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    Tribal Mojo Magic with Planet Remix!!!

    in Spirituality

    Join Ms Blue and Ester we get into some Tribal Mojo Magic! We know that Planet Remix is the loveliest most magical tribe out there so join us tonight for some out of this world games and fun! 

    Come share your magic with the Remix Family! We will also be on twitter so be sure to check in under the hashtag: #tribalmojomagic15 and follow Ms. Blue @BlueRasberry and Ester @MissSoulVirgo

    See you there ~~ <3 <3  

    This is night you definitely want to be on the lines ~~ Call In Number: 646-652-2711

    Contact MsBlue:

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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlueRasberry 

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    Contact Ester:

    Readings | Self Invested Workshop | Psychic | Priestess Hood | Metaphysician | Radio Host | Magic Maker

    Email:  swirlsessionswithester@gmail.com

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MissSoulVirgo  

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Remix-Radio/114209487075

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    in Christianity

    Learn  all about all of our new and exciting programs.

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    Johnathan Johnson will highlight bodybuilding programs

    in Fitness

    Veteran Bodybuilder Johnathan Johnson, owner of Powerful Permission Fitness will discuss his achievements, training, and programs. 

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    in Travel



    By "GlobetrotterGal"

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    Community Programs of The Black Panthers & Facts About The Black Power Movement

    in Culture

    We'll deal with some Little Known Facts about the Black Power Movement and some of the Community Programs that the Black Panthers started.


    We'll also deal with the History of April Fool's Day!!!

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    Al Killeen - Integrative Mastery Programs

    in Management

    Al Killeen is the President, CEO, and Founder of Integrative Mastery Programs. The business is a set of integrated programs and training for successful executives and organizations that focuses on
    Leadership, Management and Coaching to create empowered, zealous cultures based on values.

    Questions Discussed:

    1. What is different about IMP?
    2. Who are typical IMP clients?
    3. How effective is the IMP system?

    Contact Info: 

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    TRIBAL ECONOMICS: Traditional vs. Modern w/ Jaime O Perez, Mixteca Medicine Man

    in Religion


    "Tribal Economics 101" is our second interview with Mixteca Medicine Man, ceremonialist, author and (most recently) Congressional Candidate Jaime O. Perez. (Facebook)(Blog) of El Paso, Texas.

    Jaime says: "Members of the Sun Circle Community, We Honor Our Ancestors And Our Grandfathers And Grandmothers; That Beliefs Evolve; That Fire Is The Symbol And Manifest Reality Of The Memory Of Our Ancestors; That Fire Was Handed Down To Us As A Ritual Practice By Our Ancestors; That We Demonstrate Love For Our Ancestors When We Hold Place Around The Fire And Honor Its Warmth and Energy In Our Ceremonies; We Honor Our Ancestors When We Establish Guardians For The People And The Fire; When All Men And Women Hold Their Place In Ceremony And All Cultural Practices, Rituals, Quests and Pilgrimages; When We Honor A Balance Of Male And Female; When We Honor Our Tradition By Consistent Words And Deeds; and Participate In The Civic, Cultural, Traditional, Social And Political Life Of Our Community."

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    Social Capital vs Social Programs

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" shall discuss the distinctions between "Social Capital" vs "Social Programs". The primary distinction between the two is that Social Programs pay a person (not to produce). If you have Social Capital you produce.

    We shall also ask the questions:

    Can U pass on "generational wealth" with Social Programs ?
    Can U pass on "generational wealth" with Social Capital ?

    After we answer those questions, we shall discuss HOW anyone can generate social capital TODAY and how we can organize TODAY to pass that "Social Wealth" into the future.


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    Choctaw Tribal Council: election reform action

    in Culture

    Much has been done and said about Batton's election reform ask force and their recommendations. Last month Batton took the reforms to the council, and word is that the people will be disappointed once again. However, let's see what happens Saturday at the councl house in Tushkahoma, and we'll have guests to share with you their own thoughts and opinions.

    It is an election year for Chief and six council members, and they will be expecting the people to vote for them once again. In the years past, voter turnout has been dismal, and with good reason! The general attitude is one of disempowerment, one feels it is useless to try and change anything even by voting. So my question is when are you going to stand up and exercise your power, your voice and put committed actions to those words. It does appear that Batton will be the next Chief simply because there is not enough time to change the election procedures and rules, unless we begin to become involved the various grassroot groups that have emerged, such as, Choctaws Rising and Chahta Veterans for Chahta Civil Rights: McAlester Reunion and Potluck. By the time the elections are over, there may be a few more, but the true test will be those who have learned from this process and begin planning for the next election two years away when another six council seats are up.

    Join us as we discuss the recent happenings and what is next. Future meetings have been planned for McAlester and Talihina so let us know if you would like for us to come! Share this post with other Chahta's and listen in on Sunday!

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    in News

    BREAKING NEWS: Blatimore Police are dealing with rioting, looting and multiple gangs threats to attack Police as a possible result revolving around the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died while in police custody.  All of this violence today (April 27, 2015) started following the funeral for Freddie Gray.

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    20 Things We Have Learned About Marriage That You Need To Know - Part 4

    in Romance

    On today's telecast of the Inner Discovery Hour with Greg & Cheryl, we will complete the month of April the 20 Things We Have Learned About Marriage That You Need To Know. We will share the final five (5) things (#16 - #20) and we will give some insight into what we do to have a lasting relationship. There are up and downs with anything that you will experience in LIFE but it is up to you to GROW THE RIGHT THINGS and those that might not work, how to LET THOSE THINGS GO! We appreciate you taking the time to share with us and you can always follow us on Faceboook: The Couple Motivators and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: The Couple Motivators! Breathe Life Daily! MC/NE!