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    Allogeneic Transplants for Multiple Myeloma with Dr. Bensinger

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    March is Myeloma Awareness month and we are exploring the allo transplant therapy route for myeloma patients in our talk with Dr. Bensinger. Why are allogeneic stem cell transplants risky for multiple myeloma patients? When does possible benefit outweigh the risks? RSVP to participate by asking a myeloma question LIVE on the talk to our panel of experts and patients. To mark the Myeloma month of awareness, we have extended our show time by 15 mins where we will have Sarah Kaufmann-Fink of MMore joining us to talk about MMores new research and crowdfunding venture.

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    2014 Was the Year that Was plus Organ Transplants for MMJ Patients

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    The California Medical Association gave a major push to California’s Marijuana Organ Transplant Act when it supported ending the practice of removing patients from organ transplants due to their use of medicinal marijuana. Our first guest is one of the principle activists behind this act – Yami Bolanos. Denied a transplant because of her marijuana use, Yami fought back. Learn about her historic battle to secure the right to receive organ transplants for medical marijuana patients and what this historic legislation will do.


    Taking a look at the top marijuana stories of 2014 is our second guest Dale Gieringer, PhD. Cal NORML Executive Director. Deeply involved in the movement, erudite on all the issues, Dale provides an enlightened and witty view of the most exciting and precedent shattering marijuana events of 2014.

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    We're Talking Pediatric Transplants on #ACHradio!

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    Join us for the next episode of #ACHradio when we'll be joined by Cheryl Shepherd, RN, Director of Transplant Administration and Dialysis here at All Children's Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine.

    Learn about the fascinating world of pediatric transplants done at All Children's as Cheryl discusses our program, the patients we serve, and the behind-the-scenes reality of what it means to run such an intense clinical program.

    Plus we'll be broadcasting from a remote location...can you guess where we'll be?

    Check us out September 17th at 12:30 eastern time! You won't want to miss it!

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    Allo Transplants with Myeloma Expert Dr. Vij & MMRF

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    Dr. Ravi Vij of Washington University School of Medicine will be discussing, 
    Allogenic Transplants: Pros & Cons 
    this August on The Cure Panel Talk Show with Gary Petersen, Pat Killingsworth, Jack Aiello and Nick Van Dyk. 
    We have a special guest on the show, Anne Quinn Young of MMRF who will be providing updates on MMRF's acitivities. 
    Send in your questions for Dr. Vij and the panel to priya@trialx.com.

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    End MMJ Patient Organ Transplant Bigotry & A Nuanced Look at MJ Politics

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    One of the leading political operatives within the cannabis movement here in California, Sean Donahoe is co-founder of the California Cannabis Industry Association. Sean lives in Oakland but is regularly in the Capitol or traveling around the state, speaking with activists and elected officials while organizing this industry with an activist mindset.


    In addition to his work with CCIA, he helped write the United Food and Commercial Workers national organizing plan for the cannabis industry, served on the executive board of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, created several political action committees, and advised several local ballot measure committees last year. Sean's work at the grassroots and grasstops for the cannabis industry has given him insider insights into the many political challenges facing the marijuana law reform movement. Listen in as he shares these insights along with what he sees coming up in the months and years ahead.


    Yami Bolanos, cancer survivor, medical cannabis patient and director of the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance is one of the chief lobbyists behind a bill introduced by Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) that will protect medical marijuana patients from being denied organ transplants because of their use of marijuana medicinally.

    Bolanos, who also suffers from liver cirrhosis, underwent a successful transplant 19 years ago and was told after her first transplant that she may eventually need another one in order to survive.

    In addition to telling her story, Ms. Balonos will explain how the bill came into being and how it will protect medical marijuana patients from being denied life-saving organ transplants.

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    NipTuck Talk: Eyelash/ Eyebrow Hair Transplants with Dr. Alan Bauman

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    Dr. Alan Bauman joins me in a discussion about eyelash, eyebrow hair transplants and post-op hair loss. He is one of the few doctors worldwide who routinely performs Eyelash Transplant Surgery and Eyebrow Transplant Surgery and has written several textbook chapters on this topic

    Dr. Alan Bauman, Founder and Medical Director of the Bauman Medical Group, P.A. He is a full time hair transplant surgeon and hair loss expert who has treated over 15,000 patients and performed over 6,000 surgical procedures since starting his hair loss practice, Bauman Medical Group, P.A. in 1997 located in Boca Raton, FL.

    Dr. Bauman is one of approximately 100 physicians worldwide to achieve certification from the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and one of only fifty doctors accepted and recommended by the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and American Hair Loss Association.  

    He is most widely known for pioneering "NeoGraft F.U.E." hair transplant technique--a minimally-invasive form of hair follicle harvesting which requires no scalpel and no stitches.

