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    Amstergasm - artist,writer & filmmaker - s.g.Collins

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    sg Collins - "My life IS my dream vacation"    Collins and I speak about his new Channel on You Tube Amstergasm. On Amstergasm he showcases his short films about his home of Amsterdam. We also discuss his filmmaking and proper use of screen text. See link below.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXhKt9Hw10I   Postwar Media is the creative company of writer / director S G Collins.Collins creates media to help people and companies tell their stories.He lives and works in Amsterdam.   http://www.postwar.nl/pw/pp/film.php   Travel - Amsterdam How to not get hit by a bike and other stuff they forgot to tell you about Amsterdam.   http://www.postwar.nl/amsterdam/index.html

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    Sports Travel

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    This will be a fantastic show about all things sports travel.  We will highlight, college sports, amateur sports outside of college, and pro sports.  Sports travel is a huge industry and we'll talk about those bucket list related sports trips. If you have ever wanted to go to a popular sporting event, then this is the show you need to hear.

    We'll have a guest speaker from Roadtrips the Ultimate in Sports Travel, a travel partner of Peeks Cruises & Tours, who helps us put together sports related packages to all the major sporting events all over the world.  Listen in as Jake Vezeau discusses packages to the up coming 2016 Summer Games in Rio, Super Bowl, Masters, and even Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix, to name a few.

    We'll talk about the job opportunities in this growing industry for anyone looking to living their dream through sports without being an athlete.

    We'll also have David Teel the CEO of Texas Travel Industry Association who will discuss Travel in Texas.  David will discuss the great career opportunities in Travel, and how Travel in Texas is  a great option for vacation.  You'll be surprised at who some of the members are of TTIA

    Tune in as we discuss travel trends, travel news, and travel fun facts and of course sports packages to some of the largest most popular events available.  This show is about all things Sports and Travel in Texas..Don't miss it


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    Happy Holidays-The Gift of Travel

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    As we approach the holiday season we have a great opportunity for you to surprise a love one with the gift of travel.  We'll have a great guest speaker from Karisma Resorts/Lomas Tours get us really excited about the deals, resorts, and fun activities at our closest destinations to the South of Texas. Rue Ann Adamson has worked in the business with Funjet Vacations/Mark Travel and now Karisma/Lomas.  

    And yes Mexico has made a comeback, and Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen specifically.

    We'll highlight what we already have on tap for 2015 for you to choose from and we'll tell you about the specials and promotions going on right now.  The travel industry is pullling out the stops to get you to give the gift of travel now!  We do have Black Friday in the travel industry also.

    We'll highlight the El Dorado Royale Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and the Cancun market as a whole.  Plus the greatest announcement ever, direct flights Texas to the Cancun area year round, plus other destinations direct from Texas with Funjet Vacations.

    Join us as we think about warm destinations in the winter months and beyond!

    It's Travel Time and there is no better Time than Now!

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    Holiday Travel

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    This week's episode will delve into the world of holiday travel.  What do you do for the holidays, visit family, go on vacation, stay home, visit someplace local? 

    We will look at holiday options, when is the best time to book your travel, the best places to go for the holidays.

    Trends for the week-statistics on what people do for the holidays, where do they go, what are some of the hot destinations for holiday travel

    Travel News: What are the airlines doing this year during the holidays, how best to maneuver your travel for the holidays.

    20 Holiday travel Tips from Industry Insiders

    The advantages and disadvantages of traveling during the holidays

    Vacation Packages for the holidays.

    Update on the Texas Jazz Jam Cruise in October.

    Traveling to Austin for the Holidays by Yolanda

    Travel Fun Facts

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    Are you single? Travel for Singles

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    Everyone knows we are Sandals specialist which is couples only, so this episode will show some love to our single listeners.  Guest speaker Shelby Bergeron of SinglesCruise.com will talk about the fun cruises and trips they put together exclusively for single clients.  We'll discuss who and what they do, (not a matchmaking service), but they do have successes to talk about, what their trips include, who are they for, and upcoming trips and events.  If you are single you don't want to miss this fun, high energy episode.

    Also, I'm currently at the Texas Travel Industry Association conference in Galveston Texas, so I'll let you in on some of the great activities and events happening in Galveston and in the world of Travel and Tourism in Texas. 

