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    Women On The Rise Rewind - Valerie Champion & Dr. Diva Verdun

    in Women

    In Celebration of Woman's History Month Women On The Rise is Sharing past participants of the Program.  

    "Let our Past be Our Inspiration, Our Present the Blueprint, To Give Vision to Our Future. - Celeste Duckworth

    Valerie Champion of Heart-Full of Faith Foundation was created to help meet the needs of my brothers and sisters that are less fortunate.

    Dr. Diva Verdun, is a mystic, author, teacher, and holistic success coach with a passion for individual empowerment and business development. Her illuminating message embraces the principle of perfection, which is at the center of each person's being.


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    Women On The Rise presents Laurie Battaglia

    in Women

    Featuring Laurie Battaglia

    Laurie has spent the last 17 years of her career working for some of the nation’s largest investment and banking companies. She is Vice President for Wells Fargo in Phoenix, where she manages a team of Learning and Communication Professionals. Laurie is a former leadership development facilitator for Vanguard, the nation’s largest mutual fund company.

    Join Host Celeste S. Duckworth, for the Women On The Rise Program with guest Laurie Battaglia and lets talk about the Challenges, Successes, and how Laurie cracked the code to follow her dream.

    8:00PM EST - 7:00PM Central - 5:00PM Mountain/Pacific

    Dial In or SKYPE (646) 564 - 9798 to listen, comment or ask questions.

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/03/24/women-on-the-rise-presents-laurie-battaglia

    Guest Business Sponsor is Marcy Sherman, Owner of Marcella of Italy in Scottsdale AZ.

    www.marcellaofitaly.com or contact her at marcellaofitaly@gmail.com

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    A Taste Of Ink Live with Author Brian W. Smith

    in Entertainment

    Brian W. Smith is the award winning, bestselling author of fourteen novels which has  earned spots on the Dallas Morning News, Amazon, and Black Expressions Best Sellers lists. He has been awarded the Male Author of the Year by several literary organizations and he’s co-host of The Bookends radio show.  When Brian is not writing novels, traveling to literary events, and meeting with book clubs nationwide, he serves as an Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing, at a Community College in the Dallas, Texas  

    Join Host Celeste S. Duckworth and Brian W. Smith as we talk about his latest book series BOSS and the inspiration behind the story and more.

    March 22nd, Dial In/SKYPE (646) 564 -9798 to comment, listen or ask questions

    6:00PM EST - 5:00PM Central - 3:00PM Mountain - 2:00PM Pacific

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/03/22/a-taste-of-ink-live-with-author-brian-w-smith

    Chef Avenell's Bistro 

    6715 North State Hwy 123,  Geronimo, TX 78155,  Call:  830.515.6436 or E-mail: chefabistro@gmail.com, W 

    Tuesday through Friday
    Open 11:00AM to 8:00PM
    Dinner Served 5:00PM to 8:00PM 
    (By Reservation Only Book Day in Advance by Phone - Dinners Prepared Fresh)
    Saturday 8:00AM to 4:00PM
    Call:  830.515.6436


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    VERTIKAL Live Radio presents Kristi Keller

    in Entertainment

    Join us for some insightful and fun travel information about Jamaica with our Hosts Celeste Duckworth & Kristi Keller.  This year let VERTIKAL Virtual Passport and Kristi Keller take you on a journey to some of the Dream Destinatinations of our listeners.  Finding the, "Not So Beaten Paths," Tasting Exotic Foods, and finding you the best deals that keep your vacation inexpensive, and giving you some of the best travel tips you need to make your travels amazing.  We can't wait.

    Dial In/SKYPE 1 (646 )564-9798 #1 to listen, ask questions or comment.

    8:00PM to 9:00PM EST - 7:00PM to 6:00PM Central - 6:00PM to 7:00 PM Mountain - 5:00PM to 6:00PM Pacific

    Join Chat @  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/03/12/vertikal-live-radio-presents-kristi-keller

    Our guest business sponsor is Ed Hand of Helping Hand Inc.  in Mississauga Ontario.  To our Canadian Audience Ed Hand is a Client Care Specialist who after being faced with Adversity from an Accident partnered with Attorney Dan Balena and started helping people who have been faced with the same adversity and showing them that sometimes adversity can be transformed into a triumphant story.

    Ed Hand is avaialbe for you to call him anytime or email him at. ed@helpinghandinc.com tell him you heard about him on VERTIKAL.   His number is    1 855 313-hurt  and website is helpinghandinc.com







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    VERTIKAL LIVE presents Women On The Rise

    in Women

    Krylyn Peters, “The Fear Whisperer,” is an author, speaker, coach, and singer/songwriter. She motivates, inspires, and entertains - always leaving people empowered with the practical tools they need to make positive changes.

    Krylyn’s philosophy is that we all have a calling, which typically emerges from intense personal challenges. She has overcome her own challenges, being raised in a family torn apart by alcoholism, undiagnosed mental illness, abuse, neglect, and secrets. 

    Join Host Celeste S. Duckworth and Krylyn Peters have a conversation about how she helps individuals tame their fear and embrace their greatness...

    Call In/SKYPE (646) 564 - 9897 to listen, comment or ask questions.

