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    the black traitors of past , present and future !!!!!!!

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    In some cases, we know who the informants are(or assassins, whatever the case may be). Actually, in most cases we know--whether we are speaking of Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey or Malcolm X. And the film does name some of the black informants who worked for the FBI and operated within Garvey's establishment. I don't think you can trace a direct line between these informants and the black elite, however. Why they are not always prosecuted to the full extent of the law is linked to who they work for. If they work for "the law," they will escape prosecution, and their ability to infiltrate is precisely why they were hired in the first place.

    Some food for thought. Perhaps the more critical "traitors" to the movement in the UNIA were Garvey's officers who pocketed a good deal of the money. Perhaps there is a structural limitation inherent in movements with a hierarchical structure with the goal of accumulation. That individuals could have so much direct access to money is a critical factor in the movement's demise.Their identities can be found in my book, "Seeing Red": Federal Efforts to Suppress Black Militancy, 1919-1925. The black agents were paid the same as white agents, and they joined the Bureau not to "get Garvey," but to secure positions in the federal government which had previously been denied to blacks. They were members of the black middle class who appear to have believed, as did many leaders like W.E.B. Du Bois, 

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    Traitors Are Amongst Us Patriots

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    Traitors Are Amongst Us Patriots  


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    The Science of Traitors, Sellouts and Agents Amongst the Black Race & Community

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    The Science of  Traitors, Sellouts, Snitches and Agents Amongst the Black Race & Community and the circumstances that create them.

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    Hollywood Traitors | Atheist Scientists Got it Wrong

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    In the 1st hour, Hollywood insider, Allan Ryskind, exposes the ugly truth about Communists blacklisted from the film industry. Too often, the "Hollywood Ten" brought before the House Un-American Activities Committee are memorialized as victims of an unjust witch-hunt and heroes who stood up for free speech. The truth is shocking: Not only did they adore Josef Stalin and take orders directly from the Communist Party, but they also sympathized with Adolf Hitler.

    In the 2nd hour, a new movie, The Principle uses the latest in science to explain the idea that atheist scientists are wrong when they say that the earth happened by chance. Producer, Rick DeLano will be on to tell us all about it!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

    Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting.

    But the conversation is always respectful and you’re sure to learn something new, even if you don’t agree!

    If you’ve always wondered how the “other side” thinks and how they’ve arrived at their “stand”, then this is the show for you! 

    It’s not the right side, it’s not the wrong side, but the REAL side of the issues!

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    Of Patriots and Traitors - Libertarians Unleashed V6N4

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    Of Patriots and Traitors

    Libertarians Unleashed V6N4

    Edward Snowden, Benedict Arnold, Tea Party and more. What is patriotism? What is a traitor? How do we figure out if there can be a Patriot Traitor?

    Call in to speak with the host (347) 202-0280.


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    Traitors! How The Black Abolitionists dealt with Traitors!

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    Traitors! Tubman would pull out her revolver and tell them: "You go on or die. Dead Negroes tell no Tales" Dating from its origin, the Negro press printed the names of black informants,Freedom's Journal listing those of Moses Smith and Nathan Gooms, in its issue of November 7, 1828. The mere appearance of these names in the columns of the weekly was a sufficient deterrent to other informers whose identity the editors threatened to reveal. 

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    The Heretics' Hour: Traitors and Misfits

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    Part One with Carolyn Yeager.

    I begin my series with a look at some recent activity at the website Majority Rights. Some blog posts, some podcasts and some comments have drawn my attention, specifically with reference to Germans, Adolf Hitler and “Nazisim,” as it's called there. Many of my shows under this heading “Traitors and Misfits” will be about historical persons - that was my starting place - but some, as this one, will look at some actors in our current milieu.

