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    Transgender Thursday Tye Spills the "T"

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    In this hour, feel free to drink some "T", spill some "T", embrace the "T", and last but not least, we will learn to understand and love the "T".  That's right!!


    It's Transgender Thursday with Tye and Mike.


    Tonight, in respect to the recent release of the #Trans100 List, we will discuss the acknowledgement and recognition of trans* individuals and if there is space for gender non-conforming individuals to receive accolades in the mainstream. We will interview Jen Richards, of We Happy Trans and the Trans 100.


    Jen Richards lives in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago and is quite happily in an asymptotic relationship to radical authenticity and in a permanent state of aporia. Jen is unabashedly proud to be a graduate of Shimer College, longtime member of the Theosophical Society in America, and an Outward Bound alum, has published articles, led workshops and presented talks on a variety of topics across the country, and relishes her work in the arts as the Managing Director of eighth blackbird and President of New Music Chicago.  She humbly requests your latitude as she figures out what the hell she is doing, and remains genuinely open to feedback.  She earnestly loves truth, beauty and goodness. She also loves you, madly. 


    Tune in as we open up our lives and our experiences!!

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    Do You have what it takes to be a Good Ally????

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    What Does being a Supportive Ally Look Like???   

    To be a Good Ally is more than just talk its your ACTIONS. Many of us in the community have seen folks quick to call themselves allies but also quick to see these same folk use derogatory words or transphobic language to describe our vast experiences and stories.  There seems to be a lack of cultural and gender competencies when it comes to allies specifically CIS “Hetero”  and CIS "LGB" identified Allies. What are some of the basic tenets that make a good ally?? What do we as a Trans/GNC community want from our allies? What are some poor examples of being an ally? Join Award winning Blogger and Activist Monica Roberts and WehappyTrans.com Founder and Trans 100 Co-Creator Jen Richards for a discussion on this most pertinent topic and remember please call in with your questions or comments.......