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    Sarah Leather, Transformational Coach, Writer & Speaker

    in Women

    Sarah Leather is the founder and CEO of Flourish With Sarah. She is a Transformational Coach to women and helps them to be known for what they know. In the past she has been a nurse, naturopath and homeopath. Sarah coaches women to work out their passion and purpose, then put a plan in place to create financial success in the most simplest & beautiful way possible. 

    She works locally, nationally and globally both in person and online and runs a successful ECourse 'Create Your First VIP Program'. 

    Sarah will also be doing a TEDx talk in 3 weeks time. The title of her talk will be 'Why Simplicity is the New Black for Women'.

    Sarah lives by the sea in beautiful West Cork in Ireland with her husband & 4 children.

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    What if Joy is Truly Possible? with Transformational Coach Blossom Benedict

    in Self Help

    "I was able to let go of my beliefs about what I should do or be, and started to create my life from infinite choice." - Blossom Benedict

    Blossom Benedict joins Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Program to discuss her journey and how "Access Consciousness" helped to transform her life.

    Blossom is an international speaker and transformational coach who has touched thousands of lives with the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness.  She spreads the message that anything you desire can be changed – and that it can actually be done with ease, joy, lightness, and humor.  An empowering facilitator, and an accomplished actress – Blossom uses a unique combination of skills to get people out of their stories and into creating their life!

    She is the global project director for Access Consciousness, which now has over 2,000 facilitators and reaches over 50 countries, and the lead facilitator trainer for the onstage workshop, “Right Voice For You.”  Blossom has been featured on MariaShriver.com, Askmen.com, Sunshine Coast Daily, ABC Radio, Radio One, and Channel 7’s The Morning Show. Visit her website at www.blossombenedict.com  Check out her upcoming "Right Voice For You - World Tour"

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on Facebook, visit our website and follow us on Twitter.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights your confidence coach Sonia Hankin

    in Motivation

    Fort Lauderdale, FL – Have you ever pushed a beach ball under water, putting all that pressure and placing all your energy into keeping the ball beneath the surface?

    Many people cope with the stress of their life by suppressing or hiding who they really are. However, according to licensed mental health therapist and master transformational coach Sonia Hankin, what they’re really doing is suppressing their authenticity and projecting unto others what they don’t want to see in themselves. When you love your weaknesses along with your strengths, you have freedom to choose which one you want to be in any given moment.

    Sonia Hankin is a confidence coach who specializes in supporting women in unlocking their confidence to take action and create long lasting life changes. Sonia was trained as a master integrative coach and leader by Debbie Ford, a New York Times bestselling author of nine books whose coaching training utilizes cutting edge techniques that give women the power to become who they truly want to be.

    “If you resist that angry part of yourself and you don’t want to be with it or express it, it’s going to pop up at times when you have no control over it,” says Sonia. “I help people to love their dark side because that’s where you can really start creating some major shifts."

    When clients become more mindful and more aware of their shadows, they can see when they are projecting onto others. Sonia’s integrative coaching techniques help her clients to become more observant, more accepting and less reactive.

    Says Sonia: “I’m most proud of my own transformation and the knowledge and passion I am able to share with others.”

    For more information on Sonia Hankin, visit www.soniahankin.com.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights transformational coach Roberta Pickett

    in Motivation

    Pioneer, CA – There are times in all our lives when something urges us to achieve something more or leap forward in a new direction.  For many people, the most difficult part is finding what that dream is. So what is your dream? What would you go after if there were no obstacles? And how do you utilize what is within you to create something new?

    Roberta Pickett is a certified coach, public speaker, trainer and the founder of Roberta Pickett Coaching & Training, specializing in developing individuals to become inspired and empowered leaders. With over 20 years in management and leadership, Roberta integrates her intuition with her training and organizational leadership expertise to bring insight, integrity, and energy to her work. 

    “I coach and train leaders who want to blaze an extraordinary trail of achievement and fulfillment with peace and joy,” says Roberta. “It’s so much easier when you have a support structure along the way. Athletes and performers do it all the time because they recognize how important a support structure is to utilize your full potential.”

    According to Roberta, one of the most important ways a coach can support their client is to ask powerful questions that help the client to look within themselves to find their own answers and the direction to take the next step. She says when we find our own answers it’s more empowering than when someone just tells us what to do.

    “People are looking for something more in their life,” says Roberta. “More balance, more fulfillment, more success, more happiness. So coaching is about being honest and direct in a loving way. As their coach, I guide them to identify their strengths, to create a vision and figure out the steps to move toward that vision. I challenge them, acknowledge them, and encourage them as they go through the process.”

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    Don't Give Up Radio: Jacquie Wayans Talks - A Match Made in Heaven?

    in Women

    Don't Give Up Radio show is designed for people who have already over come great challenges but still have a way to go reaching their goals. The show speaks to the listener's soul via the words of guest, their life experiences and songs that pulled them out of the abyss. Jacquie wants the listener to be their own best hero, because the greatest hero of all, thought they were worth it and gave his life for them. www.facebook.com/dontgiveupradio

    Daniel Amis is known as The Personal Relationship Trainer that works with individuals and couples on getting their relationships in better shape. He is also a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Certified, Professional Matchmaker. www.danielamis.com

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    Mark My Words! with Certified Life and Business Coach, Mark Schall

    in Self Help

    Fear of getting in front of a camera, challenges around feeling judged in relationships, and turning around career failures. Callers Lisa, Deb, and Joe get some coaching on these challenging issues.

    This is an encore broadcast of a previous episode.


    Mark My Words! airs the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at 9PM ET.  Find out more about “Mark My Words!” at www.markmywordsradio.com.

    Mark Schall is a Certified Life and Business Coach and the host of Mark My Words!  You can find out more about Mark at www.markschall.com

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    Love and Magic

    in Spirituality

    French psychic medium Raphael Pathé, an elite European DJ and TV personality, streams live from Hollywood. Transformational coach & producer Frankie Hernandez hosts.  Call in with your one question about love.

    8pm from the City of Angeles.

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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K and Joe Show

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    CTC Just Tennis talk show with host Susan Nardi and Coach Wes Fuller

    in Sports

    Join us as we talk tennis with Wta coach Tony Huber

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    The Whole-Hearted Life with Susyn Reeve

    in Self Help

    Show times: 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET, one hour.

    The soul wants to know: What is a wholehearted life? This is one of those questions—one of those big, deep, soul-activating questions that, once asked, will not leave us alone. But this inquiry begs another: How can we live a wholehearted life?

    Susyn Reeve’s new book, The Wholehearted Life: Big Changes and Greater Happiness Week by Week, seeks to answer this question. Comprised of 365 days of change-your-life ideas, this is a guide to a life of contentment and community. In the book Susyn offers 52 weeks’ worth of ways to pray, play and passionately pursue a life lived utterly and fully from the heart. She is a scholar of the human soul and is on a mission to help everyone live a wholehearted life: one of inner serenity, esteem toward self, shared joy, and limitless, love.

    About the Author:

    Susyn Reeve has been a transformational coach, educator, corporate consultant and interfaith minister over 35 years. She is the award winning author of The Inspired Life,  Chose Peace and Happiness, co-creator of Self-Esteem Experts.com, and certified “Calling in The One” coach.  






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    Love and Magic

    in Spirituality

    French psychic medium Raphael Pathé, an elite European DJ and TV personality, streams live from Hollywood. Transformational coach & producer Frankie Hernandez hosts.  Call in with your one question about love.

    8pm from the City of Angeles.

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