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    PD 98 "What Transwomen National Is Really About"

    in LGBT

    As of June 1, 2015, Sienna became known as Transwomen National.  Much like a transgender person the name change isn't the cause of change but is the result of change.  Holly will talk about the process that took place and the decisions how we would move forward.  

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    PD-97 "Syimone"

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    Victoria Syimone Taylor is better known as Syimone from her years as the very popular and famous performer and now as a very well known DJ in the Louisville area.  We will talk about her years as a performer until now as a DJ in the Louisville area.  Syimone will also be one of our Emcee's at this years Transwomen Nationa Banquet.

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    JwJ-1 "The 4 R's of TDOR"

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    The International Transgender Day oif Remembrance is each year on November 20th with trans communities all over the world holding events to recognize the date.  Julie will discuss the event to be held on November 22nd this year in Louisville.

    Other Links of Interest:

    Transwomen National Website

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    PD 96 "What we can all learn from Gandhi's 10 Rules for Changing the World"

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    I have to admit I admire people that have experienced adversity and then emerged from it.  They may come out with scars but they have been tested and they have survived.  It is really difficult for me to listen to the advice of those that have not experienced powerful adversity.  Really, how do they know anything about life?

    I love quotes from some of these people like Helen Keller.  Have you read some of her stuff?  Amazing.  She saw so much!  Here are just three.  If you want to see some of her quotes, go here.

    You would say that the First Lady would not know adversity but the wisdom of Eleanor would disagree, I believe.  Did you know her parents and her brothers all died while Eleanor was very young?  She endured the unfaithfulness of a husband (duh).  She fought strongly for women's rights but also for the civil rights for African Americans and Asian Americans which was very controversial in the early 1900's.  Here are a few of her quotes:

    So a guy names Henrik Edherg published "Gandhi's Rules for Changing the World" that I think continue to exist and may always exist but what did Gandhi know, right?  Well, he had adversity, experience and time and that often translate to wisdom so, I believe, he knew a lot about Changing the World.  Here is that article.

    The plan is to relate what these three said with what is going on with the Trans community and how these teachings influence Transwomen National.

    Transwomen National Website

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    PD-93 "Julie Millwood"

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    Julie is a Louisville, Kentucky trans activist that has, in a short time, become very involved with Transwomen National and serves as the Chief Operations Officer but also serves as a mentor for the Louisville Youth Group.  Her life is in the middle of transitioning in so many ways from a recent move but also transitioning at work.  Her story is one that many of us can relate but is also so helpful for those that have plans to transition at work should hear.

    Julie and Holly will also discuss beginning a new passion of hers as a hostess of her own radio show on TwN Radio.  Her show will alternate with Holly's on every other Monday night at 8:00pm (eastern) by taking the first and third Monday.  Her first show will be announced on this site soon.

    You can call in live to ask questions or offer comments at:  914-205-5655


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    Important links:

    Transwomen National Website

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    More about Journeys With Julie

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  • @CapitalTRadio Democratic Debate TRANSlation

    in Politics

    Don't quite get politics? Anarchy Munroe is joined by Riley Knoxx and Monica Roberts (of TransGriot).  Tonight our guest will TRANSlate how the Democratic Presidential Debate affects the lives of Transgender people. Where the proper issues addressed? Which candidate seems to understand the oppression of the community? Did any candidate seem to be the frontrunner for Trans-rights? Don't just listen, join in the conversation. Tonight we TRANSition to the top! #wheredouSTAND™ #supportisfree™

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    PD 44-'TransWomen & Dating"

    in LGBT

    We will discuss the difficulties in dating for transwomen why that might be the case.  Hope you can join us.  If you want to comment but not on air, you can send comment or questions or stories to hollyknight@prismdirection.com.  More information on this show and this topic at:  http://www.prismdirection.com/html/tgirl_dating.html

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    PD 44-'TransWomen & Dating"

    in Culture

    We will discuss the difficulties in dating for transwomen why that might be the case.  Hope you can join us.  If you want to comment but not on air, you can send comment or questions or stories to hollyknight@prismdirection.com.  More information on this show and this topic at:  http://www.prismdirection.com/html/tgirl_dating.html

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    TransWomen Are Our Sisters!

    in Politics Progressive

    On this episode, Cis-ter SimplyNay is joined by a powerhouse panel of Transgender Women of Color. Katrina Goodlett (The Kitty Bella Show), Elle Hearns (TWOCC/Get Equal), Anarchy Munroe (Get Naked Movement) and Olympia Perez (Black Trans Media) will join us to honor all within our sisterhood for Women's History Month. You can get prepared but you won't be ready!

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    PD 94 "The Poop on the Bathroom T Issue"

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    I just saw a video of Lance Berkman talking about a bill in Houston concerning trans people using the bathroom. I have said for years that the battle will be fought in the bathrooms and it continues to exist. I have to comment on his very ignorant view so I am going to have a special show tonight about what the former professional baseball player's views are on this topic. It will begin at 8:00pm eastern and I will post more information here soon. (Did you catch the catchy title....no really, did you notice the T Issue...or tissue? :) Yes, I am kinda proud of that.

    Transwomen National Website

    TwN Radio

    Prism Radio

    Prism Radio Facebook Page...Live Chat on tonight's show




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    Each November on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we mourn the loss of our transgender sisters and brothers and pledge to end transphobia but sadly our work is not done. Although Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, and others are opening doors for the transgender community, too many of our brothers and sisters every day must face discrimination, violence and transphobia on the job and in their communities.

    Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL co-hosts Terry and Michelle on Wednesday August 12, 2015 is Carter Brown, founder and director of (BTMI) Black Transmen Inc. With its sister organization Black Transwomen Inc., they are leading the way in Black trans-advocacy. Through the Black Trans Advocacy Program, the Black Transmen Inc. & Black Transwomen Inc. and Black Trans International Ball/Pageantry System organizations have joined together in the only social justice program developed to collectively address inequities faced in the black Trans human experience.

    Besides sharing the history of BTMI and information about its annual conference in Dallas, TX each April, Carter will discuss the “hot button” items for Trans Advocacy, resources for the Trans Community and how the LGB community can be better allies to their Trans Brothers and Sisters.Carter Brown is also a loving husband, son, and brother. He was a stellar employee BUT HE WAS FIRED FOR BEING TRANSGENDER! He will share his personal account of being fired for being Trans and how his experience is being used to shed light on the continued challenges facing the LGBTQ community in the workplace