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    Let's talk about what triggers you to anger, to take action and to make peace. Everyone has different triggers. How can you use your triggers to not control you but  in a way that benefits you. What if you no longer want triggers to be in your life? Are your triggers dangerous and lead you to possible irreversable actions or into crazy situations. Do your tiggers make you think irrationally or impulsively. There are ways to eliminate your triggers as well. Lets talk about it.

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    What Triggers you and How You Can Live with the Triggers

    in Spirituality

    What Triggers you?  We all have triggers.  Join Nicole as she explores what your are triggers are and how you can live with them in your life. Nicole has a private practice in Olympia, Washington. Her website is http://www.chenergy.us You can email her at che@chenergy.us or find her on facebook or twitter. @ChenergyLLC 

    Thanks for listening!

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    Managing our triggers this holiday season

    in Self Help

    Do you struggle with triggers, especailly as the holidays grow closer. Today's show will give you tools to manage those triggers. You will learn about:

    Remaining present during the holidays
    Interpersonal relations
    Mindful awareness for self-regulation

    As director of Program Development and Trauma Awareness at Timberline Knolls, a residential treatment center in Chicago, Illinois, guest, Megan Ross develops programming in alignment with the evolutions of neuroscience, process addictions, trauma recovery, expressive modalities, and critical, humanist psychology. She can be reached at www.timberline knolls.com.

    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, knows healing is in replacing the trauma mindset. Her book, How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse is available at amazon. To pick up your FREE ebook, 11 Tools for Happiness CLICK here. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.


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    Relapse Triggers

    in Lifestyle

    When people stop using alcohol and drugs they are given a second chance on life. Some embrace this new life and never look back. Others find living without alcohol and drugs to be a struggle every day. Regardless of your experience, we are all susceptible to triggers which can cause us to relapse. Recognizing and managing these triggers is important to maintaining our sobriety.

    So what are triggers? A “trigger” of addiction involves any high-risk situation or stressor that “cues” a thought, feeling, or action to use alcohol or drugs. There are two types of triggers: internal, which occur within us, and external which occurs outside of us. 

    On this episode we will explore common triggers and discuss ways to counteract these unhealthy reactions and develop an action plan to keep ourselves safe and sober. 

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    Emotionally Charged Triggers

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever just felt fine and on top of the world when someone said something, or you heard a song you hadn’t heard for a while or a scene in a movie or show moved you to tears!  Well, you were just “triggered”.  Something from your past in this life or maybe from a past life deep within the core of your being was “moved” to come to the surface.  When this happens it can be an explosion of anger, fear, or maybe even sadness that wasn’t there just a moment ago.

    Sue Graywolf Petruzzi and Smokey Whitewolf Steiner will talk about some of the “triggers” they have had or still have, and will guide you to understand why they are there and what needs to be done to help you release the “hold” these repeated patterns may have on you.  It is a matter of just paying attention to what is bubbling up to the surface, acknowledging that it happened, and doing whatever healing is necessary to release the “Trigger”. 

    All the Ciracle Radio shows are now grouped around the changes in manifesting the New Earth - relationships, teaching of the elders, spirit guides and working with the Earth Mother and Earth’s creatures. Together we grow. Be a part.

    Don't forget to bring an open heart and mind.

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    Intention follows Integrity~ Understanding your inspirations & triggers

    in Lifestyle

    There are times when we know we are on the right path .Then there are times when we question just about every area of our lives , trying to uncover the area that we need to change for more bliss, peace, joy...when it really only comes down to connection within.Who can teach you how to connect within? Pick one out of the millions of teachers, authors, leaders of inspiration...who can inspire you the most? You. Finding out what triggers , inspires, enrages, nurtures, coddles, supports, destroys, uplifts...and every other emotional act, feeling, reaction all comes down to your internal compass of truth.

    What do you value?Do you have to compete or search endlessly for meaning? Why? What are you searching for?

    More depth? Connection?

    Go within and understand your motive, intention and integrity...

  • Triggers and the Blessings they Present Us With...

    in Spirituality

    Anytime we have an ego reaction to something that we are observing in our outer world, it is an opportunity for healing. They are Holy Instants that allow the miracle to occur as we shift our thinking from fear to love.

    Please join us as we discuss this, maybe you will gain a new perspective :-)

    Why listen to us? Who are we?

    We are students of A Course In Miracles who are dedicated to allowing love and healing into our lives and the lives of others. We meet weekly in Whitby Ontario which is located about a half hour east of Toronto. Our intention is to create a highly healing energy space for like minds to connect and expand.

    How to find us in person?

    We are on meetup - http://www.meetup.com/Living-with-Love-ACIM-Discussion-Group/

    We are on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ACIM.LivingWithLove/

    We love meeting others on this similar journey and I hope to connect with all who feel to :-)

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    seizure triggers of Winter

    in Health

    'Tis the season for unusual seizure triggers. Flashing or bright lights, glistening snow, freezing temperatures, bumps and bruises, even food additives. Tonight we will discuss seizure triggers and bring up the most common seizure triggers for Winter. Do you expereince a trigger more often in Winter?  Call in to speak with the host 1(646) 721-9207, email the host terrifictonya@nsdf.us   

    Did you know that not every seizure survivor expereinces seizure triggers? Tune in and bring your friends. Grow in knowledge so you can help someone in need &raise awareness





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    What are "Stress Triggers" and How to Identify Yours

    in Lifestyle

    Betty and Doris talk about what triggers stress and how it pertains to you.

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    Episode 1630 - How to deactivate and dismantle emotional triggers in Jesus Name

    in Spirituality

    Episode 1630 - How to deactivate and dismantle emotional triggers in Jesus Christ Name

    Recorded LIVE Wed 7-9-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Pastor Frank Marzullo


    email: marzullo@bellsouth.net

    Mailing Address:

    Frank Marzullo
    1300 Weymouth Drive
    Deland, Florida 32720

    Ph: 386-736-2820 daytime hours only

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    What Triggers Our Anger?

    in Prayer

    Anger has been described as being a, "Misunderstood Emotion" in which many of us have never learned to handle. Anger seems to rule us, push us around, and make us do and say things that we later regret.  Yet truly believing this puts us at the mercy of any and all external factors, robbing us of freedom by being enslaved by people and circumstances that are completely out of our control.  

    Listen to the show as we discuss how we can break the anger habit!

    Book reference: Learning to tell myself the truth by Dr. William Backus. A 6-week guide to freedom from Anger, Anxiety, depression, and perfectionism.