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    Aquatic Wetline Special: LIVE Broadcast from Fish Frenzy Tropical Fish

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    On this awesome episode of Aquatic Wetline, this will be the final LIVE on LOCATION broadcast for 2014! Aqua Alex will be broadcasting LIVE from the brand new Fish Frenzy Tropical Fish Located in South Hadley MA. Fish Frenzy has relocated from Ludlow MA to South Hadley MA. Alex has known the owner of Fish Frenzy for many years now and he is eager to broadcast LIVE from Fish Frenzy.

    Aqua Alex and Fish Frenzy Owner Mr. Ed Pecord will discuss the history of Fish Frenzy and when it first opened it's doors, Ed will explain the process of running a fish store, and much more! This will be an awesome show!

    You can call in LIVE at 347-989-8142 dial 1 to ask questions!



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    Hydra Radio - Wet Spot Tropical

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    Hydra Radio! Wet Spot Tropical! Friday 10/31/14 @ 6pm CST. With Steven Lundblad and Cameo Konfrst.

    Join us Friday, Halloween night! Listen to fish talk, if you dare!!!!

    Steve Lundblad has been in the aquarium industry for over three decades. He is widely known as an Aulonocara expert and has maintained more than thirty species of Aulonocara for well over twenty years. He is one of the few that can easily tell the young female species apart. He has given many presentations to aquarium clubs across the nation and internationally and has received numerous awards for his breeding and conservation efforts. Recently, on his latest trip to Lake Malawi he assisted in the reintroduction of Pseudotropheus Saulosi to the Taiwan reef where the species is nearly gone due to the popularity in the aquarium hobby and overfishing.


    To call in with questions: 347-945-7180


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    How to: Ship Tropical Fish

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    In this episode of Aquatics Euphoria we discuss the proper shipping methods for tropical fish. We will discuss how to have an airtight seal using elastic bands. Some people use oxygen some do not depending on how far the fish has to travel. Ther are more than one right answer to shipping fish but only one safe way.

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    Erik Cantre From Majestic Cichlids Talking About Angelfish

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    Angel Fish breeder Erik Cantre from Majestic Cichlids is back on the show to talk about his breeding projects. Hae has a lot of information to share with us. If you have any questions please call in and ask 718-766-4119 press 1 . So this should be a nother fun filled episode and join us at 1 pm central and 2 eastern time .Erik has worked hard to breed these beautiful angelfish and his hard work shows.

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    CHICAGO Freestyle Dance Music Artist “Rochelle” was discovered at
    the age of 9 while performing a talent showcase in a famed Chicago Theater. This set the stage for ROCHELLE’S singing career.!!

    ROCHELLE caught the attention of many Latin American Stars such as Alejandra Guzman, Gloria Trevi and she also recorded a single video (duet) with the famous Jose Feliciano. ROCHELLE made her way to South America and Mexico as ROSITA, which became a household name. Her Live Performance were absolutely a CROWD PLEASER!!! !!

    Today ROCHELLE is back in the mix. She has recorded her very first
    Bachata album with songs like “SOLA”, “QUE HARIAS” and
    “PERDONAME” just to name a few. ROCHELLE also did a bachata
    version of her late 90’s hit “PRAYING FOR AN ANGEL” which she
    originally recorded was she was just 12 years old. Due to the fact that
    ROCHELLE is bilingual and sings in both English and Spanish, she
    has crossed over appeal in the Latin Amerian and Anglo markets, and
    with her angelical and beautiful vocal skills she is well on her way
    back to her love of music.
    ROCHELLE a new face in the TROPICAL  MUSIC WORLD with her
    amazing angelic voice.
    The best is yet to come for ROCHELLE

