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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Human Sex Trafficking Survivors and the Ones Who Love Them!

    in Self Help

    As we conclude the month of January and Human Sex Trafficking Awareness Month we want to work with families and loved ones who have to endure after effects of trauma and behaviors from the survivor/victim's experience. Not only does it affect the victim it effects the entire family and others they interact with. 

     We will identify many types of behaviors that you will encounter and learn how to identify and respond properrly how to respond and support. Some behaviors and topics we will address include; survivor's guilt/remorse, dynamics of a family, expectations of the victim and other's, trauma, guilt, grief, emotional baggage, physical scars, acting out, depression, suicide, sexual promiscuity, etc. 

    And last but definitely not least we will discuss the importance of counseling for the survivor and the family or support system surrounding the truama impacted on everyone involved. How does the family cycle continue to manifest itself after a trauma/crisis or to the next generation? How does family dynamics  and past hurts are systemic throughout generations? 


    Come Get on the COUCH!!!!

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    in Religion

    Weekly teaching to inspire, encourage and empower the believer in their daily walk by guest teachers or the Pastors of GCI.

    This week's topic is TRUST IN THE LORD, Proverbs 3:5-6, with Pastor Adrienne and 

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    Jesus, The Truth About Him On the Real

    in Christianity

    Jesus gets a bad deal for the most part. Many people say all kinds of things about Jesus and I have much to say on the subject and if you even care about your life, your kids lives or anyone you love's life you might want to tune in to this eposide. Because I am not always the sweetest when I speak and sometimes I rub people the wrong way and that is just how I am wired. 

    One thing I dont do is get who Jesus really is wrong. I have a story to tell you about Jesus that will change your life forever and bring a new vision into your heart. If you are in need of anything you will receive it tonight during the show. 

    Please just give me a chance to explain. No BS

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    Men Talk Controlling Women: Live With or Without Them?!

    in Relationships

    Tuesday's panel brings straight talk from the men!

    Their #relationshiptalk #HotTopic:

    'Controlling Women: Live with or Without Them' 

    Call in to Live segment: 347-945-6968

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    Truth Serum with Lone Wolf

    in Current Events

    SCARED OF WHAT? ... SCARED FOR WHAT? Truth can be scary...if you don't want to face it.  I bring you truth...for TRUTH SETS YOU FREE! Facts is Facts, just don't be afraid when I expound! I'm not holding back...why should you. Real conversation for the real ones. Join me cause I'm going to talk about it, like it or not.  Be a part of the problem, sit back and complain or BE THE RESOLUTION! #DontBeScurrd #TruthSerum #LoneWolf

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    NWAACC South Fastbreak

    in Basketball

    This basketball show features coaches who have teams in the southern region of the NWAACC, one of the great community college basketball leagues in the entire country, also having east, west and north regions that encompass the great state of Washington and Oregon.

    NWAACC basketball is as exciting as it gets and the after pre-league games in November and December, most league games in the southern region take place on Wednesday and Saturdays, with a few Mondays sprinkled in.

    This show is hosted by veteran media personality Greg Crawford, who is the college basketball inside for CSNNW.com and Comcast SportsNet.

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    What is false doctrine?

    in Christianity

    We will find out tonight what false doctrine is!

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    Independent news report on the SYRIZA party election victory

    in Politics

    1) Program Introduction

    2) Our tonights program is a independent news report on the Election Victory of the

    SYRIZA party in Greece on Jan 26 (15)

    Part 1  

    History victory for SYRIZA party in Greece Jan 25(15) Election.

    -Leo Panitch says it is the first left party to come to power since the 2007-2008 crisis of neoliberalism -   January 26, 2015

    3) Music Break


    Part 2- Now in power the SYRIZA party faces Herculean task.

    -Dimitri Lascaris says breaking up the troika and the power of oligarchs that control Greece is not going to be an easy task -   January 26, 2015

    5) My finnal comments

    6) Closing Music , Them song of O Canada


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    The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports

    in Sports

    Sports not for weak at heart. Covering everything on the field accross the diamond in a full court press. Bring your "A" game and hard or go home.

    The host for The Cold Hard Truth: On Sports is "The Executioner" Matthew Long.

    Show airs live every Tuesday from 8:30pm - 11:30pm eastern time.

    Check out the website for sports news, radio, and entertainment http://thechtonsports.com

    Listen to more from Matthew on http://www.spreaker.com/user/mattlongsports

    and watch the @mattlongsports YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/mattlongsports

    You can listen to the podcasted show of @TheCHTOnSports at http://thechtonsports.com/listen/

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    Ancient Black Goddess Worship. Black Women the FIRST God FORCE. Bow Downn

    in Energy

    This Feburary Sister Sircle is about

    Early Bird $65 ($95 on Friday)

    The BLACK WOMAN Mysteries...

    We are a Special Case, we just dont know it OR Believe it. We have a history that is out right miraculous and even conspiracy theorish...none the less...NO ONE KNOWS WHERE WE COME FROM! That is a Fucking FACT! Everyone can trace their LIFE force back to the Black Women in the Jungle...BUT there is NO TRACE OF US and our ORIGINS.

    This Month we will not only Meet TWICE a Month but STUDY a entire WEEK...about
    Who and What are Black Woman?
    Where do we really come from...various theories?
    Why were we worshiped and what happened to change all that?
    Why Black Women were and are the ORIGINAL Priestess, Witch, Oracle
    How to Apply this in your CURRENT life and be Adorned as A GOD FORCE...

    Its up to YOU to change your life....you cant with half baked faulty knowledge of self given my men..

    ITS A SAD WOMAN who goes to MEN to learn about HERSELF...

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    Ep #20 - MCFL Radio - Season 2015 - Playoff Preview

    in Football

    MCFL Season 2015 Playoffs are upon us.  We are a couple of days away from crowning a new or repeating Champion.  Tonight's show is all about the Playoffs ("did you say playoffs? Playoffs, Playoffs"), LOL.  We are going to discuss who made it and why; as well as who did not make it and why.  With the post season only a few days away there is lots of trade talks and draft projections.  In addition to the playoff discussion, we got our own "Mel Kipper Jr." my boy NFC South who will be giving his analysis of the 2016 draft (guys who are at the top of the board and those are busts).  Special guest on tonight's show is Bornthreat, Jason Black and NFC South. Enjoy

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