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    Sherri Emily & John Brugge Ghost Hunting/True Ghost Stories part Two

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    On episode 184 we talk Ghost Hunting/True Ghost Stories with Sherri Emily of True Ghost Stories & John Brugge of World Paranormal Investigations.

    part One http://www.spreaker.com/user/indyradio/ghost-hunting-and-true-ghost-stories_1

    Sherri Emily 

    True Ghost Stories

    True Ghost Stories was founded by Sherri Emily, Actor/Radio Entertainer/Author/Promoter. She has had paranormal experiences most of her life, she has faced death and knows what is beyond death. 


    John Brugge

    World Paranormal Investigations was established back in 2004. John and Bea Brugge are the USA Founders and John Wyke & Lisa Beeton are the UK Founders.


    1. Pizza Hut 'Subconscious Menu' Reads Your Mind


    Host: Kinte
    Co-host: Shai G. & Shantay Branco aka Kitty Kat Olaf Barbosa
    Guests: Sherri Emily & John Brugge

    Show: (9x10) 12/4/14 #184

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    True Ghost Stories and SciFi... The Slaughter House Arizona

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    Kingman Arizona- The Slaughter House

    1880 a woman named Luana took the life of her children in most grosome manner, it is said that at nights you can hear her wailing through out the Canyon wall. They say there is a little wooden shack in the middle of the Canyon that is named The SlaughterHouse. Is this another "LLorona"?

    A Golden Miner family moves into the Canyons during the years of the gold rush. The lack of food and lead depression lead to what is today the urban legend of the SlaughterHouse Haunting.

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    13 days till Halloween. Lets talk scary movies & true ghost stories. Talk to me.

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    So if you have listened to any of my shows you will know I can talk my ass off. But I am an awesome listener too, so don't be shy :)

    Have you got a scary movie you can only watch in the day or with the lights on? 

    “Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster, and the theory of Atlantis?”

     Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?

    Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?

    Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost?

    If the answer is "yes," then don't wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the professionals...


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    Pt. 2. CHRISTMAS: The True Story and History w/ Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf

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    Followed by a special message from Blueotter concerning The Ghost Dance...

    This was Ghost Dance Chief the Reverend Doctor Robert Ghost Wolf's last media interview before his untimely passing in December 2005. Click HERE for this interviews related website.

    His daughter last saw him sitting on the edge of his bed, asking  for some asprin, whcich she went to get. Then she heard a LOUD clap of thunder (from a cludless sky) and discovered him lifeless.


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    Post Christmas Paranormal Stories Night!

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    Friday, December 26th

    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    Now that Santa has come and gone, let's talk about some of our great paranormal stories. Black Eyed Kids? Shadow People? Demonic Entities? Slender Man? All cards are on the table!

    Be here and be on air with us!

    Call in (661) 244-9831

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    The ghost Show

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    We will talk about anything paranormal.

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    Freeky Friday

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    A show on true entertainment that mixes both interviews and music

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    KiwK~ Christmas Stories

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    Your favorite duo is dishing on what they did for Christmas! Call in if you'd like but we have to keep it quick until someone pays our membership fees!



  • Real Life Stories of the Incarcerated

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      These stories which I will read to you all on this Christmas night are stories from incarcerated inmates that are in prison and have found the Blessing of the Lord. These are very much true stories or Testamonials if you will of these men and woman who have had their hearts invaded and changed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. I felt that this is a great time instead of my usual sermons/teachings. Please join me and you shall find why we in the prison ministry do what we do. Merry Christmas

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    Christmas Eve in Kent Texas

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    My buddy Bob Mc Glew suggested a story line that was visit a ghost town and to do a short story about what you find there. So has we were traveling to Austin Texas on December 24  we stopped in Kent Texas just to see what was there and do a share some reflections . There is not much there but I did learn some valuable lessons. (1) the batteries in my digital camera fell out and promptly disappeared, (2) we were not sure what we would find but do the research first This show is dedicated to Robert Mc Glew my S3 productions foreign reporter for giving me the idea

    COMMENTS: Kent. A ranch town born to supply the needs of the long x Cattle Company. The most famous of the west Texas ranches. Owned by the Reynolds brothers, prominent west Texas ranchers. Their holding consisted of several thousand acres extending from north of us highway 10 to several miles south into the Davis mountains. REMAINS: Lots of ruins but a lot still standing. http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/tx/kent.html

    The town, once called Antelope, was founded in the early 1890s.

    A post office was granted in 1893 and by 1914 the population was a thriving 25 persons. The population doubled in the mid-1920s and remained at that level for 40 years. The post office was reported closed in 1960 but has since reopened.

    Kent had a population of sixty-five in the late 1960s - falling to 60 by the mid-1970s where it remains today.

    Today little is left to interest a tourist - but the juncture of the two roads provides a sense of place. The lone telephone at least looks comforting but its condition is unknown. The overpass of I-10 offers some relief from the scorching sun but it will be sometime before Kent becomes a destination.


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    Praying the Word of God

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    Praying the Apostle Paul's prayer and getting results. We will also look at the prayers of many others who prayed and receive results.

    Declaring God's word over our lives....through prayer!

    Join us as we study the prayers of Paul, Jesus and others  in the  bible  and learn to use their words as a model for your own prayers.  We will personalize them for ourselves and for others and pray them for amazing results. We will also look at the prayers of King David in the book of Psalms. Andrew Murray says " True prayer, that takes hold of God's strength, that availeth much, to which the gates of heaven are really opened wide-who would not cry, 'Oh, for someone to teach me thus to pray'?" He concludes, "Jesus has opened a school, in which He trains His redeemed ones, who specially desire it, to have power in prayer."  Prepare to take your prayer life to the next level as we pray the word of God. Your prayer life will be transformed.  Tell a friend and join us for the discussion on prayer.

    Romans 15:30, 2 Corinthians 13:7, Ephesians 1:15-19.3:14-21

    Philippians 1:3-6, Colossians 1:3-12; 4:3

    1 Thessalonians 1:2;3:11-13

    2 thessalonians 1:3-12;3:1-5

    1 Timothy 2:1-4

    Philemon 4-6

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