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    Dark Girl vs Light Girl the war of self-hate

    in Current Events

    Blumenbach argued that physical characteristics like skin color, cranial profile depended on geography, diet, and mannerism."Finally, I am of opinion that after all these numerous instances I have brought together of negroes of capacity, it would not be difficult to mention entire well-known provinces of Europe, from out of which you would not easily expect to obtain off-hand such good authors, poets, philosophers, and correspondents of the Paris Academy and on the other hand, there is no so-called savage nation known under the sun which has so much distinguished itself by such examples of perfectibility and original capacity for scientific culture, and thereby attached itself so closely to the most civilized nations of the earth, as the Negro. Blumenbach held to the "degenerative hypothesis" of racial origins. Blumenbach claimed that adam and eve were caucasian (Georgian) inhabitants of Asia, and that other races came about by degeneration from environmental factors such as the sun and poor diet. Thus, he claimed, Negroid pigmentation arose because of the result of the heat of the tropical sun, while the cold wind caused the tawny colour of the eskimos, while the chinese were fair-skinned compared to the other Asian stocks because they kept mostly in towns protected from environmental factors and that  all forms of man could revert to the caucasian race.

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    KMnm/Corporations? The F A M I L Y ! Appreciate not depreciate !

    in Religion

    Walk with me as we inventory the family.  There is qualityin the members of family.  The human family, ( created as the one Adam, by THE CREATOR of heaven and earth and all in between) has the potential to be business productions continuously reproducing.   We start first as the think tank, then lay out our thoughts for coordination, then we connect our thoughts for usefulness, then we form a productive  processing entity.  This is the core of every family unit.   Everything in creation created for Adam to use stilll grows the same or stand the same.  Foods, animals, forests, oceans deserts, air, space etc., 

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    Tuesday Night Naked Girls Radio Keeping You Toasty

    in Indie Music

    Sounds like lots of kids are off school tomorrow. Are you taking the day off work or still headed in anyway? When I was a kid we had snow days - not anymore. Kids are much more likely to be called off school because it is too cold. I just had a dream last night that I was on a hot sunny tropical beach somewhere. Honestly I could be a whole lot colder. This year I personally feel I am better prepared. I have a thicker skin and am not as afraid of the blistering cold. Amazing!

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    From the Mind of Pauline Griffin

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    Pauline (P. M.) Griffin, writing since her early childhood, enjoys telling a good tale. Since she always works with characters and situations that are deeply interesting to her, she finds the research as rewarding as the scribbling/keying. 

    Her Irish love of story-telling, coupled with her passion for history, the natural world, and the above-mentioned research,  have resulted in 19 novels and 12 short stories, 2 Muse Medallion Award winners among them, all in the challenging realms of science fiction and fantasy. 

    Pauline lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her cats Jinx, Katie, and Nickolette and 3 tropical fish aquariums and devotes just about every 'spare' moment to writing, research, and reading. 

    All her published books and stories to date are s-f or fantasy. Her solid adventure tales are character-driven and character-oriented. Two of the short stories won the Cat Writers' Association's Muse Medallion Award. Her books are for adults (because of vocabulary, sentence structure, etc., not because of objectionable content), although a good reader who is much younger would also enjoy them. She could have read any of them at the age of 10 or 11.

    Visit Pauline at www.pmgriffin.com/.

  • Live:Dr. Feelgood Show w/Forest- New Year Physical, Spiritual &Mental Health

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    Tired of feeling sick, tired, stressed, depressed, downpressed (any kind of pressed) and overwhelmed? Join me, Forest, every Sunday from 1 - 3 pm Eastern and FEEL GOOD (at least for two hours). Two hours of conscious reggae music interspersed (50/50) with information and knowledge on ALL health topics...physical, spiritual and mental. Every week a new healthy recipe to enjoy. 

    Brought to you by the La Reserva Forest Foundation, restoring the world's tropical forests.  

    Feedback, questions and comments are encouraged and welcome. Call me via Skype or (661) 467-2407 or chat me in the green chat room. 


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    Aqua Alex's Favorite Freshwater Fish

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    On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex brings in the new year with a fun show! Happy 2015 fish heads!  To kick start the new year, Aqua Alex will be discussing numerous species of fish! Aqua Alex will be discussing all of his favorite fish species and will tell you how to keep them in the aquarium and he will also discuss why he reccomends you keeping them in your aquarium! 

    Some of the species mentioned will be: Angelfish, Severums, Plecos, Jack Dempseys, Oscars, Arowanas, Silverdollars, and more!

    Call in at 1 347-989-8142 with any questions or chat fish!


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