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    A Chat with Artist S. L. Johnson

    in Art

    SpeakEasy host K. A. Laity chats with graphic artist S. L. Johnson, who creates both fine art images including wood and linoleum block prints and graphic design for clients including posters, t-shirts and a wide variety of merchandise. We'll be chatting about the creative life as usual and finding the sweet spot between pleasing clients and pleasing yourself. Johnson designed the SpeakEasy's own Trixie Sneer logo which is available on a variety of items. Drop by her shop to check out all the available merchandise!

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    Full Spectrum Radio with Trixie Fender!!! Guest Host Tina Storer!!!

    in Music

    Join myself and a SPECIAL guest Host the one and ONLY Miss Tina Storer who is ALSO an AMAZING singer and songwriter!!! As we speak do a DEAR friend and EXTREMELY Talented Trixie Fender! Trixie writes, produces, and performers ALL of her own music, performs in LARGE and small venues. Creates ANYTHING from POP to Dubstep Collaborations with top DJ's along with blowing our minds with some impromptu acapella with her and a keyboard! She is a TRUE artist and I have had the pleasure of knowing her and seeing her grow and develop as an artist and not only that but an AMAZING humanitarian for over 20 years! I cannot WAIT till Trixie and Tina 2 AMAZING artists get together on this show!!!

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    Porn vs Prostitution - the real break down of the industry

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of the Madame Mayhem Show, Madame Trixie and Platinum Puzzy are investigating the difference between and prostitution.  Is there a difference and if so what is it?  They are opening the phone lines inviting your opinions with a 24hr "Sound Off Line" by dialing 866-292-8816 - your message may be chosen to be played live!

    Trixie & Platinum will also discuss how being an "ESCORT" has affected their lives positively as well as negatively.  If you ever wanted to know what life is like a call girl, these 2 will definitely give you the REALEST answers and open up about life in the sex industry! 


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    BBW Party Shut Down's EXPOSED!

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of Madame Mayhem Radio, Madame Trixie and Platinum Puzzy are going to open the phone lines and take calls with opinions of why BBW parties are being shut down.  It's not new to the BBW event community that often times cops are called or various efforts are made to result in a promoter's party having to either be cancelled, or moved at the last minute and there seems to be some common factors that play a part in every scenario.  Is there a hater who is viciously seeking out their enemies with countless attempts and time consuming efforts to cause drama?  Is there an upset fan that didn't get access to a party or had drama with a promoter that is responsible?  We explore the speculations, the facts and the rumors to identify WHO really IS behind these shut downs.  

    The reason this is such a dilemma is not just because it makes the BBW community look bad, but because people spend MONEY, time and promote these parties.  It takes a lot to throw a successful event!  So who would do such a thing? Who out there has nothing but time and a heart full of hate to want to hurt our community as a whole but more importantly the person throwing the event?

    It's time we talked about it and we encourage YOU the listeners to call in with your opinions.  

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    Parenting in the Adult Business - Managing a double life

    in Entertainment

    Life is a balancing act.  But when you take on a double life where you struggle to have some normalcy among an industry that is filled with temptation, smut, partying, and adult entertainment; it can be difficult to manage.  More so, it can be difficult to be a good parent when typically a parent is trying to protect their children from the very content we produce.  

    Trixie & Platinum will open up about being industry workers and how they personally manage being a mom and a part of the adult entertainment world.  We will be opening the phone lines asking questions like "When is a good time to tell your kids and family that you are involved in the adult business?"  to "What do you do if your child finds out?"

    What are some do's and don'ts?   

    A controversial topic that will surely bring out various view points and dig deep so make sure you tune in! 

    As always, the show is LIVE from TouchySituations.com aka BBWCamHouse.com 

    Follow us on Twitter @MadameMayhem111 

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    Being labeled a BBW - does it hurt or help you?

    in Entertainment

    Everyone is described with adjectives or words that tell someone about what you look like, what you do or ultimately who you are.  For curvy women, we are often labeled BBW's or plus sized women.  Tonight, Madame Trixie and Platinum Puzzy discuss the topic of being labeled a BBW and how it effects your ability to gain work withint the adult industry.  

