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    Truth in the A.M.

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    Join the Ladies of Truth Be Told at 7am for another morning filled with HOT topics and current events. Click link or call into (718)664-9884

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    Stand For Truth Radio

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    Please join your host, Susan Knowles with guest Lee Stranahan, on Monday, April 20 at 6:00 pmPT/9:00 pmET. 

    Lee is producer & host of Brought To Light, a podcast that uncovers & untangles stories that have been buried by the media.

    He's a pioneer in digital media who has over  twenty-five years of experience in broadcast production, education and independent media as a producer, director and teacher..

    He's been a contributing writer and reporter for two of the top news sites in the world, the liberal The Huffington Post and the conservative Breitbart News.

    We will be talking about Lee's career at Breitbart News and what led to his eventual departure from the organization subsequent to the death of his friend, Andrew Breitbart. 

    We will also be discussing his trip to the Middle East to cover the Syrian Christian refugee crisis and how this experience impacted him. In addition, we'll discuss Grover Norquist, Benghazi and other current political issues, including the declared presidential candidates for 2016.

    You can call in with questions or to comment at: 347-205-9620 

    Join your host/producer Susan Knowles

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    The Portal of Truth

    in Spirituality

    Portal of Truth

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    The Real Truth

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    The Real Truth is Jesus Christ living a perfect life but carried the sins of world to the cross where He died to redeem us from the wrath of God the Father. After three days in the tomb He rose from the dead and now sat on the right side of the Father God. One day He will return to bring born again believers home to God the Father. I hope you will be in that homegoing my friend. The Holy Spirit lives inside of every Christian. I love you!

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    Can we just talk?

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    Infomation first: Call in or listen in 646-668-8948
    Please visit and sign the guestbook at truth-be-told-ministry.com
    Prayer call on THURSDAYS at 6pm call in 712-432-6100, 19365221#

    Can we just talk, was phrased by the late Joan Rivers. Today I want to talk about EVERYTHING! Not proclaiming to know anything except Jesus Christ our Lord. Let's talk about our world today, let's talk about our own personal thoughts and let's also talk about Jesus.


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    The Truth About Women and Boundaries

    in Women

    Women often struggle with boundary issues. And this has become the reason for much of our stress, pain and anger in our relationships, careers, friendships and parenting. Join us as we discuss the truth about boundaries and how we can free ourselves from this reoccuring struggle. 

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    Totally Driven Author Spotlight - Truth Devour

    in Entertainment

    Totally Driven Radio's Sick-Nick sits down with author Truth Devour to talk about her current seres, what she has in store for the future, and what it's like to connect with the fans.

    From the Enigma Series comes the Contemporary Romantic Trilogy by author Truth Devour. Wantin, the 2015 winner of the LA Book Festival Romance category is the first book in the trilogy that will get your heart pumping from the start.

    This is no ordinary love story. ‘If it feels so good loving the wrong person, imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you love the right one.’

    Wantin, Unrequited & Sated By Truth Devour www.truthdevour.com

    With graceful, effortless writing author Truth Devour's enigma series brings to life the contemporary romantic trilogy Wantin, Unrequited & Sated. There are no limits when it comes to a person's search for true love. This story feels more than real and stays with you long after the last page has been read.

    Wantin, the 2015 winner of the LA Book Festival Romance category is the first book in the trilogy that will get your heart pumping from the start.

    This is no ordinary love story. ‘If it feels so good loving the wrong person, imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you love the right one.’

    Do your imagination a favour. Wantin, Unrequited & Sated By Truth Devour




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    The Last Voice For Liberty: 4/20 Edition

    in Current Events

    Tonight on The Last Voice For Liberty, The Mouth, Lee Peer really does return LIVE on this special episode! Join him as he celebrates the LAST true American holiday(only because the government has no involvement), 4/20. This won't be your typical show telling stoner stories, but a history of the plant, the medicinal benefits, the ridiculous prohibition, and what lies in America's future as far as Cannabis is concerned. Also, The Jade Helm/Chinese/Wal-Mart closing connection, are we dividing our selves, Susanne Posel and much, much more, including your calls in the second hour! All on the #1 talk radio show on Monday nights, THE Last Voice For Liberty!

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    Truth Be Told Radio

    in Religion

    Truth Be Told Radio is a conservative Christian radio show that features teaching and preaching from a biblical perspective.Truth Be Told Radio is also a variety show with a unique blend of special guests, humor, critiques,sermons, clips, news, and satire. 

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    Qul Alahiym presents the Truth Shall Prevail

    in Religion

    Tonight we will conclude our current study, What Does the Bible Teach About...Authority? Looking out at the world in which we live, one thing is absolutely certain, the Most High is not in it; the question humanity has before them is WHY? In a world with a multitude of religious denominations, all of which professing to know the Supreme Being & Almighty Creator of the universe, where is the evidence that there in fact is a Mighty One? Furthermore, what does that concept even mean...Mighty One?

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