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    Each November on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we mourn the loss of our transgender sisters and brothers and pledge to end transphobia but sadly our work is not done. Although Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, and others are opening doors for the transgender community, too many of our brothers and sisters every day must face discrimination, violence and transphobia on the job and in their communities.

    Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL co-hosts Terry and Michelle on Wednesday August 12, 2015 is Carter Brown, founder and director of (BTMI) Black Transmen Inc. With its sister organization Black Transwomen Inc., they are leading the way in Black trans-advocacy. Through the Black Trans Advocacy Program, the Black Transmen Inc. & Black Transwomen Inc. and Black Trans International Ball/Pageantry System organizations have joined together in the only social justice program developed to collectively address inequities faced in the black Trans human experience.

    Besides sharing the history of BTMI and information about its annual conference in Dallas, TX each April, Carter will discuss the “hot button” items for Trans Advocacy, resources for the Trans Community and how the LGB community can be better allies to their Trans Brothers and Sisters.Carter Brown is also a loving husband, son, and brother. He was a stellar employee BUT HE WAS FIRED FOR BEING TRANSGENDER! He will share his personal account of being fired for being Trans and how his experience is being used to shed light on the continued challenges facing the LGBTQ community in the workplace

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    PD 44-'TransWomen & Dating"

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    We will discuss the difficulties in dating for transwomen why that might be the case.  Hope you can join us.  If you want to comment but not on air, you can send comment or questions or stories to hollyknight@prismdirection.com.  More information on this show and this topic at:  http://www.prismdirection.com/html/tgirl_dating.html

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    Transgender Woman Alana Sholar and Her Spouse Bobbie Thompson

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    Alana Sholar and Bobbie Thompson are a married couple who live in central Kentucky. What is unique about this couple is that Alana is a male-to-female transwoman and Bobbie is a biologically gendered woman.

    Alana, born as Alan in 1961, a time and place where the word transgender was not known, lived and worked on Kentucky thoroughbred horse farms and trained to be a jockey. He also worked various blue collar jobs such as construction, trucking and factory work.

    Alana believed the most difficult task to ever face in life would be telling family and friends she is transgender, but it wasn't. Within months of coming out as transgender she had to tell them that she had been diagnosed as HIV positive.

    Bobbie knew Alan for approximately 25 years and the even shared a traditional male/female relationship in the mid-1990's. Nearly a decade passed when Bobbie saw Alan again in 2006, only this time Alan (he) had become Alana (she). Freaked out, Bobbie told Alana she didn't want to have anything to do with her. Two years later they were married.

    Alana is the author of Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery, and Bobbie tells her side of the story in her memoir My Husband Looks Better in Lingerie Than I Do...Damn It.

    Today they still live in the same same Kentucky town where Sholar grew up as a male. They have a blended family of three children, four grandchildren, and two dogs.

    To learn more about their books, please visit http://www.hunginthemiddle.com and http://www.my husbandlooksbetter.com

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    The Transgender Community & HIV: From Their Own Mouths

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    We've heard the statistics, and know the truth. Transgender people are not only disproportionately impacted by the HIV epidemic -- when it comes t our data, they're often not even counted! In the eyes of our government, they are an invisible population. With transwomen of color 49x more likely to contract HIV than the general population and many transmen being intimate with gay men, this is a population that should be a part of an HIV prevention, treatment and care agenda. This week, we will focus on the transgender population and how they are working to prevent HIV and take care of themselves. We will be joined by people on differnet points of the transmasculine/ transfeminine spectrum. 

    You can follow Positive Radio Network on Twitter at @PRNTweets. 

    You can follow Aaron Laxton on Twitter at @aaronlaxton. 

    You can follow Mathew Rodriguez on Twitter at @mathewrodriguez. 

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    "Black Trans Lives Matter"

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    LGBT Real Talk Radio is proud to have as guest hosts, Black Transwomen, Inc and Black Transmen, Inc. from Dallas, TX to talk about their respective organizations and to bring information and an awareness of Black Trans issues to our listening audience.  Trans issues are of great importance to our community and we look forward to this very informative show.  You won't want to miss this episode.

    Please be sure to tune in on March 3, 2015 at 8:30pm EST.  You may call in to (914) 205-5519 to listen to our show.  Press 1 to speak to the host.  We are also located online at www.blogtalkradio.com/lgbtrealtalkradio.  Our email is realtalk@lgbtrealtalkradio.com.

