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    Treat Her Right Radio presents: The Fred and Peachmachine Show Episode 1

    in Self Help

    In the debut show of Treat Her Right Radio, Fred and the Peachmachine introduce themself and explain the purpose of the show.  Our main subject to tackle is which diet works best.  We discuss the pros and cons of the Body for Life diet, which you eat six meals a day vs the Fast Diet where for 2 days a week you take in 600 calories.  A fun and informative show to kick things off!

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    Fred and Peachmachine Show 12/11/14

    in Self Help

    Can you say irony?  Fred gets up at 5:15 am to do a show on SLEEP! The importance of sleep, sleep hygiene, and some hype for the New Years Eve show. A fun and informative show as always!

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    It’s that time of year when we all wish for Peace on Earth and Good Will towards men. It’s that time of year for reflection of gratitude and most of all its gift-giving season!! All of us possess very unique gifts, but how can we tap into our unique gifts so that we can share with others. How awesome would the world be if we took the time to tap into our gifts and help others? Why not serve others from the overflow of your God given talents? It’s time to pay it forward. 

    WOW Inspiration is EXCITED to have the Phenomenal Cheryl Wood as our featured guest where she will share the importance of helping others by sharing our unique gifts. This show will be amazing. So, when you tune in sit in your comfy chair, have your favorite beverage and bring a pen and paper to take notes. In the words of Mrs. Wood “Play time is over”

    Meet Cheryl Wood:

    Cheryl Wood is a compelling thought leader and motivational speaker who possesses a deep-rooted passion for supporting the personal development and economic empowerment of women globally. Cheryl has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her life-changing principles of FEARLESS living. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author, and business coach who specializes in equipping women to stretch their thinking, expand their expectations, and play bigger. Her message of empowerment has been spotlighted on Fox 5 News, News Channel 8, Radio One, WPGC, WHUR, My Spirit DC, Afro-American Newspaper, and more.

    Cheryl inspires women to embrace their personal power to visualize, strategize, and execute in order to achieve their life, career, or business goals. Her sheer enthusiasm for achieving what others deem “impossible” is contagious and sparks a flame among her audiences to step outside of their comfort zone, take risks, and remove self-limiting beliefs to become the best version of themselves.

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    Treat Her Right Radio Presents: The Fred and Peachmachine Show Episode 2

    in Self Help

    Join Fred and the Peachmachine as they give an update on the charity that Peachmachine donated to years back that Bill Phillips recomeded. They also talk about your natural body weight and what it should be. Last but not least, they go over Freds recent blog on TreatHerRight.org about SOAKING YOUR NUTS!  A fun show, so check it out!



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    Fred and Peachmachine Show 12/5

    in Self Help

    Fred and The Peachmachine return to talk about a recent blog from DalePartridge.com   about how to become a morning person.  We go over tips to help become a morning person if you are not one allready, and discuss if caffeine is a good way to start your day. Also, we go to the mailbag for the first time and find out Peachmachines opinion on vitamins and suppliments.  A fun and informative show as always so check it out!

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    Shotz Magazine Radio LIVE Trick or Treat Show!!!

    in Entertainment

    Shotz Magazine Radio LIVE Trick or Treat Show!!

    CALL 646.716.6175 Press 1

    #1 Radio Show In www.land 


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    Talking About Christian People and others

    in Religion

    On this show today we will be talking about Christian People 

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    A Person of Influence Navigates for Others

    in Radio

    GUTS Personal development series

    GUTS Church Development Series


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    Service to Others

    in Lifestyle

    Ladies:  Join me, Sandra H. Sawyer, for a thought provoking discussion on "Service to Others" as we highlight & recognize those who serve & have served, in honor of Veterans Day You don't want to miss it...  For Such A Time As This!   

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    Halloween "Trick or Treat" Host: Dr. J. O. Robinson Allen, Tx

    in The Bible

    "HIS Report International"  Dr. J. O. Robinson host,   Allen, Tx.  Halloween:  

    "Trick or Treat".  In this topic  Dr. Robinson answers pointed questions about  

    the highly celebrated day, and how it has affected our society.   Questions like,

    Halloween what is it's origin?   Why do we celebrate the day.   Why do we say trick 

    or treat?  Is this an original fall festival day?   What are fall festival days?   





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