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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Mark Arthur Miller!

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    How much do we love Mark Arthur Miller?  Enough to pass around virtual towels when he's guesting - because his vocals are THAT hot ;)  When we first met Mark, his "Soul Searching" EP had just arrived - in 2013.  Well, guess what?  He's on his way to make sure that we get MORE music.  Because he's about to launch a campaign to get the funds he needs - and he's going to tell us all about it!

    If you don't know our friend's story, hold onto your hat.  Mark was raised in the depths of Chicago, the only white boy on the block.  He absorbed the music around him, to say the least.  What helped that neighborhood music stick to his emotional ribs? That fact that his Dad was a respected staff writer at Motown.  Mark and his father were estranged - but the music that he heard him turn out in the Motor City inspired young Miller in ways that he couldn't explain.  He knew that his path in life would be similar to what "chose" his Dad (discovered by Berry Gordy).  Because, really, we don't choose what our passion is: it chooses US.

    We've already thrilled to the life that Mark gives songs - witness what he does to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel."  Hence, the need for virtual towels ;)  Let's help Mark get his Christmas present.  Let's get this fundraiser going to give us the music that we love: the Jazz-infused SOUL that this man does like no one else!  You best believe that Ron Miller is watching over his son's journey.  Bet Stevie Wonder would take an interest, too.  After all, Mr. Miller wrote FIVE of Stevie's hit records.  We're all FAMILY, after all.  And Brother Mark is gonna make you smile, talking about just that - one of his favorite subjects :)  Join us on 11/19!


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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Cecil Ramirez!

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    You already know that we cover the gamut of ALL That is Jazz on this show.  We have had the most traditional of the straight-ahead crowd.  We have had acts that are SO contemporary that they AIN'T Jazz ;)  Cecil Ramirez is that most awesome of artists - trained at The Music Conservatory, University of the Pacific (at age 16!), worked hard on the road with his college band, Pacific Crossing, and formulated his music through a cross-section of inspirations - helped along by his rigorous schedule in recording studios in Northern California.

    Who Cecil IS: a seasoned artist who is completely comfortable playing that Mason & Hamlin piano in a living room - or outdoors to several thousand fans.  Something that needs to get said about our guest - while yours truly is typing this on Veterans Day: he's a military brat.  And that fact tells you what is necessary about his music.  Having lived in many places, one cannot help but be inspired by the many cultures and local flavor that surrounds you.  Cecil has brought this to his music, too.  

    What a pleasure to have this consummate keyboardist, composer and arranger on the show!  You ask Brian Culbertson about Cecil.  Brian has had this amazing artist as a key figure at Mr. C's "Napa Valley Jazz Getaway" for a few years now. Whew, is Cecil's life kicking!  And with "Party in the Back" (his second release), it's only UP from here.  The personnel on the album - besides his friend and frequent music collaborator, Brian: Darren Rahn, Michael Lington, Phil Denny and Adam Hawley!  So you KNOW that there are many who respect Cecil's vast talent.  Including this writer!

    Besides having worked with the A-listers in Contemporary Jazz, Cecil has also spent time working on behalf on charities. Including cancer prevention and autism awareness. Please join us during our visit on 11/12! 

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    Style With Trysh

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    Jackie is a model and an actress. She received professional modeling training from Barbizon School of Modeling and John Robert Powers. She has done fashions shows for Urban Style Promotions, Black Pearl Promotions, Liz Claiborne, Chicos, as well as events in Atlanta and Macon, GA. She was the 3rd place winner in make-up at the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) held in Hollywood, CA. in 2003 where she was sought after by several agencies to work in New York and Los Angeles. Jackie is signed to Shawndaja Entertainment Agency.


    As an entrepreneur, Jackie founded Unique Ladies Boutique, which specializes in unique clothing and accesories. She believes you can be a woman of integrity who loves God and still look beautiful. Jackie is also the author of the book Purpose Seekers.

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    Voices InJustice - Giving praise to our Veterans - Warriors for Freedom

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    Voices InJustice honoring our Veterans.... Sunday beginning at 7pm eastern time, please join in with Trish as we give praise to the warriors who protect us everyday. We depend on our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom to seek happiness & live our daily life without threat; we would not enjoy any of this without the soldiers who defend us everyday.

    I've been a military wife, moved half way around the world and gave birth to two children while tour in the U.K., it is difficult being a new parent when you have family around you, even more challenging when your spouse is a soldier getting stationed some place new every three or four years and trying to settle your children into a new place on a regular basis. When we left the U.K. and went to Netherlands, it was right at the Grenada battle and the Dutch Marines strip searched me & my babies as we entered the airport customs. It was a terrifying 12mons over there where we couldn't speak the language or communicate with our families. This is a sacrifice that millions of Military Families give to protect our daily freedom. Tonight we invite anyone who would like to praise their special soldier, share a story, share your tour time and the battles that have caused so many to suffer with injury, loss of life, and the haunting triggers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Think of what they have been through and how long their tour in battle to make sure no harm comes to American soil.

    Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army our respect for all you give to our country everyday. This show is in your honor. Thank you all for your service and your families for the sacrifice they suffer with you. 

    Our phones & chatroom will be open and we hope many will join this show. We are for entertainment and outreach support as part of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. Thank you for supporting us


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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Nancy Lane!

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    First, let me say a sincere thank you to Kari Gaffney, who introduced yours truly to Nancy Lane.  Kari-On Productions has given "Hybrid Jazz" new breath - since the company is intent on fabulous artists.  To keep UP with the stable of talent that they offer is a formidable task.  But there's no doubt that we should cross paths with Nancy.  She's so beautifully natural in her delivery.  There's nothing staged or phony - she means every line in every song - but she's having a BALL while delivering the message :)

    Turns out that it MUST be hereditary, this musical talent.  Nancy's Grandmother was an opera singer - her Aunt was a Jazz entertainer.  Dad used to play sax at home as his enchanted daughter danced.  AND brother managed a record store in Montreal - which paved the way for many a musical style to be heard throughout the house.  

    To show you how intent little Nancy's heart was - at TEN - her dance instructor invited the class to perform any piece that they desired.  While classmates chose the latest Pop offerings, Nancy selected Stan Getz's "Reflections."  Can you just see them stopping in their tracks?  Hah!  

    At 18, a sound engineering student asked Nancy if she would record a Jazz standard for his final.  Unknown to her, he submitted her voice to "Downbeat" Magazine - who recognized the teenager publicly for her intonation and interpretation. So, you might figure that Nancy Lane's future would be bright.  And it IS.  She has done radio jingles, soundtracks, and has been the station ID voice for the now CKLX in Canada.  

    We'll talk about Nancy's songwriting, too, for sure - and this wonderful debut.  "Let Me Love You" is peppered with the kind of songs that we heard growing up - in a whole new way :-D  You'll LOVE Nancy Lane!

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    Human Behavior What a Trip with Jonathan Brower – today’s Guest is Trish Perez

    in Health

    You can listen to Jonathan on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:00 AM PST. To listen or talk with Jonathan call 657-383-0369.

    You can follow Jonathan on Facebook facebook/com/humanbehaviorwhatatrip or Twitter @humanbehavior_

    You can always email me at jbphd@gmail.com

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    HR Happy Hour 224 - iCIMS and Talent Acquisition Technology

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    HR Happy Hour #224 - iCIMS and Talent Acquisition Technology

    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane

    Guests: Madeline Laurano, Colin Day, Adam Feigenbaum

    Recorded Wednesday November 4, 2015

    This week on the show, HR Happy Hour hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane were at the recent iCIMS Analyst Day in San Diego, where they sat down with fellow analyst and official 'Friend of the HR Happy Hour' Madeline Laurano in Part 1 of the show, to talk about trends in HR and recruiting technology, and followed by a conversation with iCIMS CEO Colin Day, and COO Adam Feigenbaum about the state of the Applicant Tracking System, and the broader market for Talent Acquisition technology.

    iCIMS has developed a substantial list of customers for its talent acquisition technology suite, and has made a commitment to talent acquisition as its primary focus - sort of unique among large, established HR tech companies, many of which are or have been pushing to develop or acquire additional or adjacent capabilities.

    iCIMS has made a big bet that customers will understand and value what a provider solely focused on Talent Acquisition can offer, and on the show you can hear direct from iCIMS execs on why they have elected to stick with their core competency and how that benefits their customers.

    This was a really interesting and fun event. Thanks to iCIMS for having myself and Trish out at the event, and also thanks to Madeline, Colin, and Adam for taking the time to be a part of the HR Happy Hour Show.


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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with SounDoctrine's Jere B!

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    Goodness only knows that you've heard Jere B on "Hybrid Jazz!"  One of our favorite people on the planet, B is returning to crow just a LITTLE about his group's new CD.  Okay, maybe he'll boast a LOT - he sure deserves to be singing the praises of SounDoctrine's latest, called "Source."  If you know anything about this fabulous band, based in Youngstown, Ohio, you already have perceived that the Source that gets recognition here is God - who is the SOURCE for ALL :)

    We've watched SounDoctrine's growth and success through the years - back when they appeared at the "Gospel Music Connection" in 2002.  That was in Northeast Ohio - and the word has spread all over the world by now.  The original, alternative, Funk Jazz Fusion ensemble known as SounDoctrine has truly captured fans' hearts around the globe!  You might have loved them when you first heard the debut project, called "Perseverance."  Or you may know "SD Live" - or "Endurance."  That album featured "Small Mouthed Bass" - which was latere re-mixed by contemporary Jazz great, Bob Baldwin.  "Inspire" followed - and built on the group's word-of-mouth momentum.

    By this time, a whole lot of industry folks were taking notice.  Kirk Whalum, Pieces of a Dream, Spyro Gyra, Freddy Jackson - SounDoctrine opened for all of them!  The Hollywood Black Film Festival loved their music - so did the Weather Channel.  The excitement is building in every direction where their fans live NOW - because a new release is HERE - and "Source" will confirm what all of us have been saying for YEARS.  That SounDoctrine is one of the most creative musical units on the planet.  Fun, fearless, full of feeling!  Join us in The Chat Room on 11/5 - it will feel like a reunion.  Because it WILL be :-D

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    Style With Trysh

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    In 1999 the world was Kebra’s oyster and she was determined to make pearls of it. Vibrant, beautiful, determined, intelligent, and with a voice that could stop traffic, she was at the beginning of a career that showed great potential and even more promise. Then life, looking to make an example of one God’s chosen, reared its ugly head. On Christmas Eve of that year Kebra was traveling back from New Orleans to Arkansas with her 14-month old son and fiancé to make final arrangements for their upcoming wedding in just a couple of weeks. Their car was involved in a devastating accident that miraculously did no harm to her son and fiancé but, unfortunately, left her as a paraplegic. That is where, as Kebra boldly stated, “the devil messed up badly. He should have killed me.”  Tune to find out how her journey continues

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    The Imbalance of American Justice - Celebrities who got away with murder....

    in Current Events

    Voices Injustice is looking at an area very sensitive to our justice system, at least here in America - Celebrities who killed their spouses.....How many rich celebrities were able to buy their way out of punishment for this heinous crime and how is it that money controls our society, rather than any sense of balanced justice for all human beings? This is where the true injustice of our human society comes through. We are all consumed with who is dating who? Who is cheating on who? Who is divorcing who? However, there is a much more dangerous edge to the Who is Who; Celebrities who killed because of jealousy, power, dominance, control!!!! 

    Join Trish, Sunday Nov 8th, beginning at 7pm eastern time as we have some fun in snooping about the celebrities, but we are looking at the dark side of the person who allows the need for power, their ego, their needs to send them into a rage that ended up in murder. I'm certain you have some type of Celebrity who has been charged with a type of Family Offense or Brutal Crime; did they get away with it? Was the punishment equal to what someone without money and power would have gotten? Money is how you survive in prison, its how we survive in the world; sadly its also what feeds the harmful drive of dominance or more deserving of your service. Give me a call live to share; 929-477-3163, or you can use your Social ID to sign into BlogTalk and join our active chatroom. 

    Our shows bring real topics of conversation in hopes we can influence change in our perception of justice. In no manner do our shows represent any from of professional legal, medical, or therapeautic advice. The Voices Injustice Radio is a continuing outreach program of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, Fndr/Director; Patricia McKnight - 'My Justice' available in Kindle, Nook, Ebook & Paperback. Your purchase supports our programming, Thank you

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Pianist/Composer/Producer Amina Figarova

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    Amina Figarova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Piano lessons came early - and she trained to become a classical concert performer.  In the late 80's, she became immersed in Jazz studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory.  Coming to the States in 1989, she completed her education at Berklee.  It was there that she met Bart Platteau, a flutist from Belgium.  

    Together, Amina and Bart were invited - in 1998 - to join the Monk Institute Summer Jazz Colony in Aspen.  And there have been countless shows - everywhere - since then.  And a baker's dozen of albums!  "Blue Whisper"  is her current project, full of personal reflection and haunting melodies.  With Amina on this gorgeous ride, is her touring sextet - and a bevy of prestigious guests.  Including past "Hybrid Jazz" visitor Wayne Escoffery.  And a man whose name you've heard quite a bit on the show, bassist Luques Curtis.  

    We'll certainly heard tracks from this incredible CD - and talk to Amina about the road that took her to such articulate expression of her musical heart.  We'll also hear offerings from November Babies - this month is full of strong Jazz voices and instrumentalists.  We might even thrown in some December children - Amina is one of those :)  

    Join us at NOON Eastern time on Tuesday, 11/3/2015.  Our fascinating guest joins us in the second hour.  We hope to see you in our Chat Room!