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    Blomquist Discusses RealtyTrac's Annual Foreclosure Report For 2015

    in Finance

    RealtyTrac’s, annual foreclosure report for 2015 is out.  RealtyTrac’s year-end foreclosure report is a unique count of properties with a foreclosure filings during the year based on publicly recorded and published foreclosure filings collected in more than 2,500 counties nationwide.

    The report highlights some trends that may illuminate the activity to expect in 2016.  Some interesting highlights are

    Foreclosures starts are down
    Repossessions are up
    Timelines down
    The report highlights states with the highest and lowest foreclosure starts and metro areas with the greatest risk.

    Foreclosure rates impact several sectors of the housing and mortgage market and understanding the data to plan strategically is critical to navigate 2016.

    Joining the broadcast to discuss the annual 2015 foreclosure report is RealtyTrac’s Daren Blomquist.

    Daren is RealtyTrac’s primary media spokesperson and resident go-to expert on housing and foreclosure statistics and trends.

    Daren is also managing editor of RealtyTrac’s Foreclosure News Report, which was named the “Nation’s Best Newsletter” by the National Association of Real Estate Editors, and is directly responsible for the creation of the company’s U.S. foreclosure market and sales reports. 

    The report is cited by thousands of media outlets nationwide — including all the major news networks and leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA TODAY.

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    Home Foreclosure Starts at Lowest Level in Decade

    in News

    RealtyTrac's Daren Blomquist runs down the latest figures. Despite a decade low for foreclosure starts, he says some states and major cities are still having problems.

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    A Third of Home Markets at All-Time Price Highs

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    Of 94 major metropolitan areas, 33 are now enjoying all-time highs for home prices. RealtyTrac's Daren Blomquist discusses what cities top the list and whether the U.S. is seeing another housing bubble.

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    RealtyTrac: Home Sellers Enjoy 17% Price Gain

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    RealtyTrac says home sellers in the third quarter saw an average price gain of 17%, the highest in eight years. Daren Blomquist joins John Wordock to look at what cities were the biggest winners and losers.

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    Author , Media Personality/Artist Treva Gordon stops by Good Deeds w/Dr. Sunday

    in Motivation

    Kingdom work and “Team Treva”  simply Rocks! Especially when it is done and promoted by one of “God’s Kid’s” who have a natural and genuine passion for it. She is an established Author, Media Personality, Wife, Mother of 3 beautiful children,  Community Icon, Publisher (C.C. Shopper Magazine) who published her own magazine 10 years ago, titled the “Convenient Shopper Magazine; Radio Host, Motivational Speaker, Mentor to many and devout Ministry Leader, Artist Management and , Event Planner for starters. 

    Treva Gordon is also Executive Producer of the *“Treva and Kevin Show” an Inspirational Christ Centered Television show. As the creator of both “Leading Ladies” (L.L.)  and “ Magnificent Men”, (M.M.) Treva has been afforded the opportunity to publish my very own magazine now 10 years called Convenient Shopper Magazine, Leading Ladies Founder, Television and Radio Show Host.  She gives back to the community via a Prison Ministry commitment, at the Tennessee Prison for Women. Throughout the years, I have been blessed to cover both Stellar and Dove Awards. She was awarded a Community Person of the Year Award by Dr. Bobby Jones and the Tennessee Tribune, Omega Psi Phi Woman in Business Award. About the Treva and Kevin Show: With all of the negativity running rapid in the world as we know it today, there is an obvious need for greatness and inspiration. Intro the “Treva & Kevin Show” Both co-host are devout Christians who make no bones or pull no punches, when it comes to their love and adoration for Jesus Christ, Ministry and kingdom work.

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    Alive to Thrive with brenda Fraser

    in Women

    ALIVE TO THRIVE WITH BRENDA FRASER airs every Friday at 12 Noon CST. Join Brenda as she investigates trending topics in Art, Culture, and Film while making timely observations that hit the mark with what today's audiences want to hear!

    Adoption can raise many issues for the Adoptee (child) and the birth parents if contacted. It can raise issues for the Adoptive parents as well. We will discuss various perspectives of the adoption process, the impact on children and women, and how some people are finding their lost birth parents and enjoying a whole new set of family members, but also the heart ache when a birth parent doesn't choose to connect up again.  Author Barbara Taylor Blomquist wrote "EMBRACING The Adoption Effect", as well as three other books about adoption. Tune in for an insightful conversation.  