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    Transwomen and HIV with Dee Borrego

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     Devarah 'Dee' Borrego is a 28-year-old, HIV+ transwoman originally from Denver, Colorado, who grew up mostly in suburban Connecticut. She acquired HIV at age 20; the same year as she began her transition. She has been living in the Boston area since 2004 where she has worked with and at a number of different community organizations in the Boston area, including JRI Health, TransCEND, the Boston Living Center and Cambridge Cares About AIDS. She's also a polyglot who speaks Spanish, French, Norwegian, American Sign Language, and a variety of other languages to various degrees.
    On the national scene, Dee was also a founding member of the US Positive Women’s Network (US PWN), an organization led by and for HIV+ American women to address the way HIV disproportionately affects women in the US. She currently serves as a Steering Committee member of the US PWN, as well as a member of their Strategic Communications Action Team. She's also a member of the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+) North America's Young Leaders Caucus, and the co-chair of the Economic Justice Working Group for the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance (HIV PJA).
    In 2010, Dee was chosen to speak at the Opening Plenary of the US Conference on AIDS (USCA) to discuss how HIV affects transgender youth. Dee attended the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC during the summer of 2012. At the Conference, she gave presentations along with colleagues for AIDS Alliance for Youth, Families, and Children - now a part of AIDS United - geared at HIV+ youth and their providers on the topic of disclosure. Dee is passionate about the issues surrounding young, HIV+ people, especially transgender women, HIV prevention, HIV criminalization, and youth outreach and education around HIV.

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    Black Women in Black History - Stereotypes pt. 1

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    The first of a four part series on Black women and their roles in Black History.

    Today we will discuss Black Women being stereotyped while sitting in the seat of the scornful. We will elaborate on stereotypes like Mammy, Jezebel, Sapphire, and many others. We will discuss how these same stereotypes are still alive and perpetuated by white & blacks.

    Call in to the show 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts.  You can also Skype into the show.


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    The Elle Transit_What's Love Got To Do With It?

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    It's a universal topic but none the less one that is essential for all of us if we are to be successful and empowered in every aspect of our life journey. Thanks goes out to Tina Turner for mainstreaming this week's topic, "What's Love Got To Do With It". Tonight, we will have Certified Peer and HIV/AIDS Assessment Counselor, Executive Director/Founder of Juxtaposed Center for Transformation,Inc.and author of "Transitions" - Memoirs of a Transexual Woman. Tracee McDaniel join us and share how this topic has helped her navigate through the challenges that she has faced. You will not want to miss it! So spread the word to your friends and family and join us for some enlightening and life changing discussion with Danielle Coates and Gabrielle Claiborne on The "Elle" Transit. 

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    Transgender Thursday The Elle Transit with Danielle and Gabrielle

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    Tonight is the first show of The Elle Transit with Danielle Coates and Gabrielle Claiborne.  

    Gabrielle Claiborne is a passionate transgender female providing social, vocational and spiritual development opportunities to the transgender community. Gabrielle founded a Transgender Support Group at First MCC and also serves on the Board of Directors and sings with the choir. She serves as Event Coordinator for The Atlanta Transgender Community Group and is a member of The Georgia T-Girls, Fourth Tuesday Atlanta Group and the HRC Federal Club. Recently nominated in Woman's Who's Who of America, Gabrielle is an entrepeneur working as a MaryKay Consultant and business owner: Claiborne Enterprises; Trans-form Custom Cleaning Services; and Prism Landscape Services.

    Danielle worked with governmental systems in North Carolina, retiring in 2003, and Georgia, retiring in 2013. She also served the Navy Supply Corps as assistant supply officer on a Helicopter Carrier, and commanded several Navy Reserve units.

    In her junior year of college, Danielle hosted a Saturday afternoon FM radio program broadcasting music and professional and collegiate football.  

    In 2001 she was inducted into the International Who’s Who of Public Service and in 2010 into the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives Professionals and Entrepreneurs. 

    Since retiring in December 2013, Danielle has served as CFO for Gabrielle Claiborne’s Trans-Form Custom Cleaning, LLC.

    Together, these two best friends are the newest dynamic duo on Back2Us Radio!  The Elle Transit airs the first Thursday of each month at 9pm ET.

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    The Roahmin Murphy Talk Show

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    Get to Know Roahmin Murphy. A phenomenal young man on a phenomenal journey. Tune in to TRANSformation Wednesdays as Rhoahmin connects you to the joys, perils, journey, and underground world of the Trans community. Not only does he share the intimate and very personal accounts of those of his viewers but he will speak with medical specialists and therapists about the pros and cons of transitioning. Take a walk with Roahmin not only on his journey but the journey of many others out there. Tune in and Get enlightened!!!

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    Domestic Violence and the Black Community

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    Please join Vida Starr & Emelyne Thursday 5:00PM PST/7:00PM CST/8:00 EST as they discuss domestic violence in the black community.  There will be a panel of women discussing this extremely important topic along with paying homage to someone we knew who just lost her life to domestic violence.


    A very near and dear friend was killed last night by her husband in a murder-suicide. Angelina was a good woman and good mother whose life was cut brutally short, but we want to help her three orphaned children however we can. All of the money raised will go towards the children's educations. A donation of any amount or simply spreading the word is invaluable. Thank you. ~Emelyne