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    My Spirit Travels: A Personal Retreat Experience

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    Today, we will be sharing a personal retreat experience as My Spirit Travels to Chicago, Connecticut, and Massachutes.  Your host Zakiyyah will share how taking special time for ourselves is rejuvenating, exhilarating, peaceful, healing, joyous, and freeing. She tells her story of Whale Watching in Gloucester, MA, experiencing these amazing mammals gliding in and out of the ocean, flippling their tails in the air, waving hello and goodbye...till next time.  Zakiyyah will take you on this amazing journey with her. 

    We invite you to travel with us!

    The lines will be open today for anyone who would want to share their own personal retreat experience.  Call in 718-766-4468 at 6:30 p.m. EST, 5:30 CST.


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    Jamaica Retreat: That's Just How My Spirit Travels

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    Your host Zakiyyah will take you to the island of Jamaica from her own experience at the One Love Jamaica Retreats.

    You will be inspired to have your own Jamaica experience...to travel to the place called 'One Love'.  

    When you go to Jamaica, you can release all your inhibitions...you can let go of your problems, concerns, your job, everyday life and come out and play.

    Allow the power of your imagination and the vibrations of your feeelings.... to take you away in this segment of My Spirit Travels!

    One Love!


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    My Spirit Travels Returns from Jamaica

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    On tonight's show your host Zakiyyah will share experiences from her recent trip to Jamaica and the One Love Jamaica Retreat.

    Join the call and hear about some of the exciting adventures she and her group experienced in Jamaica.

    If you desire to 'get away' and come apart for awhile, you will want to hear some of the adventures experienced with the One Love Retreat.  






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    Poetic Travels On the Autism Highway

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    Kelly and I have the pleasure of interviewing Lori Shayew today. We will be talking about

    some of the mechanisms of autism and some ways as a society that we can be better towards autistic people.




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    Poetic Travels On the Autism Highway- Interview with Jason Ross

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    We will be talking to Jason Ross about his autistic carnival, poetry will be read and this will be a very enthralling show.











    Simply Drive Mom Crazy. I am not going to tell people ways on which to drive their mom crazy. It simply a metaphor.

    My name is Jason Ross who is a 34 year old Autistic Adult and Autistic disability rights activist. I support the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, and what used to be Autism Network International and now is Association for Autistic Community, and Ollibean.

    I have Asperger Syndrome. I have always believed in Neurodiversity. A lot of people think of me as the peacemaker in the community because I am always trying my best to bring the whole community together.

    I am the type of person who always wants to learn and do new things. I gear up for it. Whenever I see something new, I try to experience it unless say its something that won’t be good for me.

    This site will hopefully give you a glimpse into my world. A world which is also part of the Autistic World.


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    Poetic Travels On The Autism Highway

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    Kassiane Sibley is a vintage 1982 Autistic & epileptic adult. She is a dancer, former gymnast, educator, cat person, and force of nature. Kassiane has been an Autistic activist this whole century, and lucky audiences have heard her present at over a dozen conferences.  Her presentations span such topics as Autistic rights, self advocacy, setting up an Autistic friendly environment, and the intersections of being an Autistic biracial girl and woman.

    When not doing autism things, Kassiane is a student and incorrigible learner, a crafter, a dancer, a coach, and a friend. She blogs at radical Neurodivergence Speaking (http://timetolisten.blogspot.com).


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    Poetic Travels On The Autism Hwy-Premier Episode

    in Art

    Welcome to the debut episode of dynamic autism advocates and skilled artists show Kelly Green and Erik Estabrook.
    Erik Estabrook is apoet laureate, and published author who's been a blogtalk host for 3 years.
    www.erikestabrook.com is his poetry website
    Kelly Green is the founder of the interactive friendship network www.autismhwy.com and she also an artist who does murals and hosts chalkwalks for autism awareness,
    They are back as a team with great guests who have diverse talents to blend the poetry of awareness with the art of awareness.
    We are on a journey of support and friendship.
    On our thrilling premier episode of "Poetic Travels On The Autism Hwy"
    we'll be interviewing the band "Who's Clayton" they are a great band with Kevin Rose as the lead singer, Josh Elmore as back-up harmony, and Darryl black on the violin. We'll be playing their music and getting insight into their goals and creative processes.

