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    EP65 - Jason from the Australian Hunting Podcast

    in Hobbies

    This week we talk to Jason from the Australian Hunting Podcast about Hunting and firearm rules in the side so the ditch.


    The Australian Hunting Podcast  was created by Jason Selmes and released its first ever radio show Episode on 19th of February 2011. Initially the concept of the radio shows development was for its Host Jason Selmes who wanted to speak with professionals first hand so he could gather the experience to become a better hunter and shooter himself. Jason then decided the share with this valuable information with people all over the world so that they can become better hunters, shooters and fisherman. The Australian Hunting Podcast was born.





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    EP61 - Show 2 with Onward Hunting, THE LONG SHOT

    in Hobbies

    This week we listen to a show taken with Pete and a chat after a day hunting, we also have a quick phone interview with Pete to talk about long range shooting.


    Pete offers a professional guided hunting service for both meat and trophy animals. Specializing in fallow deer found in the Wanganui region.




    Call Peter on 02102489346 if you would like to talk to him about your next trip

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    EP62-A Patchwork Show, Stephen out Hunting Followed by chewing the fat with Pete

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    This week some audio from a Hunting trip Stephen and some mates did, followed by Stephen and Pete from Onward Hunting Talking about everything from re-loading, product placment and Hunting in the Cold.

    Find out Pete's thoughts about shot placment and what Stephen thinks of this Jet Boil....




    To find us on itunes goto this link form your iPhone


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    EP60 - SHOW 1 with Peter from Onward Hunting 'BEFOR THE HUNT'

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    This week we hang out with Peter and get his thoughts on Hunting in NZ just befor we head out with him .... Tune in to this great first show with Pete (one off three) as the boys have a great laugh and a chat befor the hunt.

    Pete offers a professional guided hunting service for both meat and trophy animals. Specializing in fallow deer found in the Wanganui region.




    Call Peter on 02102489346 if you would like to talk to him about your next trip.

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    EP68 - Interview with Hon Richard Prebble CBE about cell phones for hunting

    in Hobbies

    Kiwi Mobiles are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand's conditions.


    Our Vision is to design world's best smartphone. We believe we have already developed the toughest mobile phone on the market.

    We intend to expand into exporting. We have had considerable interest in our early models. A version of our Ranger phone is being sold internationally by our manufacturer. 

    We so no reason why New Zealand cannot be a leader in cell phone design.

    Our New Zealand conditions that can be extreme are a great testing ground for new smart phones.




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    EP52 - Interview with Lisa about the Mangakino Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors Expo

    in Hobbies

    This week we talk to Lisa De Thiery about the Mangakino Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors Expo and THE BIG THREE COMPETITION 30th ANNIVERSARY!!


    Mangakino Hunting & Fishing Club In conjuction with Mangakino Hotel Present THE BIG THREE COMPETITION 30th ANNIVERSARY & Mangakino Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors Expo. 29 - 31 May 2015




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    EP76 -Hunter, Writer, Photographer Gary Johnson and Stephen Chew the Fat

    in Hobbies

    Hunter, Writer, Photographer Gary Johnson and Stephen chew the fat about Hunting Fitness, NZDA, Wapiti and tell a few tails.








  • Your Soul's Treasure Map

    in Spirituality

    Joy & Dan welcomes back Jean Slatter, author of “Hiring The Heavens.”  Tune in as Jean walks you through navigating Your Soul’s Treasure Map

    “Did you know that you're on the most fantastic treasure hunt of your life, and YOU are the prize? Your Soul’s Treasure Map will help you discover your truest self, that part of you that is deeply connected to all of the wisdom, peace, and joy that you would ever need.” ..Jean SlaTTER

    Your Treasure map will help to locate what is limiting you from moving forward on your inner journey, which allows the issues to be addressed, so that you can begin to heal and remove blocks.   

    Jean is the author of the Amazon best seller, Hiring the Heavens and has been featured on Gaiam TV, Conscious Media Network, and Hay House Radio with Iyanla Vanzant.  Jean’s materials have been featured in noted publications such as First for Women magazine, Science of Mind, New Age Journal, Conscious Living Magazine, and many others.

    Jean is also the founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Program & the Creative Mystic program which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness.

    Learn more about Jean Slatter- www.creativemystic.com

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    Homestead Firearms, Deer Hunting Tips, and Effective Activism

    in Current Events

    This week Scott talks about homestead firearms, deer hunting tips, and how to be an effective activist without neglecting your farm and family.

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    World News and Hunting Season!

    in Education

    World News and Hunting Season!
    Host: Mathew "The Collapse Experiment"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturday 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Around the world the hunt is on. Here in Michigan bow season for deer is in. Turkey season is in full swing with me unable to get a license in time, sigh.

    Putin is also enjoying the hunt going after ISIS with air strikes that has started to drive the group into Turkey. The US and Russia have gone back and forth about Syrian airspace and coordinating attacks against the radical militant group. Like I said before, you know you’re a special kind of jerk when Russia and the US will work together to get rid of you. The Syrian army has joined the fight with an offensive following a series of Russian air strikes against ISIS targets.

    To the north, Obama has decided to leave 5,500 troops 

    Read More→ HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting

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    EP73 - Christian aka "Christo" and Stephen Co-Host

    in Hobbies

    This week Stephen and Christian Co-Host very funny show!! Find out why there is a Batman photo in the slideshow.....


    Who is Rabbit Ranger

    They are people who have come together because of a mutual love of hunting and being in the outdoors. Rabbit Ranger was the creation of Christian aka "Christo", who realised one day that he just wasn't happy with his job and the way he was heading, like a mouse in a wheel, going round and round and round, he felt that work was taking up 40-50 hours a week, reducing the time he had with his family and overall, making him a sad and grumpy bloke. So what happened?

    Although he won't say he had an epiphany, he kind of did one day when he was out rabbit hunting, sat in camo, amongst the gorse and blackberry, it suddenly dawned on him that he was happy, that rabbits were delicious (see the recipes at the bottom of the page) and people were missing out on eating a resource that in turn was damaging the outdoors he loved. People used to eat them on a regular basis, what happened and how do we change that? With all the damage they do, eating them could only be a good thing!