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    Trucking 2015 OPEN FORUM

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    Welcome to the 2015 Trucking Open Forum with Allen Smith of AskTheTrucker.  Come join the show as we kick off the new year discussing expectations for "Trucking 2015."

    For our broadcast, we ask the question: What do you believe is in store for the professional truck driver for 2015?  What will be the major focus? Wages, Driver Image, Driver health, Regulations?

    Join the conversation and share your thoughts as we focus on what drivers consider will be the primary direction for trucking in 2015 and the industry's most important issues.

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    Trucking with Authority Hosted by: Kenny Long - Episode 5

    in Business

    Everything you need to know about getting and using your own trucking authority.

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    Employment Law 101

    in Legal

    Bill and Rick discuss some of the basic concerns surrounding the Employer-Employee relationship, such as Hiring and Terminating Employees; Benefits and Compensation issues; Disability and Workplace Safety; and Discrimination and Harassment in the workplace. Many problems between employers and employees arise simply from a lack of some of the basic principles that both State and Federal law require. Knowledge about the direction you need to take surrounding these issues can either spark or deflate the potential for costly litigation.

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    Trucking with Authority Hosted by: Kenny Long - Episode 6

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    Get started with your own authority! Have questions on how to find freight to haul? We'll talk the basics of picking a load board, how to use it, and how to get set up with brokers. Join me on Trucking with Authority Tuesday at 7PM ET.

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    Trucking with Authority Hosted by: Kenny Long - Episode 13

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    2014 is winding down to a great close. What needs to be done to wrap up 2014 and begin strong for 2015? Also, FMCSA has taken notice of companies skirting the rules of brokers by offering "dispatch services." Learn how this can affect you! As always,we will be taking your questions and comments to help you build a better trucking business!

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    New Years Eve on Truth About Trucking "Live"

    in Entertainment

    Join us for our New Years Eve special broadcast as we recap 2014 with George and Wendy Parker of The George and Wendy Show!

    George is an owner/operator, hauling dry van and his wife Wendy rides shotgun while writing about the unique lifestyle of an over the road trucking family. Her articles cover everything from health and education issues to the hilarious perils of using public restrooms with automatic sinks. Follow along with them on The George and Wendy Show Blog as they travel the country and share their thoughts, experiences and adventures in this crazy industry we call trucking.

    We will discuss the highlights of the passing year in trucking and share the most memorable and thankful moments of 2014 as we all prepare to bring in the 2015 New Year. What are your most memorable moments from 2014? Call in and come join the conversation as our special guests will also be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary on Truth About Trucking "LIVE."

    We will also be announcing the winners of the North American Trucking Alerts Prize Drawings. Anyone who signed up for the one year FREE NATA membership by 12/30/14 at 12:00 noon are entered into the giveaway, sponsored by our friends at Cobra Electronics. The prizes are a: Cobra 29 LX BT CB Radio and a Cobra CDR 840 Drive HD Dash Cam.

    Come join the conversation via: 347-826-9170 and then get on out there and ring in the New Year!

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    Trucking Open Forum "Round Table"

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    The North American Trucking Alerts website is now "Live" and accepting memberships. Check out who has already joined and are writing in the NATA forum.

    Our open forum is just that, "open" to what is on your mind as it relates to drivers and the trucking industry: from the latest CDL exemption request by CR England to FMCSA  requesting that those with a CDL learner's permit be allowed to drive solo, to cameras facing inside the truck (yes, they are watching)!

    FMCSA’s promise to provide clarification on the topic of sleep apnea testing for truck drivers? Have a topic you want to discuss? Call-in number: 347-826-9170

    Never miss a show!  Sign up for TEXT alerts to your phone for Truth About Trucking "Live" broadcasts via: https://mobile-text-alerts.com/truckingradio or just text the word truckingradio to 781-728-9542.

    Come join the conversation!

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    Trucking Open Forum

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    Open Forum on Truth About Trucking 'Live'  We'll open it up tonight and discuss the update on the Truckers "Right to Carry" in all 48 states. The Bill titled "Mike's Law", is now in the House and the Senate and is named after murdered trucker: Michael Boeglin. To help pass Mike's Law, you can sign the petition: http://www.interstaterighttocarry.org

    Additional topic for our program is one of three scheduled callers from trainer, Terry Sutton, who is training one of 40 deaf truckers in the country.

    Have a topic to discuss? Call in number to listen or to be a part of the discussion: 347-826-9170.

    If you would like to sign up for a TEXT alert notification to your phone for our Truth About Trucking "Live" broadcasts,  Sign up via: https://mobile-text-alerts.com/truckingradio or you can text the word truckingradio to: 781-728-9542.

    Come join the conversation!

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    Trucking with Authority Hosted by: Kenny Long - Episode 9

    in Business

    Getting started: A beginer's story with questions and answers.


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    The Health Law and its Affect on Trucking

    in Health

    The battle is over and the Affordable Care Act is indeed law. Now what? How will it affect those within the trucking industry? Many are faced with this question and will need to understand in order to make an informed decision prior to the March 31st deadline.

    Owner operators, company drivers, and trucking companies (who will be mandated in 2015 to provide coverage) will all need to know their options. Motor carriers, depending on the number of employees, will be required to offer health insurance.

    What about cost, is it affordable?  What other options do we have? What happens if you refuse coverage? How do you Calculate your AGI to see if you're eligible? What is the “On Exchange” and “Off Exchange?" What happens if carriers do not offer coverage to their employees? What will happen to those employees whose coverage is dropped by the employer?

    Even for those who disagree with the act, knowing the facts will help  to comprehend how this law will impact you, your family, and even you career.

    Regardless of how one feels about the Health Law, it is one's responsibility to make educated choices based on information from those who provide insurance for the health industry and actually have knowledge of the trucking industry.

    Tom Smith of CDL Consultant joins us as our special guest to share his knowledge and expertise in this serious and important decision-making.


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