    8:00PM EST - 7:00PM Central - 6:00PM Mountain - 5:00PM Pacific 

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/02/24/vertikal-live-presents-women-on-the-rise

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    VERTIKAL LIVE presents "The Other Side" with Xio

    in Education

    Wed. February 18th, Meet Photographer Xiomaro.  While commissioned to take interior shots of the William Floyd Estate on Mastic Island, Long Island, Xio found a piece of history that he felt needed to be shared.   Join us VERTIKAL LIVE with Host Celeste S. Duckworth and Xio Xiomaro.

    Call In/SKYPE (646) 564-9897 to comment, ask questions or listen.

    8:00PM EST - 7:00PM Central - 6:00PM Mountain - 5:00PM Pacific 

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/02/19/vertikal-live-presents-the-other-side-with-xio

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    VERTIKAL LIVE presents Your Personal Style

    in Fashion

    Fashion is like, "Art Set On Fire." When a woman drapes her body with a garment, It's like painting on a canvas. Your personal style should tell a story like no one else's...- Nikki Nahar

    What is your personal style? Send us your picture and thoughts to Style@vertikallifemagazine.com and you might be one of the featured guest on VERTIKAL LIVE Radio's Soft Launch of VERTIKAL LIFE Magazine's Style Section.

    Join Hosts Celeste Duckworth and Nikki Nahar as they talk about, what your Style is and how to do it with Grace!

    February 4th at 8:00PM EST - Dial/SKYPE (646) 564-9897 to comment, listen or ask questions.

    8:00PM to 9:00PMEST - 7:00PM to 8:00PM Central - 6:00PM to 7:00PM Mountain - 5:00PM to 6:00PM Pacific

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/02/05/vertikal-live-presents-your-personal-style

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    S07/E02: "A Little Bit Of Dis, A Little Bit Of Dat & A Little Bit A Everythin'!"

    in Politics Progressive

    A lot has been happening politically on Capitol Hill and all across America since November 2014. 

    We'll be speaking on a variety of topics ranging from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Republicans wanting to cut Social Security, the Keystone XL Pipeline Deal, Women's Rights, Gay Marriage and everything you can think of under the sun. The mic is yours friends. Call in and speak your mind as we take your calls and talk about burning issues of the day and how it affects us.

    What's been happening in YOUR State! What drives your passion for politics and what do you want to see happen as America moves forward into the 21st Century. Will Democrats be spineless or will they take the fight to Republicans? 

    Honorable mention & greetings go out to the following who are doing a STAND OUT job representing their constituents:

    Senators: Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), Al Franken (Minnesota), Corey Booker (New Jersey), Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin), Bernie Sanders (Vermont), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), Bill Nelson (Florida), Debbie Stabbenow (Michigan), Kirsten Gillibrand (New York) and Ed Markey (Massachusetts)

    Congress: Nancy Pelosi (California), Linda & Loretta Sanchez (California), Alan Greyson (Florida), Kathy Castor (Florida), John Lewis (Georgia), Tammy Duckworth (Illinois), Donna Edwards (Maryland), Steny Hoyer (Maryland), Sander Levin (Michigan) and Nita Lowey (New York)

    They effectively lead the way against Right Wing extremism. 

    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"
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    Where Do We Start?

    in Culture

     VERTIKAL LIFE’s global mission and vision is how do we create a vital role for Black America within the Global Community?  How do we build a new leadership that will represent us effectively

    Join Host Celeste Duckworth with guests Roy Hobbs, Micki Esposito, Janks Morton, Laura Bulluck, and Arthur Powell as we discuss what would be effective ways to answer the question, "Where do we start?"

    Call In/SKYPE (646) 564-9897 to comment, listen or ask questions.

    8:00PM to 9:30PM EST - 7:00PM to 8:30PM Central - 6:00PM to 7:30PM Mountain - 5:00PM to 6:30PM Pacific

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/01/15/where-do-we-start

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    A Taste of Ink LIVE featuring Author Joseph A. Eddington

    in Books

    Join Host Celeste A. Duckworth and Author Joseph A. Eddington of "The Haint" The Haint is about an African girl who is raised by a witch doctor, who teaches her about nature, healing, incantations and about being at one with earth and the universe before getting caught in the slave trade,  and coming to Pre-Civil War America.

    Dial In/SKYPE (646)564-9897 to ask questions or just listen.

    6:00PM EST - 5:00PM Central - 4:00PM Mountain - 3:00PM Pacific Time.

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2014/12/28/a-taste-of-ink-live-featuring-author-joseph-a-eddington

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    The Simple Joy of Holiday Entertaining Part 3

    in Moms and Family

    The Holidays are the perfect time to entertain family & friends in your home. Now, before you begin hyperventilating at the thought of preparing for an elaborate event in your home, you need to stop & consider entertaining the Simple Joy way!

    Hosting a party in your home doesn't need to be elaborate, elegant or expensive. It can be as simple as having a few people in for soup & sandwiches while you decorate your Christmas tree! The problem with entertaining these days is the misconception that it must be some over-the-top production guaranteed to WOW your guests. WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!!! Entertaining in your home is all about your guests. It's about enjoying a wonderful time with people you like & love. AND, it's all about reducing your stress! Remember, the first rule of entertain the Simple Joy way is ATTEND YOUR OWN PARTY! No one is going to have fun  if you aren't having fun so you need to be the #1 guest at all your events.

    To help you put the JOY back into entertaining this Christmas, Jean Ann Duckworth offers 5 different types of parties that you can host during the Holidays. They are easy to plan, easy to prepare & fun to host!

    For more tips to help you reduce Holiday stress & put the JOY back into Chrismtas, please visit: