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    Tyson Foods Calls for Female Truck Driver Trainers

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    Showtime: 7:30 PM Eastern

    Topic: The Female Truck Driver Trainer Shortage: Tyson Foods Calls For Female Truck Driver Trainers    

    Guests: Tyson Foods Human Resource Manager , Regina McConnell and Driver/Recruiter , Michelle Higgins.

    Tyson Foods Private Fleet has largely gone unknown as a truck driver training carrier. As more women are encouraged to enter trucking without any clear path to success, Tyson Foods has begun an approach that calls out to experienced female drivers that would consider becoming trainers for qualified female candidates.

    Join us as we discuss the female truck driver trainer shortage, the issues that occur for women during training and the solutions we can achieve when women work together. 

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    The Power of Driver Credentials

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    Our special guest, Kirk Kostoff draws from twenty years of combined skills in the B2B sales marketing and strategic business development arena, drawing from his experiences in the Fortune 500 market.

    In 2011 Mr. Kostoff entered the logistics side of business through his introduction and interaction with CR England and what he refers to as their "self proclaimed" legitimate franchise. His recent actions with the ongoing CR England class action litigation associated with driver's rights, legitimate wages and living conditions has positioned him as an upcoming "voice of reason" and concern for the small business owner, just recently founding The Drivers Association of America.

    Through extensive OTR experience and close contact with established strategic alliances, our guest will be discussing "The Power of Driver Credentials, The Driver Shortage Myth and Remedies through Education and Implementation."

    We invite everyone to consider these topics and call in with their perspectives as we will also discuss the CR England case as it is public knowledge and to reiterate for all the industry newcomers about the motor carrier leasing scams to once again explain how it all works against the professional truck driver.

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    Open Forum: Driver Training Standards

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    On August 19, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that it will accept input from stakeholders to determine a  possible rulemaking for entry-level truck driver training. After years of failing to implement a final rule which would establish such criteria, the FMCSA is considering using a negotiated rulemaking, known as RegNeg.

    Under RegNeg, outside agency representatives would consult among each other in order to develop the proposed rule, taking the responsibility away from the FMCSA. In Canada, a task force is working toward establishing criteria for entry-level drivers, as well as hoping to have the Canadian government classify truck driving as a "skilled" profession.

    Furthermore, the Canadian Trucking Alliance has admitted that the primary causes for a driver shortage are driver wages, quality of life, qualifications and demographics.

    Join us as we look at the very different approach by the U.S. and Canada as it relates to driver training and recognizing the importance of the professional driver. Just one topic for our "Open Forum."

    What's your topic? Come join the conversation!

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    Talking in Circles: State of the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Young Driver Dilemma

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    Tonight on Talking in Circles we discuss the state of the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Where will the NASCAR Xfinity Series be in 10 years and who will be running in it? Who will own the cars in the series? Can the series get better? 

    Also we discuss the young driver dilemma. What does it take to get to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and where are some of NASCAR's best young stars going to race in the 2015 season. There are a lot of young drivers but not a whole heck of a lot of rides open, what does that mean? Also which young drivers are better than others? 

    We also discuss the latest news in NASCAR. Ben Kennedy joins Red Horse Racing, Bubba Wallace officially joins Roush Fenway Racing driving the No. 6 Ford for the team. 

    Also the ARCA Racing Series tested from the Daytona International Speedway this weekend. Who was fastest and what young kids are in that series that we could see running in NASCAR one day. 

    All that plus your phone calls at 917-889-8280! Join the coversation! 

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    SB Barber Morning - Owner Mr. Terry Degree - Regional OTR Driver

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    Business of Monday Money Watch[Talk] - SB Barber Morning Show. Apostle SB Barber talks with Mr. Terry Degree, an Owner & Operator - Regional OTR Driver (Over The Road). From serving the United State Navy to Trucking School to 20 years as Owner/Operator, Mr. Degree has proven and continues to prove that it is worth it to bank on yourself.

    "If the commercial trucks stop rolling, America stops (read article)."
    There's nothing consumers use that hasn't been on a truck before you get it. 
    Is the broker paying me a fair price? Are the people I'm signed on to being honest? Trucking is a prosperous business, there is a DEMAND for it.

    Link: American Trucking Association
    When Trucks Stop, America Stops

    Send us your questions/comments before, during, after the broadcast. -- GRACEMediaNetwork.Blogspot.com -- or join us on twitter, -- or facebook.com --or youtube.com or Instagram@GMNLiveTv -- SB Barber Morning Show with Apostle Shena SB Barber is produced by ShenaBarber.com and presented by GRACE Media Network.