    Dr. Bauman was recently on the Howard Stern Show. He has been featured on The Doctors, CNN, Today Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America, Extra, Access Hollywood, CNN and Dateline NBC, Extra and has been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, Cosmo, Vogue, Allure, Harper's Bazaar, and Men’s Health Magazine among others. 




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    The Shadowy Side to Organ Transplants

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    There is a shadowy side to organ transplants that is rarely talked about.  Often times patients are killed for their organs even thoughthey could have survived. There is an ultra-lucrative trade in organs.  Some organs can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars as opposed to be given to those most in need.  Some of them are used for Satanic rituals by the elite.  To discuss thes issues we will have on Dr. Paul Bryne.

    Dr. Paul Byrne is a pediatrician and neonatal and perinatal medicine specialist. He is a member of  the American Academy of Pediatrics and Association of American Physicians and Surgeons along with the president of Life Guardian Foundation .

    He is also the author of many articles on “brain death,” organ transplantation, anti-euthanasia, anti-abortion, and more. Dr. Byrne reveals the shadow side of modern medicine and shares critically important information about the protocols of hospital birth that are causing harm to mothers and babies.

    He also talks extensively the concept of “brain death” which, he said, is a fictional term and not indicative of death at all. The term has been created to legalize the removal of healthy organs from LIVING people, who are paralyzed while they are having their hearts and other organs taken out of their bodies, but who are given no anesthesia. This is the same thing happening to infants in neonatal intensive care units, where babies are often operated on without anesthesia and where they are paralyzed during repetitive and extremely painful procedures, unable to move, but feeling everything the medical people are doing to them.


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    Master Sha: Apply Secret Code - Develop your 4 Major Spiritual Channels

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    Apply Divine Healing Hands to Increase and Develop Heart Intelligence. Soul Intelligence: for most people only a little of the wisdom of their Soul has been conveyed to the Mind and Heart. Apply Secret Code to increase your Soul Intelligence. This secret code unites the physical and spiritual worlds. Repeating the code causes energy to flow through the main organs and the systems of the body. When chanting very fast a new voice might appear; this is your Soul Language. Develop the 4 Major Spiritual Channels: Soul Language Channel, Direct Soul Communications Channel, Third Eye Channel and Direct Knowing Channel.


    Click and SUBSCRIBE to Master Sha’ BlogTalkradio Channel; FOLLOW today.


    Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Soul Leader, extraordinary Healer, and a Divine Servant. The show is an Introduction to Divine Healing Hands. Master Sha talks about Time Re-Incarnation, Karma, How to Clear Bad Karma, Forgiveness and Soul Transplants. He also talks how you can receive the power of Divine Healing Hands. Master Sha sings the Love, Peace and Harmony Song.


    Never before has the Divine has given his healing hands to the masses. Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers have a pivotal role for humanity and the planet in this critical time. The purpose of the life is to serve. Learn how you can receive Divine Healing Hands. Answer the Divine’s calling. You can make the difference on a scale beyond comprehension and imagination.


    Visit: http://www.drsha.com



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    Today's health talk with Dr. Len Brancewicz of www.TheNutritionShoppe.net

    Tune in at noon to hear Dr. Len Brancewicz of http://thenutritionshoppe.net discuss today's hottest health topics and new from a complimentary perspective.  From colds to cancer and everything in between, Dr. Len can offer honest advice that makes sense. 

    As a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and a homeopath, Dr. Len has over 35 years experience in helping to keep you and your family healthy and happy. 

    Call in today to ask about your most pressing health concerns! WHATS' IN THE NEWS....AND THE SUPPLEMENT RED YEAST RICE..DOES IT WORK?? AND FECAL TRANSPLANTS!! EWWWW

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    Kyle's Kidney Project with Kyle Sullivan

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    Kyle's Kidney Project with Kyle Sullivan A Very Special episode of Relax, Let Go, BE with Charles. Charles and Kyle will be joined by Shawna who donated her kidney a little over a year ago for a family member. Kyle will be sharing his experience, and true urgent need for a Kidney very soon. Please help Kyle and many others like him, listen to and share this episode with your friends and family.   

    From Kyle’s Kidney Project:  I met with my surgeon for the first time yesterday! Our enthusiasm with people calling in for packets to donate has been wonderful, but the biggest takeaway from our meeting is that I need a living donor!!  A deceased donor kidney can be fickle and in some cases toxic. It would last at most 3-5 years, maybe 10, leaving me at square one all over again. A LIVING donor, however, would give me 20-25 years with that new polished kidney bean - I only get two transplants in my lifetime and I want the first one to matter. This is my plea.Many of you don't know me and I truly appreciate the love and support as it helps fuel me along this adventure.If anyone is interested in getting tested to be a living donor and are an O+ or O- blood match call (509-474-4500) Monday-Friday and an information packet will be mailed.  -Kyle-KylesKidneyProject@gmail.com  www.facebook.com/KidneyKyle    


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