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    Create A Lifestyle & Business by Design Instead of By Default - Vanessa Simpkins

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    Vanessa Simpkins sometimes called  “The Bikini Business Coach” (because she loves to live in the tropics in her bikini and teach others how to create and ROCK a freedom based lifestyle and portable business)  is confidence & cash flow mentor, speaker and author of “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops” and her latest book called “Take Your Power Back NOW! : The Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Confidence, How to Unlock Your Power And Create a Life You LOVE”. 

    In Vanessa’s “10k in 30 day Mentoring Program” she empower’s women to take their power back and THRIVE! She teaches heart centred women entrepreneurs how to have confidence in sales and overcome sales objections, how to breakthrough their inner blocks and put proven systems in place to attract more clients and make more money doing what they love!

    Once a struggling holistic practitioner, stuck in a bad relationship declaring bankruptcy, she is now on a mission to help women break free from controlling situations, controlling relationships and controlling self imposed limitations of the mind so they can create a Lifestyle and Business by Design Instead of by Default! 


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    SEP/OCT 2014 WEEKS #4 -&- #1 REVIEWED: (Part 1 of 6)

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    We're back again, after a Bi-weekly Break, ready to catch up the latest prophetic news stories that have happened on the final week of SEPT 2014 and into the first week of OCTO 2014. Over the next 6 staight days, we will cover these past 2 weeks of news updates starting with SEPT WEEK #4 with such breaking news as: TOPIC #1: EARTHQUAKES near Fairbanks, Alaska and Mammoth Lake California; TOPIC #2: VOLCANOE suddenly erupts in Mount Ontake Japan killing over 30 people; TOPIC #3: DISEASES & PESTILENCES on the rise with EBOLA expected to infect 1.4 million by January 2015 > CHIKUNGUNYA mosquito disease hits tropics and now in US > DEAD LIBERIA EBOLA patients resurrect back to life > LIBERIA Newspaper claims USA made EBOLA  for Germ Warfare > Mysterious ENTEROVIRUS D68 spreads to over 38 States > D68 virus linked to over 9 paralysis cases in Colorado > Over 5 Texas Babies test positive for TB virus; TOPIC #4: SODOMS SEQUEL updates with Supreme Court Justice performing first same-sex, Gay Marriage > Vatican Bishops now being prosecuted for sexual abuse of boys > (Sin City) Las Vegas Schools to teach 5 year old kids about Masturbation > SAME SEX FREEDOM TO MARRY ADVERTISEMENT seeking LEGALIZED GAY MARRIAGE IN ALL 50 STATES > UNations Anti-Gay Violence Resolution; TOPIC #5: FRANKEN FOODS & FACILITIES updates with POT PIZZA'S available in California > JAPANESE RADIACTIVE SOUP served at London Frieze Art Fair > GM Wheat pops up in Montana > GM Grass is now available > VAMPIRE BLOODY FACIALS & HAIR TREAMENTS > INVISIBILITY CLOAK project is very close to success! ... ALL THIS AND MORE on todays live broadcast.. JOIN US LIVE and CALL IN ANYTIME DURING THE BROADCAST... STAY INFORMED!.. GET IN THE KNOW... with your Host Steve Siler ~ the Singing Bible Scribe ~ Your Prophetic Mouth of the Appalachian South...  

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    How to Make E-Commerce Work for You

    in Finance

    On this week’s Goldstein on Gelt Show, meet Josh Denning, digital marketing veteran and host of The Tropical Entrepreneur podcast. What are the benefits of opening a business in the tropics, and how can you get your online business noticed? Is e-commerce the way of the future? Tune into your favorite personal finance show to find out.

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    How to Make E-Commerce Work for You

    in Finance

    On this week’s Goldstein on Gelt Show, meet Josh Denning, digital marketing veteran and host of The Tropical Entrepreneur podcast. What are the benefits of opening a business in the tropics, and how can you get your online business noticed? Is e-commerce the way of the future? Tune into your favorite personal finance show to find out.

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    50+THE SECOND HALF MAGAZINE 3rd Annual Theme (Luau) cookout July 12, 2014

    in Entertainment

    Are you looking for your tropical getaway? If so, Andrews is the place to be on July 12 at 3:00. We are bringing the tropics to you with a friendly Hawaiian luau party with tropical flowers and more. Make it extra special with your accessories, including grass skirts.

