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    Disabled Veterans Sexually Traumatized Seriously Hazed

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    President Obama said he has sexually traumatized veterans backs. The President says come out we want to hear your story. Mr. President my story, facts and the crimes committed against me are in my military file. So please Mr. President fully compensate Disabled Veterans like myself. Now hear want Lt. Dan Says about Disabled Veterans Sexually Traumatized. It's shocking but it's what I expected :(

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    traumatized music

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    traumatized ripping the mic

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    traumatized music

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    just chilling and talking to traumatized music..

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    Richard T. Knight – The Seeker

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    Join Andrew Aloha “Live” with Richard T. Knight in “The Seeker”

    SuNite, 22 February 2015
    7 – 8:30pm AZT
    A Spiritual Image Productions Event

    Richard T. Knight is a professional psychic/paranormal investigator from the sensitive and spiritual perspective. He does energy healing using several different modalities, is a professional spiritual counselor, and does crisis intervention. Since birth he has been a sensitive and now it’s time to reach out and help others who have been traumatized or have faced challenging supernatural occurrences or situations in their immediate environment. He also provides magical and occult insight and answers to situations brought about by supernatural or paranormal events or circumstances……for more on this story go to http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/Andrew_Aloha_Live

    For more on Richard T. Knight go to rtknight35@yahoo.com

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ www.davidyoungmusic.com

    Halftime music by Jonathan Goldman go to @ <a href= www.healingsounds.com

    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    Temple Hayes & Sandie Sedgbeer, Practical Ways to Change the Way You Think

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    When was the last time you died?  When someone said you weren’t good enough? When you buried who you really are for fear others would disapprove? When you gave up your dream for a “real” job?

    Every day, without knowing it, we chip away at our selves by denying who we are. Traumatic life experiences, an insatiable quest for perfection, a wounded self-esteem all lead to subtle deaths of the spirit that prevent us from experiencing the miracles and magic that life has to offer.

    Join Sandie Sedgbeer and Temple Hayes, author of the book When Did You Die? 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up as they discuss practical ways to change the way you think and relate to the world and others, and start taking back your life.

    Temple Hayes is an internationally recognized spiritual leader at the Unity Campus, St. Petersburg, Florida. After enduring a heartbreaking childhood and traumatized youth, she turned to a new understanding of Spirit to pull her from the car wrecks of alcohol addiction and many fears, and forged a new life from the ashes of her day-by-day death.  A practicing shaman, she is a key member of the Leadership Council of the Association of Global New Thought. www.templehayes.com.

    Sandie Sedgbeer combines her love of broadcasting with her pioneering work as a consultant advising authors, teachers and speakers in the conscious community how to apply the science of resonance for personal and business success. www.sedgbeer.com

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    Living in the past: learn how to let go & change your address

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    Many of us have been traumatized mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually and/or spiritually in the past. Let's discuss how we can release the pain and emotional turmoil that hinders our growth. Personal baggage can spoil every area of your life if not checked at the door. Let's talk it out...

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    Been to the doctor lately? Or was it a physician’s assistant? What about all those annual tests we were told we needed? Had any of those lately?  Been told you’re too old for a PAP test? What is going on in the world of doctors and patients and who makes all these decisions?  And how do these decisions affect women who have been traumatized or abused?

    So many changes, so many questions.  What can we expect in the new world of affordable care?

    If anyone can help us figure it out, it’s Lyle Larson, PhD, PA-C, Chief Physician Assistant, University of Washington Medical Center, and Teaching Associate, Division of Cardiology, Electrophysiology Section.  Lyle teaches, practices, and has worked with and edited several scholarly publications. He writes and lectures in the medical field, working with not only physicians and physicians’ assistants, but also with research and funding.

    With so much of the dialog about health care centering on cost and accessibility, it’s sometimes hard to realize that the day to day visiting of the doctor’s office or the emergency room may be altered by all the changes. Let’s learn more about what we are facing in our medicine-doctor-patient futures.

    Lyle is joining us this Saturday to talk about health concerns and questions we face as we go down a new road to treatment and relationships in the era of health care reform.

    Join us Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to talk about what is new, what we need to know and what we should expect as we go forward to health care’s next face.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways

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    National & International Roundtable

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    Dr.George Stewart is an Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who has worked with traumatized foster youth for 30+ years. A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Medical School, he initially completed his training in Family Medicine at the University of Washington and at UCSF. He then worked as a Family Physician for several years in an impoverished barrio near San Jose, California. He returned to complete his training in Adult and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at UC Davis.

    Working with Seneca Family of Agencies, a large non-profit providing a variety of mental health services to youth and their families, in various treatment settings in Northern California, he was able to observe repeatedly the overuse of medications with traumatized youth who had behavior problems.  He spent much more time tapering youth off of medications than he did prescribing them.

    He is extremely pleased that the Mercury News' Series on "Medicating Our Youth" is attracting a lot of attention to a long-neglected population. 

     D'Anthony was born in 1995 in Oakland, California  and is a foster home youth and will share with us his experiences in foster care. He likes making beats and his favorite producer is DJ Mustard. D'Anthony says he "enjoys breathing and waking up every day and  thinking God he's alive."

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    How Do You Know if Your Child Has a Disorder or Is Simply Traumatized?

    in Parents

    Does your child show signs of anger, defiance or rebellion?

    Many children who show signs of a disruptive behavior disorder are dealing with emotional trauma. It may or may not be apparent to you, but worth checking out. Jane Evans, CCFL Academy Trauma and Emotional Abuse Expert will share her expertise and passion as she shares tips and strategies with you to discover the truth behind your child's defiance. 

    Find Jane Evans - Http://www.ccflglobalacademy.com 

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    Spirits Entities and Demons ~ The Evil Side of SEX!

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    Spirits can be drawn to us. Entities can live inside us and Demons can control and kill us!! Tonights topic of The Evil Side of Sex explores the other world and dimensions of how we can be and are sexually abused, raped and traumatized! And how this causes chaos, confusion and demonic lives exsisting here on earth. Join Rev. Goddess for an eye opening, spiritual understanding of how this can happen to us and how we can remove these beings and take back our power! Goddess Blessings 



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    "Be A Man About It-Pt. 1--Suffer In Silence, Scream In Rage"

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    "Be a man about it!" "Suck it up!" "Take it like a man." Little boys have heard these phrases since they were old enough to walk, and the message implies that the male gender is not entitled to respond to pain, trauma, love or tragedy with the same emotional reactions as their female counterparts. The scale on which "real men" are measured is highly flawed and contradictory to the normal functions of humanity. With generations of teachings implemented into society's bos that men take charge, fight, accept pain without needing attention, etc., most men are left with huge situations to handle and a half-supplied toolbox with which to handle it. Many negative exponential effects emerge from males trying to live under the pressures of preserving their "manly" images despite their pain. Hence the manifestation of the traumatized male victims of sexual abuse. These victims have been told to "be a man about it", patted on the back for "scoring" if their assailant was a woman, forced to share the details of their experience as a clubhouse fun chat, or forced into silence if their assailant was a male for fear of being ostricized and ridiculed as a homosexual. While the men keep their secret and suffer in silence, their bubbling rage manifests itself in their actions against the world. Anger spawns the rapist, the serial killer, the man incapable of appreciating or valuing a relationship, or even worse...having a hair trigger reaction when someone touches them even lightly. Do the age-old "rules of manhood" in society play a role in the breakdown of our men? Join in tonight at 10:30 pm EST by calling 347-327-9967.

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