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    Truck Driver Health- The "best" health program for you is....

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     "Truck Driver Health- The "best" health program for you is.... "
    Thursday 6PM ET 347-826-917

    As move forward with Driver Health discussions we realize more and more that there is no "one size fits all health program" . If you believe there is, you're setting yourself up for failure.
    We can take in all the information we want, but the bottom line is we need to apply knowledge to our lives, and what works for John, may not work for Mary, and yet John and Mary are BOTH improving their health. How could that be?

    Although than most people concerned about health will agree to avoid: processed foods, trans fats, GMO's, sugar, soda ,artificial ingredients and chemicals, pesticides, herbicides..... AND to increase organic food, water consumption, exercise,....  There still needs to be that all important consideration of the Person making the change.

    So what diet is best?  Here's a few choices : Paleo Diet, Vegan Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Raw Diet, Zone Diet, Atkins Diet... and the list goes on.

    Join us tonight as Donna Smith of Trucking Social Media and Tom Kyrk of Road Tested Living discuss the absolute BEST health program for YOU... Call us and share how you either have achieved, or are in the process of achieving your goal towards PERSONALIZED optimal health.
    Haven't Decided which health program is best for you? 
    We hope by the time the show is over tonight......  YOU"LL KNOW.

    CALL IN 347-826-9170 and share your thoughts, knowledge, and testimony with us!


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    How CDL Wages affect Truck Driver Health

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    Thursday 5-21-15 6PM ET  Tonight we are going to combine 2 of the hottest issues in Trucking; Truck Driver Health and Trucker Wages.

    We all know that the Trucker Lifestyle drastically affects their Health, but what about how drivers are paid?  Could that be weighing in on driver health also? Our guest tonight believes it does.

    Our guest will be Pat Hockaday from TruckersUnited.org. Mr Hockaday is known for JoJo's Paper, an all-out crusade to change the way drivers are paid.

    Pat will share some of his thoughts and solutions about driver wages, as well as discuss how trucking and the present trucker wage formula affects driver health.

    Join in on the conversation by calling in 347-826-9170 and Press 1 on your keypad to let us know you would like to make a comment or ask a question.

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    Addressing Truck Driver Health Concerns , Causes and Solutions

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    For the month of JUNE, Truth About Trucking "Live" Radio will be dedicated to Truck Driver Health concerns including obstacles and challenges that drivers face on a daily basis. For our first part of our series, we will address the serious state of truck driver health, including the illnesses drivers face, the choices they have made in the past and the viable decisions they are now making: Real life solutions for a better quality of life.

    Our speical guests are three professional truck drivers who will share their testimonials and explain how they have changed their lives and also how they are mentoring and encouraging other drivers to change theirs as well. Their continual research for better health has created a wealth of knowledge among them which they will share as we kick off our first part of our Truck Driver Health series.

    Donna will also share some of her insight she has learned and applied on living a healthier lifestyle, once finally diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.

    Our special driver guests include: Mike Adams of Truckin Fitness, Tom Kyrk of Trucking Solutions Group and Road Tested Living and Rich Chelson of Essante Organics.

    Join us as we address the causes of many driver illnesses, including: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis, joint pain, digestive and many others for this SPECIAL Truck Driver Health Series.

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    Tyson Foods Calls for Female Truck Driver Trainers

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    Showtime: 7:30 PM Eastern

    Topic: The Female Truck Driver Trainer Shortage: Tyson Foods Calls For Female Truck Driver Trainers    

    Guests: Tyson Foods Human Resource Manager , Regina McConnell and Driver/Recruiter , Michelle Higgins.

    Tyson Foods Private Fleet has largely gone unknown as a truck driver training carrier. As more women are encouraged to enter trucking without any clear path to success, Tyson Foods has begun an approach that calls out to experienced female drivers that would consider becoming trainers for qualified female candidates.

    Join us as we discuss the female truck driver trainer shortage, the issues that occur for women during training and the solutions we can achieve when women work together. 