    THANKS FOR THE "LIKE": http://www.Facebook.com/AlivetoThrive

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    Suspense Radio One on One with Treva Hall Melvin

    in Books

    Suspense Radio One on One with Treva Hall Melvin. Suspense Radio One on One is brought to you by Suspense Magazine and in partnership with partners in crime tours. 

    Synopsis: Mr. Samuel's Penny

    It’s 1972 and fourteen-year-old New Yorker Elizabeth Landers is sent to the sleepy town of Ahoskie, North Carolina to spend the summer with relatives. Her expectation of boredom is quickly dispelled when police sirens and flashing lights draw her to a horrible scene at the Danbury Bridge. Mr. Samuel, owner of Samuel’s Lumber Yard, has driven his car off the bridge and into the river, drowning himself and his daughter. The medical examiner thinks it’s an accident, but the Sheriff finds fresh bullet holes on the bridge right where the skid marks are. Curiously, Mr. Samuel died clutching a unique 1909 wheat penny—a penny that is then stolen from the Sheriff’s office. Lizbeth witnesses Miss Violet’s grief upon learning that her husband and child are dead, and decides she will help by finding the penny.

    Her search involves Lizbeth in the lives of many Ahoskie residents. Like the owner of the grocery store, mean old Mr. Jake, who—as all the kids in Ahoskie know—hates black folks. Plenty of pennies in his till. Then there is Ms. Melanie Neely, otherwise known as “Ms. McMeanie,” who thinks the lumber yard should belong to her. And Mr. Samuel’s handsome brother Ben, who struggles to keep the business afloat after his more clever brother’s death. Lizbeth searches through the collection plates at church and in the coin jars of crazy old Aunt Ode, a strange old woman missing one eye and most of her teeth, who keeps a flask in her apron pocket and a secret in her soul.

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    Daren Blomquist from RealtyTrac

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today by Daren Blomquist, Vice-President of RealtyTrac, who's been with the organization since 2001 and played an instrumental role in helping transform RealtyTrac into a premiere real estate information provider and online marketplace for default and foreclosed properties. Blomquist is also responsible for the creation of the company’s U.S. foreclosure market and sales reports, which are cited by thousands of media outlets nationwide, and he interfaces with numerous government agencies at the national, state and local level.

    He joins us today to discuss RealtyTrac’s success and to unveil the new "Mega" Web-Application – a fast and easy way to search the entire U.S. for possible Motivated Property Owners that meet a specific criteria you want.

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    Housing Affordability - Blomquist, ReatlyTrac

    in Business

    Daren Blomquist, Vice President at RealtyTrac discusses a recent report published by RealtyTrac analyzing housing affordability.

    Daren is directly responsible for the creation of the ReatlyTrac's U.S. foreclosure market and sales reports, which are cited by thousands of media outlets nationwide — including all the major news networks and leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA TODAY. He has been quoted in hundreds of national and local publications and has appeared on national network broadcasts, including CBS, ABC, CNN, CNBC, FOX Business and Bloomberg.

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    "There Is a Success in YOU workshop

    in Art

    Treva Sexton a Doctorate candidate in Educational Psychology will discuss how we can make our youth and ourselves successful.  Treva is a mother of two wonderful teenagers and a Psychology instructor at West Georgia Tech College.  She also holds workshops at the Metro State Womens Prison with holding seminars in The New Attitude Program.  She is also currently self employed providing her success workshops titled "The Success in You"  and a host of inspirational vitamins, interactive worksheets, and positive reading materials to enhance your personal growth.



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    Foreclosures and Short Sales: The Best Deals for Real Estate

    in Finance

    Join me as I interview RealtyTrac CEO Jamie Moyle and VP Daren Blomquist to discuss how foreclosures and short sales offer the best deals for home buyers and how you can get in on the action.


    * Just how much inventory is out there (almost 10 million)

    * The areas with the most foreclosures waiting to drop (this is going to surprise you)

    * Secrets for Buying Foreclosures

    * How you can afford to buy even when your credit is shot, your income is too low and prices are through the roof