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    Joey Gase NASCAR Nationwide Series Driver On The Sports Cage

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    This Tuesday on The Sports Cage we chat with Joey Gase NASCAR Nationwide Series driver. Gase made his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut September 14, 2014 in the Go Green Racing #32 car, finishing 37th in the MyAFibStory.com 400 at Chicagoland Speedway. We look forward to talking some NASCAR with Joey Gase Tuesday on The Sports Cage. We are Broadcasting live from The Sports Cage head quarters & studios located in beautiful downtown Lake St Louis. Be sure to join your Host Debo and Producer Cam as we talk NASCAR with one of the hottest young drivers on the Nationwide Series Joey Gase.

    Interested in advertising or sponsoring the show again email: sportscage247@gmail.com

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    Low Truck Driver Pay: Causes and Solutions

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    Professional CMV drivers were earning more money in 1980 than they are today and they have seen truck driver wages fall by 40% during the past 33 years.
    With no adjustment for inflation or other such economic factors, and by figuring in total number of hours worked per week, the majority of drivers end up earning an hourly wage that is far below the minimum wage.
    Jeff Barker is an 18 year OTR veteran with over two million miles. A former heavy truck and transport refrigeration mechanic and truck owner-operator, he began writing for  Land Line Magazine in 2005 and is founder of the Ride and Roll Program, a driver health and wellness plan.
    Joining us as our guest, Jeff will discuss the post 1980 deregulation effects, the public image of the American trucker, why truck driver pay has not significantly increased over the past three decades and what he sees as the root causes and solutions to these problems.
    Closing song: "Down the Road" by Rob Anthony.

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    Shot on the side of the road: Interview with Trucker Randy Tomblin

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    In the early morning hours of September 3, 2006, professional truck driver Randy Tomblin pulled his rig over on the side of I-64 near Huntington, West Virginia. Randy was responding to a lady waving on the side of the interstate, apparently with a flat tire. The time was about 3:00 A.M.

    Having always been a good samaritan, Tomblin thought to himself that there was no way he was going to let a women change a tire alone and in the dark. As he walked pass the auto, a male suddenly appeared, hitting Tomblin over the head with what police believed to be a .380-caliber handgun.

    Tomblin would be robbed of $200 and as he attempted to rise to his feet, the man fired one bullet that lodged between his lower back and pelvis and which still remains there today. The shooting would cause Randy to spend four months in a wheelchair and unable to work for eleven months.

    As a professional driver for 39 years, Randy Tomblin joins us as our special guest to share his story and to discuss his views on Mike's Law - a proposed Bill to Congress by the Small Business in Transportation Coalition which if signed into law, would allow U.S. citizens engaged in interstate commerce to carry a concealed weapon throughout all states, thus not being held to the current reciprocity laws.   

    The legislative draft entitled Sec. 9999 “Americans Working in Interstate Commerce Protection Act of 2014” is named for trucker, Mike Boeglin who was fatally shot in June of this year in Detroit, Michigan. As of the time of this writing, the petition has received 8,388 signatures.  

    Join us with our special guest, Randy Tomblin as he shares his story, the thoughts on why Congress should pass Mike's Law and the ongoing  problems still faced today from that one moment in time back in 2006.

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    Questions from the AudioRoad Episode #144

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    Questions from the AudioRoad

    Today we have a bunch of calls. We talk at first about taxes. We know it's a pain, but it's the end of the year, so the time is here for getting your accounting, bookkeeping and reports up to date. There are a ton of Owner Operators out there, without a good accounting system. It's super problematic, and we're teaching you how to change that!

    After that, we talk about taking your business to the next level. Learning the basics of investments, building relationships and finding success with your business in this new year!

    It's all about "The Business of Trucking". Let's Truck!


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    Questions from the AudioRoad Episode #145

    in Business

    Today we have a bunch of calls. We talk at first about money- tracking it, brokers, taxes, the IRS. Then we move on to elevating your 5th wheel, DPF filters, and how to burn less diesel! We have a call for jobs out for our existing podcast, and we introduce you guys to our new podcast- The Road Scholar!

    It's all about "The Business of Trucking". Let's Truck!

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    Trucking Questions from the AudioRoad, Episode #143

    in Business

    Questions from the AudioRoad

    Today we have a bunch of calls. We talk about newer trucks and their emissions, engine maintainence, lease purchases and finding your authority. We also talk about retirement contributions, investing in your business, and moving your money around responsibly. 

    After Kevin tells us what he predicts the big questions of 2015 will be. 

    It's all about "The Business of Trucking". Let's Truck!

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