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  • 01:56

    Truck Parking Shortage: Drivers at Risk

    in Current Events

    With the shortage of safe and secure parking for our nation's truck drivers back in the news, join us as we discuss the dangers drivers face every day because of the lack of safe truck parking availability.

    Who is responsible for putting drivers at added risk? Where are the most difficult areas to find truck parking? How are regulations adding to the already dangerous parking situations? Who doesn't want to see more available truck parking?

    Our guests include Hope Rivenburg of Jason's Law, Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking and our special guests, Ashley Boeglin and David Clark, wife and father-in-law of Michael Boeglin.

    We will also review some startling results of the 2013 National Truck Parking Survey led by Hope and the detailed data analysis performed by Ms. Wood.

    Join us for this very important broadcast.

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    Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Truck Drivers?

    in Women

    Showtime: 7:30 Eastern

    Topic: Is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Truck Drivers?

    Virginia Chomo, a volunteer of Trucker Charity, 

    will be our guest to discuss her discovery that there exist no carbon monoxide detectors for semi-trucks, despite standards that require the device in homes, boats, RV's and airplanes.

    Truckers live in their trucks; most of them must idle for comfort control or have an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that reduces emissions. Either way, emissions are still an effect to the occupants.

    Thanks to Virginia's work, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is now developing and setting standards for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors with truckers in mind.

    Join us as she shares her findings and her work with manufacturers regarding the special needs of these detectors as related to semis.

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    Suicide by Truck and the truckers who survive

    in Current Events

    Saturday August 22nd 2015 6PM ET

    Tonight is a very solemn topic for truckers, Suicide by Truck, discussing the horrible incidents of pedestrians and four-wheelers, who choose speeding trucks as an instrument of their suicide  Although the subject matter is not uncommon among veteran drivers, it's not often a preferred topic of discussion in the chat rooms.

    A  truck driver whose truck has been randomly chosen as the means to anothers' end, may silently struggle for years with the horrific guilt and graphic memories of the incident.
    Our guest tonight on AskTheTrucker Live  is Carolyn Magner Mason, special contributor for Overdrive Magazine.
    Carolyn has recently written the eerily popular “Suicide by Truck” 4 part series for Overdrive Magazine.

    Video of 'Suicide by truck' on I-35E in Texas caught on owner-operator's dashcam.

    Call in tonight and share your thoughts about this topic, whether it be an opinion, or your own personal experience or even near experience of "Suicide by Truck".


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    Truck Driver Health Open Forum - The reality of 'involvement'

    in Health

    Saturday 10-3-15 6pm ET-
    Join us with our guest and co-host, Tom Kyrk of Road Tested Living as we discuss the hottest topics on AskTheTrucker “Live’ Truck Driver Health Open Forum.

    Professional drivers are more aware of the dangers of their compromised food supply, the increase in illnesses such as diagnosed diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and increased autoimmune disease.

     Because of awareness, truckers are now more concerned and actively involved by taking  proactive measures to improve their health. 

    You know who else has announced they are  going to become proactively involved with driver health?  The FMCSA.  On September 21st and 22nd FMCSA's Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Council ( MCSAC) and the Medical Review Board (MRB) opened up discussion regarding the Health and Wellness of the professional Driver.  

    Tonight we will discuss this newly announced involved by the FMCSA and determine if becoming involved with truck driver health and wellness is for the earnest regard of the professional driver? Or.... is it to become just one more way the government will become even more involved with driver lives.

    We’ll also be discussing , unsafe cookware to avoid in your truck, what kind of diet programs to stay away from,  and the new craze on “salts” is there any really any differences?

    Be a part of the show tonight. Call in number is 347-826-9170

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    2015 UPDATE: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Truck Drivers

    in Work

    Guest: Virginia Chomo

    Topic: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Truck Drivers ~ A 2015 Update

    In 2014, Virginia Chomo joined the Women Truckers Network to educate us on how carbon monoxide was poisonning drivers. A misconception exists that simply purchasing a carbon monoxide detector for Home, RV or Boat use can solve the problem but this is not the solution. 

