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    Unlocking the God in You by Walking in Integrity

    in Spirituality

    During our study of the book of Revelation chapters 1 through 3, we received the rebuke, chastisement, and correction of The Lord. Now, I sense the Father telling us that it is “Time to Go to Work!” It is Time to Unlock the God in You! You are a Son, act like it! Walk like it, and let the enemy know you are here to take over! It is time you learn to walk in your inheritance.

    Today, we have a special double-header for you as my wife; Prophetess Mona Lisa joins me in a discussion concerning an area hindering many believers from walking in their sonship...integrity! Integrity is at the base, the foundation of who you are, what you believe, and whom you trust. Many people cannot be who they are in God because they will not be honest about where they are without Him.

    This will be one program you won't want to miss. I guarantee it!

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    Becoming Who I Am

    in Self Help

    Transform your life one thought at a time with Author Dianne Rosena Jones, the Founder/CEO of Transforming Life Institute, LLC. Embrace your journey, release your pain, end your self-inflicted suffering by transforming your thoughts. Join this Transformational Life Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Author of two books, and Metaphysical Psychology [Doctoral student] as she shares her own journey with transparency & reveal truths which will empower you to live life with Purpose, reach your Destiny, and Become Who God Created You To Be!!! 

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    Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions 2015-Part 2

    in Paranormal

    More on the 'wisdom barrier'(consciousness is a life produced awareness-Kryon thru Lee Carroll); new land masses and pyramids; medical and media industry malfeasance; current 'cleansing' like a salad-spinner; telepathy; awakening of 'mercy'; energy of consciousness; free energy; Africa unites; soul courage; blending of religion; women in leadership roles...

    In order of appearance: Rae Chandran, David K. Miller, Karen K. Russell,Lee Carroll, Lyssa Royal Holt, Carol Sydney, Linda Edge, the Saga-Oracle, Hannah Beaconsfield, and postscript through Summer Bacon in January 2015.

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    Super Bowl Preview

    in Sports

    It's down to the Final 2: New England vs. Seattle for all the marbles. Join me before you head out to your parties as I analyze the matchups and get your take on how you think the game will playout. If the oddsmakers are correct this game has the potential to be one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. How do you see it? Call in with your opinion and prediction, Super Sunday 11 am, right here on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

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    Business InSight with guest Sheryl Luxenburg

    in Art

    Sheryl Luxenburg, is a Canadian artist, a water based painter, who paints in watercolour on paper or acrylic paint on linen canvas. She has been painting her whole life, but took her formal university education through to graduate school in clinical psychology.

    Sheryl was a clinical psychotherapist for 20 years, specializing in trauma with children and families, but when she became debilitated by a serious and chronic illness, she had to leave that career. Sheryl is someone who has truly re-invented herself and her journey is one that is inspirational.

    Don't miss this show!

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    Early Sunday Morning Prayer

    in Religion

    Early Sunday Morning Prayet: Prophetess Darlene Davis

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    Mannah From On High

    in Entertainment

    Powerful Biblical Instruction That Will Empower and Transform Your Life!

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    Get ready for the Glory and Greatness that is coming your way!

    in Motivation

    Greeting to all from Sunshine Brown!  I know I have shared with you my thoughts on, "A New You in a New Year"!  Now I want to drop some more knowledge on you. You can expect glory and greatness to be heading your way!  You have been through enough test and storms; but you need to know that, nothing can be compared to the Glory and Greatness that will be revealed in you!!


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    Breaking Chains with Sunday Morning Worship

    in Spirituality

    Happy New Year from Stafford, Virginia! Welcome to a brand new year and AWESOME move of God with New Antioch Christian Fellowship where Apostle Kieron and Assistant Pastor Kimberly Buford are the Leaders! This IS the Year of Greater - it is time to POSSESS THE LAND!! New Antioch Christian Fellowship of Stafford: the way church was MEANT to be! Tune in every Sunday Morning 10:30am EST at Breaking Chains with Young Adult Talk live at 858-357-9137 to see what God has to say to YOU!

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    Apostles Doctrine Radio Episode 269

    in The Bible

    Join Pastor Kelley Harrop and Bishop KD Toney live for Church at 10am Eastern Time.

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    in The Bible

    There is something in a lamb that God does not regard as vanity.......there is born within, an image of light through which darkness can not pass: a Word is sown into the heart; before it is a heart.......so within me; God is.......yet, can God be, and not be eternal consciousness? Here, within, is union with God; and here alone, man is.......I am, and I can never cease to be: we abide, even though we move in and out of the textures of being.......thus, do all things float by me, over me, speak to me, minister to me.......they pass away, but I am. My joys, my sorrows, my experience, shall be what they are; but whether I use them or not, they too will pass, and leave no image behind.......but I can not pass with the pictures of things; I must abide: I am being, within Being; and the whole of my journey here, is to live.

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