    People get ready, there's a Luau cookout/party comin' You don't need no BYOB, you just come thru the gate, all you need is your name/donation on the list, to hear the artists singing, you do need a ticket, to move around. So people get ready, for the ride to Andrews Air Force Base, Picking up passengers state to state name and donation is the key, show your ID, and come through the gate, there's food for all, among those that are there. There ain't no room for picking you up at the gate, believe me now. Have pity on those whose name are not on the list, for there is no other Luau cookout/party like this!

    Today we are talking to some of the AWESOME artists performing at the Luau. Here what they are saying about the event and what they are doing. Join us for an awesome show at 7:00 PM EST. 

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    Dr. Paul Foreman

    in Culture

    Paul represented Jamaica in the 1960 Olympics and he is currently an author. Visit:






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    Engaged Spirituality with Dr. Jonathan Ellerby of the Althea Center

    in Self Help

    "As you cultivate spiritual experiences through practice and intention, your inner vision will develop, your heart will open, and your mind will release the illusions that breed fear and attachment." - Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

    Tune in as Sister Jenna interviews Dr. Jonathan Ellerby on the America Meditating Radio Program.

    Featured as an expert in films, print, television, and radio, Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., is a two-time bestselling author.  His most recent book is entitled, “The Promise of Paradise: Life-Changing Lessons from the Tropics.” He serves as the Executive Director and Lead Minister at the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality in Denver, Colorado.

    Dr. Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, spiritual counseling, integrative medicine, and corporate consulting. Drawing from a PhD in comparative religion and his travels to meet and study with healers and teachers in more than forty cultures around the world, Dr. Jonathan makes spirituality simple and every day inspired.  Dr. Jonathan has been featured as an expert for outlets such as Larry King Live, the Yoga Journal, Ladies Home Journal, Details Magazine, the New York Times, Woman’s Day, WholeLiving Magazine, CNN, Montel Williams Radio, Martha Stewart radio, Better TV, Daytime TV, CBS Morning News L.A., and several documentary films.  Visit the Althea Center’s website at www.altheacenter.org

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna

    Like America Meditating on Facebook and Download our FREE Pause for Peace app. 

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    Dr. Basil K. Bryan

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    Dr Basil K. Bryan served on the facility of Howard University between 1981 and 1991. Basil then became deputy ambassador at the Jamaican embassy in Washington Dc between 1991 to1998; after that, Bryan was consul general to New York from April 1998 to Sept 2007. He has received numbers awards, proclamations and citations from NY and many other states. In 2002, he was a recipient of the order of distinction (OD) from Jamaica. As an author of numerous publications, his current book is “The Jamaican: Children of God in the Promised Land.”

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    Hannah Lowe

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    March is women history month. Hannah Lowe is a writer, who from London and is of Jamaican ancestry. www.HannahLowe.org

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    Sophie Schiller's Danish Transfer

    in Writing

    Sophie Schiller was born in Paterson, NJ and grew up in the West Indies amid aging pirates and retired German spies. Educated at American University, Washington, DC, she spent many years working in International Business before becoming a writer. Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Sophie is at work on a sequel to "Spy Island" and on a historical thriller set during the Great Game in Tibet.

    "Spy Island" is an historical spy thriller for the adventure-lover. Prepare to be carried away to a tropical island with its potent mixture of suspense, romance, intrigue, and a delightful assortment of island characters who will cast a spell over you.

    If you can imagine a tropical Danish sugar colony during the Great War replete with German spy characters, Old World Danish characters, colorful West Indian characters, Irish sailor characters, blazing Luger pistols, a mad Voodoo Queen, and a daunting, resourceful heroine, then you have a good picture of "Spy Island".

    Come, find out more about what Sophie has to say about the story behind the story of how this book came to be and how it evolved.

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    Representing the Bellair section of Clearwater, Florida Peze (pronounced Peezy) is as raw as they come with a level of passion is rarely seen.  Since the age of 8 the young rapper was determined to share his story with the world. As a by-product of the streets Peze was born to drug-addict parents. He never had the opportunity to meet his mother, whose life succumbed to drugs before he reached his 1st birthday. Writing was his expression the music; his language. Because he has been doing it for so long, it is no wonder that people connected to his pain, his experience, his struggles as well as his blessings. Today Peze is recognized as many things, talented being at the top of the list. Hot off the presses is his highly anticipated mixtape, “Pain For Glory”. His single “John Doe” has gotten love from many radio stations around the country. This collaborative project is hosted by DJ Smallz, one of the hottest DJs in the Florida. Finally, a culmination his passions, struggles, lessons, mistakes…his life! Told like no other, Peze’s project is sure to give us all an inside glimpse of what makes his story so intriguing, his struggle so relatable, his music so addictive and why he is the one to watch.

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