    Other discussions will include why you need to be careful posting vacation plans on social media, (wait until you get back), upcoming group trips and events, and our Bucket List Buster Series.

    Shellda will have also have her Fun Facts

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    Learn How to Travel the World and Get Paid!

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    I'm going to show you how to travel the world and make a profit from your own travel.

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    Tom Gates: SeoulTee, ESL Teacher,Judo Fighter & Filmmaker

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    Travel Auteurs - http://www.youtube.com//travelauteurs
    Guest Trailer - http://youtu.be/ZYYAybi-nKA
    We will be speaking with Tom Gates ESL teacher extraordinaire. Tom is currently living in Busan, Korea where he fills his spare time trainning in Judo and making short films about his life and others in Korea. You have to check out his latest video on MMA fighter "Jade Marie Anderson". http://youtu.be/SReqpLk-kNs
    SeoulTee on You Tube - http://www.youtube.com/SeoulTee
    Tom also writes and discusses his life as a ESL teacher in his blog "The Red Dragon Daries". http://www.reddragondiaries.com/
    Tom Gates / SeoulTee Videos discussed during interview: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?lisPLfd25x7omxNULM_ZWy8WRonOty_mGDf3ht=
    Travel Auteurs - http://www.youtube.com//travelauteurs

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    How Far Are You Willing to Travel for Medical Care?-Medical Tourism

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    This show will touch on a topic related to Health and Wellness Travel.  Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing trends in travel.  With the rising cost of healthcare, and the American population aging, baby boomers retiring, Medical Tourism is a hot topic.

    Although it's been around for many years we'll talk about the definition of Medical tourism.  The discussion will become lively as we talk about the top destinations for certain procedures, what procedures people are traveling to have done, the process, and the risks.

    There is so much to discuss about this interesting topic including ethical issues and what questions to ask prospective physicians. 

    Don't miss this show if you have ever thought about going across the borders, the ocean, or even state lines to seek medical help.  Listen so you can make the right decision!

    Did you know you can make payments on your next vacation?

    We will discuss travel trends of the week, travel news, and of course Shellda's Fun Facts.

    Call into the station to tell us about your experiences with medical travel.

    Need a speaker about a topic everyone likes to talk about for your health and wellness fair? Vacation planning, is something different for your next association or office, Karen Duncan is available to discuss the benefits of vacations for your workforce.  And how everyone can afford to take time off.

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    Up and Coming in the World of Travel

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    Now that summer travel season is officially over now that school is back in session, we'll take a look at hot travel trends and news of summer 2014.  We'll also take a look at  some of the predictions of trends in travel for the upcoming year.  What's hot, what's not!

    Travel news, we'll touch on what the cruise lines options are when hurricanes get in the way.  How safety and flexibility are the key to having a fantastic cruise vacation during this time of year.

    Other travel news will include the wine country of California still open for business.

    The travel industry is recruiting young people into the business.

    Mitchell and Karen Duncan are now included in an exclusive club of Sandals Resorts Certified WeddingMoon Specialist and our trip to St Lucia to train for this honor.

    Travel Trends: How about Science and Travel, hear how you can combine the two.  Classrooms without Walls.

    Last but not least upcoming trips for 2015, meetup events, and more!

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    Travel Today - Dominica

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    Dominica is known as the “nature island” and boasts amazing ecological wonders, including lush waterfalls, hiking trails, and tropical forests. If you are looking for a Caribbean beach destination, you are not going to find it here. Instead, it’s the island of adventure.

    This week, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes to you from the Fort Young Hotel in Roseau, Dominica. We talk to the locals about boats, UNESCO Cultural Sites, and Dominica cooking.

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    Romance Travel

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    Join us as we discuss great romantic destinations, resorts, amenities, and offers.

    We'll have Gretel Del Junco Wedding Business Development Coordinator

    Unique Vacations Inc. An Affiliate of the Worldwide Representative of

    Sandals, Beaches and Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts on the show to discuss WeddingMoons, Vow Renewals, the different wonderful islands to get get married or spend some time with your loved one.

    We'll discuss group amenities and packages.

    Milestone Anniversaries

    We'll talk about many destinations and options both local and international that you can spend time with people you love.

    Of course there will be travel news, shout outs for great customer service in the hospitality industry, and travel trends related to romance travel.

    Meet our co-host, enjoy our Travel Fun Facts!

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