    We keep it real, raw and uncensored on Madame Mayhem Radio!  Tune in LIVE Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6pm EST / 3pm PST.  


    Please follow Madame Trixie on Twitter - @DaGhettoGeisha  and  @PlatinumPuzzy1

    ------ @PlatinumPRadio ----- 


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    Madame Mayhem - The return of 2 radio legends talking candid about BBW topics

    in Entertainment

    Live ftom TouchySituations.com first ever ALL BBW VOYEUR LIVE CAM HOUSE the legendary Madame Trixie returns to radio with BBW queen Platinum Puzzy to speak candidly about the adult industry, bbw activism and general open discussion topics.  These confident power house women represent curve confidence to the fullest and inspire women across the world to accept their bodies "as is" and love themselves.  Positive energy with a twist of "REAL" worldly issues will make this a unique show you have to listen to!  

    Today's topic is "Professionalism in the adult industry - is it a myth or just an old school practice?"

    You have industry beef's much like in rap, where people form alliances and enemies.  Even with having both professional and personal situations occur, there is a demeanor in which you represent among your peers.  Is professionalism dead?  What do YOU stand for?  What is YOUR definition of professionalism? 

    Tune in to hear Madame Trixie and Platinum Puzzy discuss their definition of professionalism and examples of how the industry has lost it's ability to represent a level of professionalism even in a world of sin.  

    We will be taking calls as well as reading comments and questions from our twitter @PlatinumPRadio 

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    Canterlot Radio - Episode #43: Hearts & Hooves Day Extravaganza

    in Entertainment

    Love is in bloom this week, and Canterlot Radio is getting you ready for Valentine's Day with the first ever "Hearts and Hooves Day Extravaganza." 

    Join Mic Check as he plays songs dedicated to love all over Equestria, shares some special dedications to some special Ponies, and reads a poem about love. Plus, find out how you can win a Funko vinyl figure of the Great and Powerful Trixie. 

    Join us for the Hearts and Hooves Day Extravagnaza. Today at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio!

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    Canterlot Radio - Episode #40: A Sweden Sour Chat with Princess Luna

    in Entertainment

    Canterlot Radio promsied bigger and better things in 2014, and we deliver with his first guest of the new year. 

    This week, we debut the all new segment, "Pony Talk with Mic Check" and our first guest is none other than Swedish MLP voice actress Fina Hylen, who is best known as the voice of Princess Luna, Derpy Hooves, and the Great and Powerful Trixie from the Swedish dubbing of FiM. 

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    Gail Haynes Author of the Book The Lemonade Stand Millionair

    in Blogs

    Gail Haynes Author of the Book The Lemonade Stand Millionair

    Born in Montreal, Haynes moved with her family to Oakville at age three, and her father started a tree service business. Six years later, the family made the move to Highway 5, and they were now in what Haynes describes as “the country.” With the expansive land space came the opportunity for horses to come into the family picture. On Haynes twelfth birthday, she was given Blondie, her horse. She recalls seeing her father dole out ten $100 bills to purchase her beloved Blondie as well as the saddle and all of the other equipment. Three months later, much to the delight of Haynes’ twelve year old self, Blondie who was actually pregnant (a fact not known at time of purchase). “My horse is going to have a baby!”, she recalls gleefully exclaiming. Trixie, Blondie’s daughter, then became Haynes’ sister’s horse.

    At age fifteen she succumbed to the seduction of entrepreneurship and laboured arduously at creating a business proposal for a Student Ventures summer loan program with the goal of running her own horse business. She practised her pitch in front of her parents who upon hearing her passionate speech, decided to loan her the startup money to purchase horses and equipment. 

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    Pastor Trixie Morgan

    in Christianity

    On tonights show the anointed, Pastor Trixie Morgan gives us some words of wisdom about ministry and the importance of building relationships.

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