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    Disabled Veterans Sexually Traumatized Seriously Hazed

    in Military

    President Obama said he has sexually traumatized veterans backs. The President says come out we want to hear your story. Mr. President my story, facts and the crimes committed against me are in my military file. So please Mr. President fully compensate Disabled Veterans like myself. Now hear want Lt. Dan Says about Disabled Veterans Sexually Traumatized. It's shocking but it's what I expected :(

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    Warriors...Come Out And Pray! Praying for the abused, addicts, traumatized..etc.

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    Join the New Dawn Live Show at 7:00 PM EST as we intecede for those who are abused, addicts, homeless and exposed to various Tramatic Experiences.

    Connect your faith with our faith, as we reach out to God in prayer, with the GREATEST of EXPECTATIONS.

    Call in at (267-521-0178) OR Simply click on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newdawnministriesllc 

    Created by: New Dawn Ministries, LLC.                                                                                                              LIGHT For Overcoming Even The Darkest Of Nights                                                                                    

    Website: justdawnllc.com

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    Reshaping The Traumatized Child: Can Innocence Be Restored?

    in Women

    Our children have seen, heard and experienced too much in their lives and many are exhibiting signs of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome before they even reach High School. Childhood used to be a time of joy, innocence, laughter, and carefree living. Now there is fear, doubt, distrust, anger and frustration, robbing our children not only of the innocence of youth, but of hope that tomorrow will be a better day. They need to believe it in order to create it, but how do we instill in our children that the have the power to create the world the way they want it to be, when they are standing upon a foundation of emotional trauma? Domestic violence, homelessness, drug addicted parents, and schools that are downright hostile. Who do they turn to for healing? After an early hard life, how can a child's innocence be restored?  Today our guest is Life Coach and Family Counselor Shiela Wilkins, Phd Coach dealing with the mind, body and spirit. Later on we'll be joined by therapist Howard Williams, to discuss how we, the extended family, can reach out to our children.

  • Out of the Fog: The Sacred Ego with Jalaja Bonheim

    in Spirituality

    Why have we failed to create the happy, peaceful world that we all want? Are we even capable of it? And if so, what must we do? For more than thirty years, Jalaja Bonheim has explored these questions in her work with women healers, leaders, activists and spiritual seekers from around the world. Jalaja joins us to talk about the path to making peace with ourselves and with our world and how we can learn to build a new relationship with our sacred ego. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

    Founder and director of the Institute for Circlework, Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D, is one of the world’s foremost experts in the use of circle gatherings as a tool for empowering women. A uniquely skilled facilitator, Jalaja has trained hundreds of female circle leaders from around the world and is internationally known for her groundbreaking work with Israeli and Palestinian women in the Middle East. Growing up German and Jewish in post-war Germany, Jalaja struggled to make sense of the events that had left both the German and Jewish people deeply traumatized. This struggle guided her work and led to new views. Now an internationally acclaimed author and speaker, she shares stores, insights, and hope—grounded in decades of practical experience—with her global audience. Find out more about Jalaja and her work at jalajabonheim.com.

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    ENVISION THIS:  “Though outwardly our bodies are dying, inwardly our spirits are being renewed every day.”  (Epigraph from II Corinthians in one of Elaine’s New Poems)

    After the life-altering experience of the loss of Francis, her spouse, Elaine McGillicuddy knew her calling as a poet and writer had become an imperative. Amazed over Francis’ remarkable request of her when he would die, "SING TO ME AND I WILL HEAR YOU", Elaine chose his words for the primary title of all three of her books and for a CD of her reading The Poems of the first book.  The second book, "A Love Story" is a prose memoir. The third book, New Poems, marks the completion of the author’s trilogy. Reflecting over five years of the author’s experience as a widow, it tracks her progression through the crucible of the death of her spouse.

    In this interview, Elaine shares with us fresh insights into what she feels called to do at this transitional time in her life. As she has done before with past birthdays, Elaine will make her upcoming 80th birthday a fund-raising event for Immigrant Asylum Seekers here in Portland, Maine. She will continue teaching Africans English as a Second Language, but beginning this fall – in a formal way, through Adult Ed. She will also be helping a former student with her work with traumatized children. Feeling called to share her story of love and what she witnessed in her late husband’s transformation as he approached his death, Elaine plans to give book readings. As an elder concerned about future generations and the environment, she will also continue their peace and justice work.

    We are privileged to hear how Francis’ ministry as a married priest lives on in the heart and the ministry of Elaine, an ex-nun. Their love shines forth as a sacrament of God's love for humankind.

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    The Shining Man With Hurt Hands, read by Michael-Jay

    in Christianity

    The Monday evening episodes are offered to people who seek the grace to offer help to victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, (SRA) trauma based mind control, MK-Ultra, PTSD, and the counterfeit and ineffectual therapies that modern psychology forces on them. Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD, or Disassociative Identity Disorder, DID, cannot be drugged or diagnosed because it is not a mental disease. It is a manufactured condition that God allowed to protect the core of people that were intentionally traumatized and broken so that hidden personalities could be created and programmed for covert or evil tasks, like assassination, drug muling, sex-slave behavior, infiltration gathering and intelligence work, etc., so that the core personality does not know they are being tasked to carry out these missions. See, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, by the personal sex slave of Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger.

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    I have heard the question asked time and again in the last 24 hours HOW AND/OR WHY the Black folks in South Kakalakey COULD OR WOULD ....FORGIVE THE MURDERER OF THIER FAMILY MEMBERS AS A FIRST COURSE OF ACTION.....




    A Message from the TRAUMATIZED TRAUMATOLOGIST on the Emotional Status of Black/Afreekans in South Carolina.  What we are seeing and what supports their "ability" to FORGIVE as the FIRST COURSE OF THEIR GRIEF PROCESS is BACKWARD and reflects the level of HARM they have experienced. 


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    traumatized music

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    traumatized ripping the mic

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    traumatized music

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    just chilling and talking to traumatized music..

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    Bee Venoms Effects on Scar Tissues & Structures Episode#2

    in Health

    Noon, PST 
    Call in to speak with the host (516) 453-9430 

    I've read many reports and first hand accounts about how Bee Venom dissolves scar tissues. 

    I personally had a egg or avocado sized scar tissue on my left forearm. This was an old traumatized area. 

    I stung it about 12 times over 5 or 6 sessions. Now that last bit is pea sized or less. It's just back to healthy muscle now, no more deformities.

    So let's do discuss Scar Tissue and the effects Bee Venom has on them.
    I'm a pretty advanced BVT person, I tend to sting 10 - 20 times per session. I do 10 to my spine, then spot treat areas.

    After your initial 40 back stings over a couple of months, if your detox is great, you can consider this. I personally feel stinging the arms, legs & head is a great addition to the lyme back treatments.

    It feels like I'm dissolving many old, chronic structures. 
    We know scars block the body's energy pathways, the venom opens them up and let's it flow again.

    Health is restored. The body obtains a sense of AWE!


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    "There Is Healing & Victory After Emotional & Psychological Trauma"

    in Christianity

    Any type of trauma can be debilitating. We are weakened by its' impact and the use of our abilities seem lost. Yet, in Christ, ALL IS NOT LOST. For that we ought to thank God in advance who gives his people the victory through Christ Jesus our Lord who came that we might have LIFE and have it in its' fullness. 

    Listen in as I share from my latest book, Aging With Grace, pg. 40, "Sis Got Issues".   Let someone know who has been traumatized physically, emotionally and/or psychologically that this podcast is available just for them.      

    Abundant Blessings,