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    Poetic Travels On The Autism Highway-Bob Hudson

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    Bob Hudson is both a teacher and a social worker who has worked in the field of addictions and in urban education for over 40 years.  He also a retired major from the United States Air Force Reserve and worked as a mental health social worker during Hurricane Andrew in 1993.  He worked briefly in 1998 and 1999 as an assistant manager for Blues Hall of Fame Artist and Grammy Winner, the great Robert Lockwood, Jr.   He has a bachelor degree in social work from Cleveland State University and two master degrees.  These include one in community counseling from John Carroll University and another in Special Education from Notre Dame College.  He is licensed in the State of Ohio as a professional teacher for student with both special education and gifted needs.  He is also a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in Ohio.
    Bob also has an interest in writing poetry using high quality images which might include high definition photography or paintings and other artwork.  Recently he has worked with many high definition images from the Cleveland photographer Matt Shiffler.  Both Matt and Bob are hoping to publish a book with images and poetry in the near future.  Bob writes a lot of his poetry on his Facebook page and many of his poems can be seen there.  He has also recently written many poems for two artists with autism both Michael Tolleson and April Dawn Griffin.  Bob is also an amateur photographer with his 12.1 pixel Nixon camera.
    In the social networking realm, Bob is very active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  He has a site on Facebook which is dedicated to social communication and autism acceptance.  This site is called:  Cognitively Social Environments -- https://www.facebook.com/CognitivelySocialEnvironments
    His regular Facebook page is at:  https://www.facebook.com/bhudlion
    His LinkedIn page is:  www.linkedin.com/in/bobhudsonlion/


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    Poetic Travels On the Autism Highway- DJ Svoboda

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    Kelly and I will be interviewing DJ Svoboda, creator of imagifriends.


    “I have created The Imagifriends based on difficult situations I have faced growing up with Autism. They are brightly colored characters who help and support one another. They live in a wonderful place called Imagiville where everyone is accepted " just the way they are" and no one is ever picked on or mistreated. I want to use my art to help encourage others with Autism and to let them know that they too can help make the world a better place.” “Coming up with the names of each Imagifriends is a little bit challenging. To come up with a name I take a couple of words and use those letters to come up with a name…For example; I take the words Paper and Happy, I think for a minute and then in my mind I say-pahappery,so it can be a little challenging sometimes but it is worth it.”
    “For my art I use Micron pens size 8 and 5 and for the coloring I use Crayola super tip markers. One big challenge is to add everyone’s favorite colors. I enjoy being an artist and I really love helping those with Autism and disabilities.” D.J. has also just had his first book published. It is about acceptance for those with Autism. You can learn more about D.J. and his mission at  WWW.MYIMAGIVILLE.COM.


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    Poetic Travels On The Autism Highway

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    Sandi Anderson has been an active Autism Tree Project Foundation volunteer since its inception 9 years ago. She and her husband, Jeff have two adult sons on the autism spectrum. Her many years of experience advocating, homeschooling, and special needs trainings in academics; health and life skills enable her to encourage others in their journey with a vast resource of connections and creative solutions. Sandi is a founding member/chairman for Jeremiah's Ranch, a group home community being established in Fallbrook, CA.
    Together with her son Joel, Sandi enjoys many ATPF projects including resource fairs, public speaking at schools, art shows, golf tournaments, television and radio shows, fundraising, and Parent Mentor programs.
    Their all time favorite accomplishment has been founding the ATPF & University of San Diego Football Mentor Program in 2009, where football players volunteer to be matched up with a child of any age with autism to have fun throughout the football season and special events. All these experiences have provided Sandi and Joel to now travel internationally sharing autism awareness and acceptance.

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    Mystical Awakenings Radio: Haunted Travels of Michigan

    in Paranormal

    Deb DeRousse and Debbie Marcum are the hosts of Mystical Awakenings Radio.                                                     Both ladies have worked in the paranormal field for several years and are Spiritual Mediums with a passion to help those who are dealing with grief. They also work together with the missing, advocate spirituality, and are public speakers.

    Bev Rydel and Kathleen Tedsen, Authors of the book series "Haunted Travels of Michigan"

    In 2006, the two sisters began their journey in the paranormal. Since then, they've traveled 10's of thousands of miles around the state in search of Michigan's most haunted locations. Beginning as skeptics, what they have personally witnessed and recorded challenged their beliefs.  Since 2006, Kat and Bev have completed several hundred investigations that include investigations into some of Michigan's unsolved murders, disasters, criminals activity, and well-known people in American history. The site of their investigations take them to historic restaurants, hotels, bed and breakasts, prisons, remote lighthouses, and historical sites all with a strong reputation of paranormal activity.  www.hauntedtravelsmi.com


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