    Virginia explains why there is a difference in these units and the progress that is being made to develop a unit that is big rig specific.


  • FMCSA joint meeting addresses health and wellness of CMV drivers

    in Current Events

    On September 21 and 22, the FMCSA will have a joint meeting with the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC) and Medical Review Board (MRB) and will discuss the concepts and initiatives of the Health and Wellness of CMV drivers.

     Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and Medical Review Board Public Meetings

    What will this mean to professional drivers and the trucking industry? What is the purpose of this meeting? Will discussions lead to more regulations?
    As the continued concern for driver health escalates, including from drivers themselves, what should we expect from the FMCSA joint meeting regarding the health and wellness for CMV drivers?

    Our guest tonight will be Elaine Papp, who is no stranger to FMCSA operations. Ms. Papp retired earlier this year as the FMCSA's Division Chief for the Office of Medical Programs.
    Elaine now has the consulting website, HealthAndSafetyWorks.net, which is a transportation and occupational health consulting company promoting health and safety on the road and in the workplace.

    Join us as we get the inside look of what to expect from the MCSAC and MRB as they discuss the concepts and initiatives, addressing the Health and Wellness of CMV driver wellness.

    To listen from your phone or to call in with comments and questions:  347-826-9170

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    Drivers under stress

    in Health

    Thursday 7/30/15 6PM ET  “Drivers under stress”

    This weeks Truck Driver Health series addresses drivers under stress. Continued discussions on health leads us down another path this week, emotional difficulty and how it affects each person.

    There are many drivers who have had or are having emotional difficulty while driving professionally.  What do they do? Who do they turn to? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    Tonight as our guest we have professional driver and driver advocate Toby Bogard.  Many know Toby for his nutritional insight and exercise videos, including his latest one  Truckers Workout

    Toby will share with us his own recent trials and where he reached out for help as well as how he came out victoriously, stronger than ever and now continuing his goals to help others.

     Join us as we discuss the many difficulties that so many drivers go through, as well as the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Call in # to listen to show via phone or to join in  347-826-9170

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    Winter Driving Tips from Lady Truck Drivers

    in Work

    Showtime: 7:30PM Eastern

    Topic: WInter Driving Tips from Professional Drivers

    Winter driving is can be treacherous, It is important to prepare properly for the Winter driving season with supplies to protect yourself and your equipment.

    Join us and share you winter trucking advice with our lady trucker's panel as we discuss how to stay safe during the winter months.

  • 01:04

    Race Fans Rock - Broadcast No.35 - Drivers - Garrett Smithley & Brian Keselowski

    in Sports

    Tonight on Race Fans Rock Radio Show, Infield Jen is talking to NCWTS driver Garrett Smithley about his dream come true of driving in the NASCAR Xfinity & Camping World Truck Series and what his plans are for the rest of the year. FInd out how YOU can connect with Garrett too!

     Then Jen is talking with her better half, Brian Keselowski! He is going to share what his year has been like and what it means to him to be both a crew chief and a driver in the ARCA Racing Series. He will also give a recap of his last 2 behind the wheel experiences at Lucas Oil Raceway & Berlin Raceway & YOU don't want to miss a single word he has to say about it!

    Stay tuned as Jen shares whats going on in her world and in the racing realm! SHe will give you a rundown of who's who and who's driving what this week on the NASCAR circuit!

    Show starts at 8:00pm (eastern time)

  • 01:16

    Safety or Spying? Truck Drivers Discuss Issues With Inside Facing Drive Cams

    in Women

    Showtime 7:30 PM Eastern

    Topic: Safety Cameras That Face Truck Drivers Inside The Cab of the Truck.

    Truck Drivers discuss the trend at some carriers to install inward facing cameras that are said to improve safety.  Though many employers now film employees at work for various reasons which include, safety, security, to monitor theft and performance, long haul truck drivers essentially live in their workplace and feel their privacy is being violated. What do you think?

    Join our discussion as we chat with driver Ralph Acocella Jr. in a roundtable discussion about his experience working for a carrier with the inward facing cameras and how they were used in practice.

    One more question to add to your list when you interview carriers you are considering working for.