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    Dual Citizenship Jews - Traitors In Our Government

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    Our German Ancestry

    Hosted by:  Robert Schlattmann

    Why are there so many filthy jews with "dual-citizenship" in the highest positions of our Government?  How did they get there and why is nothing being said about it?  How many other traitors are there within our Government?  Do they deserve a long, drawn-out trial for treason, or should we just drag them out of their offices and hang them from the nearest tree or streetlight?  I have the rope, and I really want to know your thoughts on this matter.  I am serious and this is no laughing matter.  These filthy, decadent jews are running DHS and that is why nothing is being done to prevent all of the filthy mestizos from flooding across our borders.  In the meantime, Christians allow a 'free pass' to all criminal acts perpetrated by the filthy jews.  Yeah, that 'chosen one' narrative is ranked among the 'father of all lies', second only to the Holohoax Scam.  I will honor neither 'Man nor God' having less integrity than myself.  I am inclined to Honor the Gods of our Ancestors, as opposed to the Christian God, because THEY granted our survival from the start and up to the present time.  There's no way that 'turning the other cheek' would ever guarantee our place in a world of warring tribes.  Our Ancestral Gods now COMMAND our warrior spirit to awaken and conquer all these lands with a VENGEANCE never seen before throughout the history of the world.  Our numbers increase everyday and we work tirelessly toward our goal of conquest, and the traitors will not escape punishment for their crimes. 

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    Once upon a time two poor Americans won a communist beauty contest. They were voted by the brainwashed community to become pretenders to the throne. AKA President Pinocchio pants and the last lady to get the word. They were elected by the communist news media  and SNL. Followed by Bill PLO dancer Maher, Jon the monkey stupid. All of hollywoood rehab and the communist cuban controlled network of NBC Nothing But Communists. Honorable mention goes to ABC Always be Communist, CBS Communist Broadcasting System, CNN Communist No News and NPR Nasty Presidential Rats. I left out the Perverted Beastiality System PBS.

    So by the grace of Stalin these two hookers snagged a whole country. Coming into the Wet house poor they immediately starting selling pardons and looting the Wet house, Upon leaving they stole computer w keys all the silverware and a Van Gog painting. As the dragin lady was climbing into her volkwagon beetle several utensils fell out of her tortured mink coat. When asked about the mink she replied who cares how they died. Which is the democrat party chant at kill the kid rallies.also known as the Pro chop movement.

    Then came Ali Baba Obama and his 40 communist thieves. Out of nowhere he pushed Hitlery off the stage shouting You go girl.

    He ushered in eight years of communism. Defeated our alllies and bailed out any communist couintry that kills Americans. Rihght now he is rewarding Iran for the copper lug IED's that wounded 49.000 Gi's and killed over 7,000 Americans. Now he wants to kill the Jews for Allah. He made Bebe Netanyahu take out the garbage by the back door while he ushered in his Hezbollah ALLIES.



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    The Enemy Within.The Black Scoundrel

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    What I have always noticed is when looking at other cultures there is always a clear definition or line of demarcation between what or who is good,and what or who is evil.Good eventually triumps over evil.Justice prevails.It has been 400 years since the first Africans were brought to America,but no justice has been done for them.No reparations,no land of their own ect.Now some of you will immediately talk about the White man and White Supremacy as if it is some supernatural force and the White man is some God in the sky controlling every move you make.That is coonery.The truth is what keeps us as bottom feeders in Western Civilization are the race traitors who walk around open and free with no fear of retribution for their insolence and treachery.The worst of these are the Black Scoundrels.These are the people who benefit from crasp psuedo revolutionary rhetoric that saps the enery and distract people from real nation building.This is what destroyed the Black Power movement in the 1970's.Scoundrels posing as militants inflitrated the movement and began steering the movement off a cliff with violent base criminal acts.Scoundrels come where there is an opportunity.They would like to take over BAIO but as long as Kalagenesis is around they know to stay clear.Tonight I will unlease rage and fury and I deliver a late Fire and Brimstone Sunday Night Sermon on Monday!