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    Missing Truck Driver ALERT Network

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    Every day in the United States, 2,300 people are reported missing and professional truckers are no exception.  Because of their mobility, truck drivers are much more difficult for law enforcement to locate, even with the GPS technology used within the trucking industry. 
    Special guests, Kari Fisher and Hal Kiah, founders of The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network are working to change that.
    Together, they are using the power of social media, currently through FaceBook, to launch this newest tool in assisting law enforcement, family members and the trucking industry as a whole, to help find missing truck drivers and to unite an industry to come together in helping their own.

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    Truck Driver Health and OTR Therapy

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    Keeping medical appointments to maintain good health, both physical and mental, can prove to be very difficult for the professional truck driver living life on the road.
    Buck Black, MSW, LCSW, LCAC is a licensed health therapist specializing in helping truckers maintain a good and positive mental health, with Anger, Stress, and Relationships being the primary focus of his private practice, Trucker Therapy.
    By developing a unique session program for truckers, using the phone, SKYPE and email services, he helps truck drivers on a daily basis to cope with the many health issues that come with the trucker's lifestyle including the feeliing of isolation, stress and depression.
    His practice is located in Lafayette, Indiana with the Heartland Clinic and his professional status is verified by Psychology Today.
    We will discuss truck driver health and how Mr. Black is able to bring the help to the professional truck driver living life on the road.

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    How To Be A Truck Driver (NO EXPERIENCE) $$$

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    Today is a promo show for trailer purposes. 


    We be going over tips to start a owing operator business for potential truckers.


    Stay tuned


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    As an extension of Deal Soop, we have a online radio show  title "Deal Soop Radio" where we invite guest and provide tips to help you run your online business more efficiently . Listeners can call (347) 324-5702 or visit the station directly here.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dealsoop

    We provide both free press and paying press on our site as well.

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    The Truck Driver Shortage Fabrication

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    Open line discussion of how CDL training, CSA 2010 and Cross Border Trucking relates to the trucking industry reports of a massive truck driver shortage in the United States.
    Also, for the first time anywhere, hear the debut of the song dedicated to Jason Rivenburg, in support of Jason's Law: "A Prayer for Jason" - ONLY on Truth About Trucking "LIVE."

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    Low Truck Driver Pay: Causes and Solutions

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    Professional CMV drivers were earning more money in 1980 than they are today and they have seen truck driver wages fall by 40% during the past 33 years.
    With no adjustment for inflation or other such economic factors, and by figuring in total number of hours worked per week, the majority of drivers end up earning an hourly wage that is far below the minimum wage.
    Jeff Barker is an 18 year OTR veteran with over two million miles. A former heavy truck and transport refrigeration mechanic and truck owner-operator, he began writing for  Land Line Magazine in 2005 and is founder of the Ride and Roll Program, a driver health and wellness plan.
    Joining us as our guest, Jeff will discuss the post 1980 deregulation effects, the public image of the American trucker, why truck driver pay has not significantly increased over the past three decades and what he sees as the root causes and solutions to these problems.
    Closing song: "Down the Road" by Rob Anthony.

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    The Real Facts on the Truck Driver Shortage

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    Reports are showing that there is currently a truck driver shortage of 20,000 drivers in the United States, with that figure growing to 114,000 by the year 2014.
    What is the real truth behind the truck driver shortage? 72,000 drivers lost their jobs in 2008 alone, yet presently they cannot fill 20,000 positions?
    Open discussion on the real facts about the driver shortage myth. Other topics will include problems with the current state of truck driver training and opening the Mexican border.

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    Over Regulating the American Truck Driver

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    Government bureaucracy continues to slam the American truck driver and the U. S. trucking industry with on-going regulations and fees. From speed limiters, HOS rule changes, EOBR's, carbon based emission control, the CSA, sleep apnea testings and the NAFTA Mexico agreement, have trucking regulations gone too far? As the FMCSA looks to pick up the tab for EOBR's to be placed on all Mexican trucks, U. S. companies and owner operators are left to fend for themselves. Allen opens up the lines for an open topic forum while asking the question . . . are regulations destroying the American trucker?