital news web site RH Reality Check. "On this episode of Reality Cast, Kat Stoeffel tells a story that shows how hard it still is for people to deal with sexual assault appropriately. In another segment, I discuss how the UVA story is causing the mainstream right to become a bunch of rape truthers, and parents in Northern California throw a fit over sex education."

    2nd Hour: Naomi Fowler's Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network and TacklingTaxHavens: In the December 2014 Taxcast: how mafia is corrupting democracy at the heart of Europe in Italy's capital city of Rome. Also: the #LuxLeaks whistleblower is arrested and much, much more. (30 mn.)

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Amnesty Fight Club

    in Politics Conservative

    Jonathan Gruber was an ObamaCare architect who helped draft the law. This is a fact regardless of whether it's currently convenient for the Left; Obamerikastan now out of the personal freedom top twenty; Conventional wisdom finally acknowledges that the Israeli-Palestinian "two-state solution" was never alive in the first place; Don’t make amnesty a battle between Congress and Obama, make it a battle within Congress?; Encouraged by black racists like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and other agitators, too many see rioting as a black entitlement; and Republicans have to get along with each other if we’re going to, you know, win in 2016.

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    911 Truthers are idiots!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    Lets get it on!

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    Franklin Coverup -Ted Gunderson, John W DeCamp, Sex Ed USA -Alfred Kinsey

    in Radio

    From Ted Gundersons website along with other research I review The Franklin Coverup. Finders Group (allegedly a CIA front, sponsored kids on milk cartons) distributes children to boystown representitive and Omaha, NE Mayor Lawrence aka Larry King to mindcontrol and prostitute children to Paedophiles in high places across the country.

    Thanks to the work of Gunderson and Author John. W. DeCamp the scandal was revealed. Recent busted paedophile Gerry Sandusky or Penn State was also caught up in the dragnet but forgotten about apprently until he was finally caught. This is a problem that happens more than some would like to admit.

    Theres also other cases where 2 "autistic truthers" were busted for downloading child or a pirating web site or planted in emails. Also heard by Luke Rudowski in their attempt on him (Failed) What what you click and download. Misery Loves company. Nothing more demeaning to your message than a charge like this. Check out/google both Brian Hill and Andrew Rose. There are groups for both if you feel you can help out. This we young kids with no history of this behavior presently in Jail for the worst of crimes. Rose intended to download music. Hill had a picture of a 10 year old stranger on his phone. (Not nude) That's all the details on that I can remember Kitty Wolf & Eva Mermer Gadzinski can be contacted about this issue on Facebook.

    Guest Call in # (347) 945-5867 to listen while show is live. Press 1 to speak to host

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    The Ignorance Equation-Nothing is Real, Not Even This Episode!

    in Politics Progressive

    Did the moon landing really happen or was it filmed on a secret soundstage out in the desert somewhere? Did Obama have the CIA kill Robin Williams? Are Bigfoot and our Secret Lizard Overloards controlling our minds with Subliminal Messages broadcast during American Idol? Find out this Sunday as we talk to Author A. Alexander Stella, about his book "How And Why I Started Brewing My Own Colloidal Silver", The Zeitgeist movement, and the many conspiracy theories we Americans love to believe.

    Plus "The Paranoid News" with Duane The Honey Badger.

    So join us this Sunday for all the Digital Hokum you can cram into your Delusional Little EarHoles!


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