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    12 Kings: Interview with the Authors

    in Christianity

    Join us for this in this up close & personal interview with the authors of the "12 Kings and Their Treasures." This is one of the most unique books of our era written by 12 men who serve God and have joined together to shed light on relationships.....You do not want to miss this one.....

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    Let's Talk about American Heart of Darkness, Vol. II!

    in Politics Progressive

    Macro Social Evil in the Post JFK Era:

    The JFK Cover-up

    The Other Assassinations

    The Drug Trade Continuum


    The Eugenics Continuum

    Capitalism and Structural Genocide

    The Anglo American Empire and “The Other”

    The Global Environment


    The Healing Process

    As always, listeners are invited to comment!  I will need your help in puting my next book together.  Let me know what you think!

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    A Return To God

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    Here we are past the midway point into the first month of a brand new year. Out of all the goals proclaimed on our list of things to accomplish.....where does God fit into those new year resolutions? Honestly, is He even on our list to begin with? I know many say that "I already have God in my life; I am a believer already."....but if we take close evaluation...how authentic will that statement be? If we pay close attention to the society we live in...there still remains a need of God in the lives of those who claim they are His. It's not that God should return unto His people....its His people who must return unto Him. Its time to go back to where we first believed!

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    The Darkness Within

    in Paranormal

    Come and join your host Judi Giramonti as she welcomes Padre Joseph and Matt Tierney as they tell us about their experinces with evil. They have worked together and are experienced in doing exorcisms. They have done many dangerous investigations as well. Padre Joseph has rid many homes along with Matt of many evil entities.

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    Internal Affairs: When Home Is Prison (The Youth)

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    If we take a close examination at our youth and the troubles they find themselves in on the outside...disturbances in the schools, neighborhoods, and society...most likely we can trace the root cause of it in the homes they dwell in. Whether we would like to admit or not, rather than home being a place of love and peace for many of our youth it is a place of prison and war. It is time to truly and courageously deal with this harsh reality that takes place. Join us for another epsiode of Open Treasures as we sit down at the round table discussion concerning "When home is prison".

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    From Darkness to Light: Curse of the Cross

    in Religion

    It is said that symbols are a language that connects us to our hidden past; but is this a past worthy of remembrance? Especially in consideration that nearly every religious symbol which has endured till present day was created in honor of a pagan god or in representation of some aspect of nature. The Biblical Israelites were forbidden by God to create or worship any image or symbol graven by man. How then is it that many of these ancient symbols have found an enduring home in the Judeo-Christian traditions throughout the world? Most of the world would readily recognize and identify the Cross as the true symbol of Christianity. And for the nearly two billion Christians on the planet the Cross is a representation of the life, suffering and sacrifice of Jesus for the redemption of sins. But even Christianity’s most beloved and recognized symbol has origins steeped in witchcraft, divination, astrology and the worship of the heavenly bodies. Are symbols forever and intrinsically linked to their primordial origin? Or is the meaning of a symbol given by the individual holder with no consideration of its origin? Join us today for another installment of “From Darkness to Light” as we use the words of the Holy Bible to reveal the sign of the Cross as a forgery and the doctrine of a false Christ!

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    It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.....12 Kings have agreed "Every Relationship Matters." Some years ago, “something” said to me, “Keith, it ain’t always them, sometimes it’s you.” That is when I started my own internal inspection… “search out a matter is the glory of kings…”

    Sometimes, hardworking folks, seldom get noticed, because their work puts the attention on someone else. Truly servant-minded believers know that God... sees what others do not-and that He will reward those whose work is unseen by others (Matt.6:4, 6). We 12 KINGS are hardworking, servant minded in our quest. Our purpose is to inspire you and encourage you so that you too receive the relationship blessings God has for you.
    I am only one of Twelve ordinary Men who have been given the privileged assignment to represent our book 12 KINGS AND THEIR TREASURE * Transparent * Testimony * Truth. Although I have a plethora of topics I could present, I’ve chosen to go with what the Spirit has given me to speak with you about… ME! My experiences. My faults. My mistakes, and how I have overcome them; Been delivered from them, to share with those willing to hear them. Prayerfully, receive a blessing or two from them.
    Rest assured I will be as Transparent with my Truth-filled Testimony as the Holy Spirit leads me. My hope is that you call in or tune in at www.blogtalkradio/12KINGS. My prayer is that you come away armed with MORE options, alternatives, resolutions and solutions for your relationship dilemmas. Married, single or otherwise. KICKIN’ IT WITH Keith “The Kernal” Murphy

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    From Darkness to Light: Throne of the Underworld

    in Religion

    “I may not be the best person in the world, but I know that I’m not the worst.” “When I die…. I know that all the good that I’ve done in life will outweigh the bad.” “On Judgment day I’m pretty sure that God will have better things to worry about than what I put in my body or who I choose to love.” These are quotes that speak to the heart of what most Christians believe about judgment and the afterlife. But are these beliefs in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible? Or are they an amalgamation of pagan beliefs and outright lies that have found their way into the Church. The Bible begins in the book of Genesis with The Serpent convincing mankind that he can escape the punishment of Death regardless of Sin. So has the philosophy of the Serpent prevailed on the Earth till this very day???? Join us today for another installment of “From Darkness to Light” as we use the words of the Holy Bible to expose the Satanic Lies surrounding the Throne of the Underworld.


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    Timeout Please!

    in Christianity

    Timeout is a word heard through organized sports. It called by players or coaches when one is fatigued, hurt, disorganized, or unsure concerning the present state of circumstances. Life in general is no different. We as people tend to lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday living never truly taking a much needed "timeout". Join us for another episode of Open Treasures with the 12 Kings as we discuss the need for a break and the signs when we simply need to noy only say "Timeout!"....but actually take it.

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    A MoGul Perspective: Life. Love. Legacy.

    in Christianity

    You are invited to join Jason "M.O.G.U.L." Linton as he shares his unique perspective on various relative topics pertaining to life, love & our legacy......Whether it's marriage, dating, manhood and even providing our sisters with a "Brotherly Love" perspective, you do not want to miss....Invite a friends to this broadcast..They will thank you later.....We thank you now!

  • From Darkness to Light: The Journey From Darkness to Light

    in Religion

    The Holy Bible tells us that Good is set against evil, and life against death: so is the godly against the sinner, and the sinner against the godly. So look upon all the works of the Most High; and there are two and two, one against another. This irrevocable truth has also set the light against the darkness and the Darkness against the light. And in this world now polluted by sin and death – the darkness may appear to be infinite. But for those who turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and the words of the Holy Bible – a new day will dawn and the Holy Spirit will arise in your hearts, lighting the path to true salvation – Join us today for another installment of “From Darkness to Light as we share the story of our journey as soldiers of God – on our mission to defend the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and free those taken captive by the sins and corruptions of this world.

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